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Thank you, i'll look into it.

*Also extra detail i remember*
Whislt the kids were running away from the bullies, one of them feel which he had a deep cut in his arm, and i think somewhat, that caused him to die.
Ok, i still remember vaguely what happened in the movie, which hopefully you will help me find the title of!

It started off in a scene where the camera was focusing over a wooden fence, which you see a boy playing his figuerenes. I think he must be new to the neighbourhood because he met some sort of friend in the movie. They became best friends. There was one scene where there were these bullies on the top of the hill, abusing the boy and his frienfd and called them a 'f*ggot'? So, one of the boys stood up for himself and threw a rock at the bully. Which the bullies didn't take really well. So they chased after them over this silver rooftop? Which was when the boys bestfriend fell over and cut himself in the arm.

Background info that i remember is, that the boys mother has issues, with the boy being with his friend or something. Which she had a fight with the other boys mother.

So in the end, one of the boys died in hosptial, which they put him in a casket and placed it in a lake where the water swept it away, then the credits played.

The information may not be 100%, but i remember it quite clearly. THANKS!


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