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Love these.
Immediate reactions regarding the pilot is: the show starts off amazing.
Looking good so far guys.
@therealGoku for me, the music and lights made it lovely. Acting wasn't great, bunch of issues, but...I'm hoping it ends up being more of a "we needed a bridge to reach the third movie" type thing.
@WalterWhite I never saw Chronicle (mainly cuz I figured it would be predictable) but...people keep recommending it so I'll check it out
Wow, random praise for Dane. Kid must be pretty great. I kinda dig the Electro voice. Excited to see Foxx as a villain.
Why does anyone think there won't be members of the First Class? Lol I'm pretty sure most of them are signed on already. Also-- hopefully Singer falls back into his X1, X2 style.
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Yess! So excited!
Don't complain about how Malekith looks until an official photo comes out. Keep in mind they still need to CGI stuff and what not.
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It's kind of adorable how excited Austin

Also, I personally enjoyed the first one. Had a lot of laugh-out-loud moments for people that are fans of these guys. It's a fun movie.
With great comics, comes great movie responsibilities.
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Could've been far worse. This movie actually has a bit of potential, in comparison to Twilight lol
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Wow... okay. 1.) Some scenes are almost frame-for-frame identical to the first Twilight movie. 2.) This somehow looks worse in the sfx department 3.) No more Twilight bologna. Please.
@Luis-Mota Yeah. It's just not a movie I could ever see QT doing. Ever. Regardless of the company that owns it. Now, JJ, sure. He's done Star Trek which proves he can do space-related things just fine.
Movies like Star Wars are TOTALLY something Disney is capable of. There's never any cursing, blood splatter, and overly crazy sex in Star Wars just there is none in Disney movies (as far as I can recall). THere's no reason that Disney's owning it should affect anyone directing.
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Anyone else notice that Happy seems to have an ARC REACTOR in his chest!?


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