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Can't say I have any real issues. Donnie's glasses aren't that painful cuz I highly doubt they'll be around ALL the time.
Pretty fantastic; can't wait!
Wow.. very impressive, actually. Glad the turtles seem to have that perfect blend of turtle & humanoid.
Yesss! Universal can see how important an R-rating is for Riddick and how equally important it is for Twohy and Diesel to develop the story.
@ledouchee Peter Capaldi is just as old as William Hartnell was when he first started Doctor Who so....
@Red_Ruddy and why can't he be a big movie actor? I think he does a great job as both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow.
@Johnny1312 You've heard of step-siblings right?
ChristinaM15 wrote a comment about the news item A Sherlock Movie Is Not Being Ruled Out
@Brizzy @bellandedward1 I don't see what is confusing. The cinematography is already incredible--a movie budget would be mind-blowing. I don't think people would be confused--I agree with Brizzy.
Your pronunciation guide in your article is not accurate to how they're pronouncing it.
@bawnian-dexeus Awful?? Seriously? I think these look pretty great.
ChristinaM15 wrote a comment about the news item Ant-Man: Michael Douglas Is Hank Pym!
@shuabert maybe the premise is that Hank Pym (Douglas) has invented the technology and Scott Lang has set out to steal it and thus takes on the responsibilities to become Ant-man. Still a lil weird in terms of what might be going on.
ChristinaM15 wrote a comment about the news item The Expendables 3 Teaser Trailer!
looks awesome already
@2movieguys I don't know about boring, but... I can say I predicted the entire movie, minute-by-minute. The best part was how adorable Toothless was.
Pretty fantastic cast!
ChristinaM15 wrote a comment about the news item Paul Rudd Is Ant-Man!
@gumperman I gotta second this. Rudd's got a quick tongue in terms of dialogue. Should be great
Good enough I guess. But... Ican already tell Crews is gunna steal the show
Improvement over Horner's theme. Zimmer's seems to match the more playful tone of the ASM series thus far. In the end though, I loved Elfman's Spidey score, but it wouldn't match this movies tone.
Dear editor: your first sentence says "morning the loss" when it should be "mourning the loss".

Sorry to be a stickler ^^;

Regardless, this is a very touching & beautiful video. Good job guys


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