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Bryan Singer's side-featurette was pretty damn enjoyable.
@narrator OITNB is incredible. House of Cards was great. I've only heard good things about Lilyhammer. Also, Arrested Development season 4 might not have been on par...but it was an experimental piece that still had a good amount of laughs.
There's honestly nobody except Stephen Amell who deserves to have the big screen role of Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. This would be like...4 years down the road. Amell's Green Arrow could have various things change between now and then that would make him more than capable of starring alongside the likes of Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman.
@kingbrady no problemo buckaroo
@kingbrady it's already online. Each episode.
Is it wrong I'd love to see him as the Flash if it meant he got a role in a superhero film? lmao
I'd kind of like Rudd as Antman... JGL as Strange.
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Poor Aaron always has everyone he loves die.
Did Gwyneth say the same thing about The Avengers? lol I'm sure we'll at least see her for a second. Can't be removing any of the small Female Cast entirely.
Honestly, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) movie would be incredible. And I could totally dig it if they chose Sackhoff.
@brandonheat But wouldn't "World's Finest" imply a team up rather than an altercation?
WOW Thoroughly impressed and stunned. Great job design team.
Love these.
Immediate reactions regarding the pilot is: the show starts off amazing.
Looking good so far guys.
@therealGoku for me, the music and lights made it lovely. Acting wasn't great, bunch of issues, but...I'm hoping it ends up being more of a "we needed a bridge to reach the third movie" type thing.
@WalterWhite I never saw Chronicle (mainly cuz I figured it would be predictable) but...people keep recommending it so I'll check it out
Wow, random praise for Dane. Kid must be pretty great. I kinda dig the Electro voice. Excited to see Foxx as a villain.
Why does anyone think there won't be members of the First Class? Lol I'm pretty sure most of them are signed on already. Also-- hopefully Singer falls back into his X1, X2 style.


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