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Trailer 1: Intro the characters
Trailer 2: Showcase the characters
Trailer 3: Mostly story

Is how I think they'll play out.

Also--for someone (me) who knows absolutely nothing about GOTG, I am beyond excited for this. The special effects are beautiful and inviting you to join in on the crazy fun. Chris Pratt has great delivery at the moment and his personality is a real draw.

Rocket Raccoon, spitting alone, has me intrigued. As does Groot's bending to fit in the camera.

Very Marvel-Gunn. Very exciting.
ChristinaM15 wrote a comment about the news item The Double U.K. Trailer
A movie based off a Dostoyevsky work? Directed by Ayoade? Only good things can come from this
That...all looked top notch as hell.
Groot and Rocket couldn't look anymore perfect. Also---IMO, everyone looks awesome. Can't wait to hear Rocket and Groot in the trailer.
@justatadmatt He apparently had a heart attack. He lived to see the REAL bomber get caught and be sentenced to life in prison.
@cvntstop They get introduced to friends that don't truly care about them; the job becomes invasive and stressful and they become addicted and it all goes down hill whether they try to stop or not.

He was 10 years sober...the relapse came hard. :(
@Soomdog Used to? As soon as I see "Chip 'n Dale" regardless of the one it's referring to, I immediately start singing "Ch-Ch-Chip n' Dale, rescue rangerrrs!"

Just like when I hear "Duck Tales" I can't help but go, "Duck Tales, wooOoO-hoo!"
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Can't say I have any real issues. Donnie's glasses aren't that painful cuz I highly doubt they'll be around ALL the time.
Pretty fantastic; can't wait!
Wow.. very impressive, actually. Glad the turtles seem to have that perfect blend of turtle & humanoid.
Yesss! Universal can see how important an R-rating is for Riddick and how equally important it is for Twohy and Diesel to develop the story.
@ledouchee Peter Capaldi is just as old as William Hartnell was when he first started Doctor Who so....
@Red_Ruddy and why can't he be a big movie actor? I think he does a great job as both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow.
@Johnny1312 You've heard of step-siblings right?
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@Brizzy @bellandedward1 I don't see what is confusing. The cinematography is already incredible--a movie budget would be mind-blowing. I don't think people would be confused--I agree with Brizzy.
Your pronunciation guide in your article is not accurate to how they're pronouncing it.
@bawnian-dexeus Awful?? Seriously? I think these look pretty great.
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@shuabert maybe the premise is that Hank Pym (Douglas) has invented the technology and Scott Lang has set out to steal it and thus takes on the responsibilities to become Ant-man. Still a lil weird in terms of what might be going on.


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