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Was worth it just to hear Raphael's voice. 3 turtles sound great so far.
I didn't think I was gunna like this...but instead? I love the hell out of it.
Dude... trailer comes out tomorrow. These images don't look half bad
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Looks pretty good... much better than that Lutz nonsense.
@therealGoku I think it's considered news since people are always so antsy about too many cooks/heroes/villains in the kitchen
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Regardless, this looks perfect
ChristinaM15 wrote a comment about the news item Watch the Trailer for the Peanuts Movie!
Put Steven in charge of the Indie films and they'll be fine...just keep Lucas away.

I do like that Ford likes Indiana so much though
Great trailer. It makes it seem like they manage to make the numerous villains coherent.
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Also... FINALLY a trailer that doesn't spoiler the entire movie. PRAISE the people who put this trailer out.
All 5 of these reasons are pretty silly.
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Trailer 1: Intro the characters
Trailer 2: Showcase the characters
Trailer 3: Mostly story

Is how I think they'll play out.

Also--for someone (me) who knows absolutely nothing about GOTG, I am beyond excited for this. The special effects are beautiful and inviting you to join in on the crazy fun. Chris Pratt has great delivery at the moment and his personality is a real draw.

Rocket Raccoon, spitting alone, has me intrigued. As does Groot's bending to fit in the camera.

Very Marvel-Gunn. Very exciting.
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A movie based off a Dostoyevsky work? Directed by Ayoade? Only good things can come from this
That...all looked top notch as hell.
Groot and Rocket couldn't look anymore perfect. Also---IMO, everyone looks awesome. Can't wait to hear Rocket and Groot in the trailer.
@justatadmatt He apparently had a heart attack. He lived to see the REAL bomber get caught and be sentenced to life in prison.
@cvntstop They get introduced to friends that don't truly care about them; the job becomes invasive and stressful and they become addicted and it all goes down hill whether they try to stop or not.

He was 10 years sober...the relapse came hard. :(
@Soomdog Used to? As soon as I see "Chip 'n Dale" regardless of the one it's referring to, I immediately start singing "Ch-Ch-Chip n' Dale, rescue rangerrrs!"

Just like when I hear "Duck Tales" I can't help but go, "Duck Tales, wooOoO-hoo!"


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