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AWESOME!!!! This and Godzilla shall rule the summer.
The best poster yet.
Wow, TASM2 is fallin, no one expected this. Well we all know Godzilla will do major business, but I wonder just how much? Quite frankly I think a $65-$75 million debut is possible.
Wow, TO DAMN COOL!!!!, only one more week to go, then GODZILLA TIME!!!!!
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Wow, And I mean just f*ckin WOW!!!
Very curious about this one.
@superman81 Your absolutely right, big movies that usually come out during labor day weekend are always heavily frontloaded, this was the same case with Xmen 3, and not to long ago both Fast & Furious 6 and The Hangover Part 2 opened with huge $125 million and over grosses, but eventually fell quickly to just topping out over $230 million domestically, but I do hope this will be good though. @c-a-r-t-m-a-n And of course you damn straight Godzilla will still give it some competition.
Awesome Godzilla reveal, Damn he's big!!!!
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I think those comments are dumb as f*ck, GODZILLA IS FAT?!? REALLY!!!!! If you look closer at some of the recent footage he is actually bulky and muscular just like a bear, and if you even look closer he's actually kind of sleek. Like I said bulky and sleek just like the 90s Hensei series, which I liked, and only a few japanese fans said these things so, oh well.
@greyhame27 Yeah your right especially when a movie is PG-13, but I sure can't wait to see the sexy Jennifer Lawrence, oh boy she fine.
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@themoviefanatic Cool, but no offense how you gonna put Malificent over Godzilla, Guardians of the Galaxy maybe, but anyways, lol. I want Godzilla to blow everything else out the water, GO BIG G!!!!!
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My top 5
1. Godzilla
2. Xmen Days of Future Past
3. Guardians of the Galaxy
4. Transformers: Age Of Extinction
5. Rise Of the Planet of the Apes

While. I still love Spiderman and want to see part 2, it's been done so many times.
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A few words HELL TO MUTHA*CKIN YEAH!!!!!!!
Very cool roar
Very cool roar
Very cool roar
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Cool it's about time
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n Well said man, well said, if Godzilla gets both great critical acclaim and word of mouth it could be the surprise mega hit of the year. Oh yeah just look under blog or go on THR(the Hollywood reporter), under movies they'll have a box office section. Like I said weeks ago I loved Spiderman since I was a kid just everybody else, but it's been done so many times, and this new one is getting moderately good reviews, but with something that looks way more cooler and original like Godzilla gets better reviews and better word if mouth, call me crazy, but I would not be surprised if became a bigger box office attraction than TASM2.
To me this will be more unique than the Amazing Spideman 2
@themoviefanatic They probably should be, I mean it wasn't a horrible design but this one looks way better. This Godzilla also has a unique looks it looks like a cross between a dinosaur and something that resembles a sea creature, if you look closely at his neck it kinda does look like gills


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