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the feed back on this will be epic,and it won't be good feed back,so hopefully the film makers will see this,and re edit the movie for an hard R before its to late,I don't care if it means re shoots they need to get this done,I don't know what Stallone was thinking to let this happen, the movie don't open til August 17th, they still have some time lift,so guys get on the ball
No No No,pg-13, kids these days don't care about these guys,they think there old firt's that there daddy's use to watch when they where there age and don't care, the hole idea for this franchise was an old school hardcore action movie,and to do that you need that hard R rating,we get this movie the second in the franchise, with more actors that we wanted in the last one but now a pg-13 rating for this one,Chuck Norris is one of my all time favs but,for him to demand this he had no right and was not on the same page for what Stallone was trying to do with these movies,Stallone was trying to bring back that action over the top hardcore to the bone movie now with this that's gone,sure we get more guys but now water downed and still missing some hard action guys from the 80's,and early 90's,I get they want to keep some for the next one but when you do this kind of stuff it's going to hurt them in the long run,people want an old school hardcore action movie not an new school want a be,well you guys get the picture,we want more of the first one and then some, more 80's/90's action goodness,I will still see this,but I know people that wont,but only time will til,hopefully they will release an unrated with all the awesomeness this one should have,but for all we know this pg-13 one could have some of the hardest action screens ever caught on film,ya right and if you belive that one i'll sell you another pile of sh*t
without Bill Murray and the other three Ghostbusters this thing is dead in the water
no hes not there's only one pinhead and that's not him,this will bomb
leave it alone no more remakes,like both actors but for this nether one is wright,Bradley Cooper hell no i am glad he's out they need someone with more martial art background maybe Tony Jaa from the Ong-Bak movies he is awesome,but best bet is to leave it alone because I know they won't get hem or any one else that fits the part
ya show is done they killed it they got greedy,they got 9 strong seasons they should of ended the show on a high note the fans don't deserve this,ratings will go down so fast they're lucky if they finish the season. I say no,they needed to hush things for the fans sake and this is what they come up with it's a cop out,they suck
ya Disney redid the original because the ending was crap I say leave it alone
season 1 was awesome,I hope there will be more episodes this season.
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About time this is what I have been waiting for,they remake and reboot ever thing I am starting to get fed up with the new movies,finely something to look forward to hope this is real or I'M going to be pissed,the last matrix could have had a better ending,but they knew they wanted to come back to this some day,they said neo would some day come back,and that time is now and done wright should be awesome,can't wait.
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chasher wrote a comment about the news item Superman Eyeing Joe Manganiello as Clark Kent?
Hell no,they better put tom welling in this,if they put this guy or any other I am not seeing it,I'll just stick with the first four,I am sick of the remakes and reboots anyway
The new one has not even hit theaters let and there talking remake,no way in f**king hell,they need to come up with more new stuff and stop ripping off these other movies for a quick buck,dam they suck monkey balls
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no they should of left mel in this,its like saying the cast is better then mel because they didn't want to want work with him,the main cast of the first movie where pretty new to the bisiness, now they think there sh*t don't stink just cause there on top,mel is 100 times better actor then any of these new actors,now am not hateing on Liam Neeson. he's cool,just mad because the some of the cast think there better then mel
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This is a reboot at the right time,smallville is at its end,tom welling needs to be the man of steel,sh*t like Dr.carter said he's been in training for this he is superman,Brandon Routh was ok but hell be real warner just wanted a quick buck,I was one of the people that thaught tom should of been superman in superman returns but glade he wasn't because the story suck big monkey balls,and they still had alot of story to tell on smallville,I hope warner will pick tom welling for superman,they won't be sorry,and as for the few movie's that tom has been in they're not his felt that they suck,sh*t he just acted what was in the script.
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I am never watching anything on nbc ever again,this is bullsh*t ,they should of ended it they left the fans hanging this will hurt sales on blu ray and dvd for season four,I was waiting to buy season 4 till I heard if they where going to wrap it up or leave us hanging.Will now they should do a movie.the fans will come,they make all this other crap like remaking 80's classic's and rebooting the comic book movies,they could spend the money and end it right.ya don't I wish,they're to dumb,to know when they could have a good thing.
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For the heroes fans out there who would like to see closure to there show here's a site where you can sign a petition to save heroes
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I did not think that this was going to the theaters,and it's not it's going to be in the theaters it's going to be on syfy and it does say that on the post but what did misled was that,it has a date for the theater that date is for the dvd,now the real remake piranha 3D is this summer august 27th and stars Elisabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd,Ving Rhames and Jerry o' Connell. I saw the trailer for and it and it looks like a cool and fun movie for the kind of movie it is.
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Actually the tank is what sold me,don't get me wrong I was pretty hooked from the begining of the trailer but that scean rocked the house down.I was not sure about the movie before, but it looks like its going to kick some ass,as for rampage playing MR.T'S part , well we all know there is only one MR.T,but I think the movie well still kick,after all it is called the A-TEAM and it is about a group of bad ass don't f**k with dudes and a team of not one but four,even though everyones fav was BA and everyone will be looking at the guy playing BA.All that said the movie will kick some ass and bring in the big bucks at box office come June.
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I knew when they made SUPERMAN RETURNS it was a bad idea,because they where not useing TOM WELLING from SMALLVILLE.I allso thaght it was to soon to make the movie because SMALLVLLE was in the heart of the show at the time SUPERMAN RETURNS was made ,so maybe this time they will use TOM WELLING and the whole cast from the show.I always thaght it was WARNER BROS plan from when they first started SMALLVILLE to get a movie franchise from it,so hopefully they well get it right this time.I fill its best to live it where it lift off but don't redo it.Just because they had huge success with BATMAN dose not me they will with superman, because when those of us hated the new superman movie others loved.
I think the hole idea of a remake is bad,who ever they get somebodys going to have something to say about it.I think they shoud just make freddy vs. jason 2, like they where going to do before the writers strike started and f**ked up every thing.ROBERT ENGLUND was going to be in that,now there remaking fiday the 13th and now they want to remake ferrdy,All the hardcore Freddy fans want ROBERT ENGLUND in this.Truth of the matter is they shoud not remake this at all,there geting away with friday the 13TH because jason where's a mask and there keeping the hocky mask in this.They can still make freddy vs.jason 2 after this Friday the 13th remake and keep the hardcore freddy fans happy buy putting Robert Englund in it.There is only one Freddy Krueger and we all know who that is.


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