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I have since been informed what the word smeg means. shines new light onto those insults.
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Hey guys, just wanted to pop by and say a quick Wassup. it's been a looooong time. Brian a thousand apologies for the lack of new reviews mate!!!

In a quick summary of my life over the last 4 years I got myself a job working for blockbusters (was on benefits prior as I am autistic) and held that down for a few years. Was promoted to an Assistant manager; which I held for a few years before meeting the girl of my dreams. About 2 yrs ago she agreed to marry me, so I resigned my AM job and accepted a part time contract so that I could be home more often, and we've been building our lives together since. :) So I've been too swamped to write many reviews. :(

Anyways; that's how great my life's been. How have you guys been? Assuming the old crew still post here; site looks way different!!!
I can understand that. For years I refused to acknowledge Captain America as being worth anything (except Ultimate Cap lol) but then Ed Brubaker started writing him and now I collect every trade paperback they release, and can't wait for Cap to FINALLY make his return. I've also started collecting New Avengers and love the character as a leader even under a different author. I was just blinded by the costume before.

I was the same with Daredevil, but the Frank Miller DD years are some of the best comics I've read, and Bendis run was superb.

I can't read X-Men these days though. I just end up getting confused lol.
That is specifically why we need another Hulk movie. Nobody who hasn't read the comics knows that Hulk can be a far more interesting character than the Hulk Smash persona indicates. In this movie he'll actually be given the chance to say more than 2 lines, and that is a good thing. Personally Hulk is my favorite hero as he is this big misunderstood loner who just wants everyone to stay away from him. With Greg Pak doing the script here chances are some justice will be done to the character.

Read any of the following books for furthur proof.

Plus, having a Planet Hulk movie opens the way for the Conan fantasy styles of
It's the best story ark in Incredible Hulk history (IMHO) and the film has been scripted by the author of the comics, so even with the giant robot snake :S I'm excited for this one!!!
My Favorite was Watchmen, but it's also my favorite graphic novel so I might be biased.

Weakest, I was gonna say TerminatorSalvation, until I watched
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Aren't theyboth coming out the same year as The Avengers movie? If so, then both lose. :P
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"I'm not a baby..." :D

Film was genious. Action scenes are a lot of fun, special effects amazing, humor was hysterical, and Ron Perlman is still beyond awesomn as HB. I kind of missed David Hyde as Abe, but this new guy did a good job too, and it still bothers me that Selma Blair is supposed to be this 'cute' girl next door type when she's clearly gorgeous but she played her part very well, so meh.

A lot of people are going to unfairly compare this to the current batch of Marvel flicks like Iron Man, or Incredible Hulk. Personally I don't see the comparisson. HB2 doesn't really strive to be the latest super hero flick, it strives to be the latest big action adventure movie (AKA competeing with The Mummy franchise) and was a hell of a lot better than The Mummy 3 (which didn't seem to feature any actual 'mummies') and was quite possibly the years best adventure flick!

Robert Stewart was discovered in his room by two cleaners at the Aberley House Hostel in Ayr, south west Scotland, in October last year.

An object of lust?
On Wednesday Mr Stewart admitted to sexual breach of the peace in Ayr Sheriff Court, where depute fiscal Gail Davidson described how he had been found by the hostel workers.

She said: "They knocked on the door several times and there was no reply.

"They used a master key to unlock the door and they then observed the accused wearing only a white T-shirt, naked from the waist down.

"The accused was holding the bike and moving his hips back and forth as if to simulate sex."

Both witnesses, who were extremely shocked, notified the hotel manager, who in turn alerted the police.

Mr Stewart was placed on the sex offenders’ register but his sentence was deferred until next month.

He is not the first man to be convicted of a sexual offence involving an inanimate object, however.

Karl Watkins, an electrician, was jailed for having sex with pavements in Redditch, Worcs, in 1993.

if you follow the link they also have a fairly in depth discussion on the rights and wrongs of having someone criminalzed for what they do to inanimate objects behind locked doors. All I can say is, Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Yeah that guy spammed info on like 3 or 4 wrestling related deaths and only one of them turned out to be true. It's possible he was inspired by Benoit's absence from the PPV due to a 'family emergency', but I doubt it's anything more sinister than that. Put the conspiracy hats away, because there's still no real evidence of Mafia involvement.

Anyway, as of right now it's pretty much been confirmed that Daniel was not autistic. His teachers have come out and said that he was a bright child, who was a natural shape for his age, and never showed any signs of mental or physical issues. (It was announced on MSNBC so I'll have to wait for an Internet report before I can provide solid proof.)

Anyway, WWE are going to be feeling pretty foolish right about now. Some random woman claims the kid had this Fragile X syndrome and they went with the story as it seemed to provide a motive for this travesty. That combined with the fact that their 'wellness program' is being proven ineffective as we speak. Whether this is because of how easy the stars can avoid being caught (no-one supervises them while they urinate for the tests) or that WWE are simply turning a blind eye to their top draws is debatable. However the raid on Benoit's doctor has revealed that he was receiving a 10 months supply of Roids every 4-6 weeks, indicating that Benoit must have been sharing the stuff with others in the locker room.

Just by looking at the superstars involved I'd say the following people are almost certainly taking steroids...

John Cena,
Bobby Lashley,
Dave Batista,
Vince McMahon,
Rey Mysterio,
Triple H,
The Great Kahli,
Randy Orton (this one is confirmed),
Mr. Kennedy,
Marcus Cor Von.

However it's still unlikely that drugs had anything to do with Benoit's case.

The facts at the moment suggest this. Benoit is a very withdrawn man and the only person he has ever been able to open up to was Eddie Guerero. When Eddie Died it hit Benoit hard, and he's been on strong anti-depressants since. Because he's so withdrawn though nobody in the WWE has felt able to approach him, and so he's not had anyone to discuss his problems since then. In this period arguments with his wife became increasingly frequent, and intense. The only was these situations were diffused were when neighbor Michael Durham (former wrestler who went by the name Johnny Grunge) would come round, calm the situation, then have a laugh with Benoit. Sadly he died February 16, 2006.

The most probable situation is that Benoit, having noone to talk to and no way to vent, got into another explosive row with Nancy. With nobody left to come and diffuse the situation Benoit went too far and ended up murdering Nancy. In the aftermath of this, with Benoit in a complete panic, he started to realize the consequences of what he had done, and freaked at the thought of his son being without any parents, and how he would cope in foster care. It's in that state that he took the child's life, before finally ending his own after feeding/letting out the dogs.

Unfortunately it's unlikely that we will ever get a complete picture of what happened, or the events leading up to it. However this is the most likely scenario, but also the one the press is least likely to follow as it doesn't enable them to demonize the wrestling industry any more than they already have.
It just gets worse and worse.

Daniel had needle marks on his arms. His parents considered him under-sized and had injected him with growth hormones, Ballard said.

He was already doping up his son with hormones because he 'wasn't big enough to be a great wrestler like Daddy!" :mad:

This was not a case of a good man losing himself to a drug induced rage. It's just the final act of an evil man who happened to play a nice guy on TV because he was one of the most talented wrestlers in history. How much his chosen profession, and, or, personal drug use constituted toward his mental health is debatable. However lots of wrestlers have done the same drugs under the same working conditions, some have even died from it, and yet NOT ONE OF THEM HAS EVER MURDERED A 7 YEAR OLD CHILD!!!
SPOILER: The tornado/cloud thing wasnt bad and I think it would have worked as the force that he uses to suck up the planet into his body (or however he devours the planets), but at the end of it should of at least been some shape of a face and body. I believe he could have been done and not look out of place.) Also, the Sufer's ability to destroy Galactus makes no sense and the writers obviously just didnt know what to do with him
I was under the impression that the Galactus you see in the film (I.E the cloud) was intended to be a portrayal of his ship (or at least the part of his ship that you get to see) as the writers felt that a big blue guy the size of a planet would look pretty absurd on a cinema screen.

As for the your other point. If I remember correctly from researching the comics before the films release Galactus was never destroyed. The Surfer had enough of Galactus own power in his surfboard to drive Galactus away from the Earth, but it came at a great cost as Galactus then banished him onto the Earth. There was a big Barrier of Galactus own energy put around the Earth that prevented the Surfer from leaving.

Otherwise, had the Surfer been able to just kill Galactus that easily he would have done it a long time before.
The WWE just told its talent and released on its web site that Chris Benoit was found dead by Atlanta police.

Benoit, wife Nancy aka Woman and son Daniel were all found dead. We have no other details at this moment. It is believed that Chris Benoit's two other children were in Canada.

All plans for Raw tonight have been scrapped and they will do a show on the life of Benoit.
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The question is (granting that X-Box has over a years headstart, and accounting for that) is what does the 360 have that the PS3 doesn't?

You mean other than being half the price and having a decent pad? See the problem with that logic is that the years headstart has given Microsoft the chance to build a solid library of games that have been out long enough to drop in price AND has given them the chance to fix the glitches found in the earlier batches. Those are both HUGE advantages in my book.

That wasn't the question though. My question was what made the PS3 essential. My problem is that I work in retail, and while selling 360s is very easy we now need to get people to preorder the PS3 and the interest is just no longer their. Customer asks what makes the PS3 better than the 360 and I can say "Well, Sony have succesfully managed to copy all of the 360s innovations so you know the 360s doesn't do much more any more right?" Customers ask how the PS3 is different than the PS2 and I say "Well it has better graphics...and, erm, it has a Blue ray DVD drive so if you have a £1000 high def TV then you can watch blue ray movies through the PS3, and if you don't have a £1000 TV then you have a spare blue ray player waiting for when you do get one." Then they ask what Blue Ray is and I explain that "Just like the Betamac, Minidisk and UMD Sony are releasing a superior product to compete with the high def DVDs."

Needless to say, in the last month I have managed exactly no preorders on the PS3, but it's kind of hard to sell something when I, as the salesman, can't think of a single thing that makes it superior to the FAR CHEAPER alternative that the customer could walk out of the door today.
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Hey guys, I'm looking for a few people who have Xbox live game accounts so that I can finally start to build up a bit of a friends list. Playing with total strangers can get unreliable due to the young kids who quit out whenever they're losing. I'm also playing Smackdown Vs Raw a lot lately and I'd like to be able to play some decent games using my self made Caws. I try to keep my Caws as even as possible, but on Xbox live a match with Caws switched on draws out those young kids again who really like to max out every stat. I'm getting sick and tired of seeing my 400 pound Zangeif get tossed around the ring by Ronald freakin McDonald just because some 12 year old believes the McDonald's clown is a Superheavyweight giant with more strength than the Undertaker. I can still win with Zangeif (95% stats full) but I spent all of 5 minutes on him and it's not really possible to win with a real wrestler who took me hours to complete and has realistic stats.

For example my latest design took me 3 hours to perfect...

(colors are way off, but that's my webcam not my character)

...and I just can't use him in a public match. :(
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Though I originally stated that I intended to buy all of the next gen consoles I changed my mind a while ago. The going price for a PS3 in the UK is nearly $900 (it's £430) and while I have more than enough to easily afford one (I could get 2 actually, but then I would be broke) the idea of getting a new Sony console (as unreliable for the first year as a microsoft console) combined with brand new largely untested hardware (even more unreliable) and the fact that the only games that look any good are identikit sequels with better graphics makes that price tag seem a mite high.

I already have my 360 networked through my PC, have a superb service in Xbox live, and I'm more than happy with the selection of games. I don't have a high def TV yet, and since the ones going for less than £1000 (£2000) are generally smaller screens than the regular TV I have now then I'm not investing in one either. When the time comes that I do get one I'd rather get a HDDVD player too since Sony's success rate with video formats is none existant anyway. I honestly don't see what the PS3 has to offer to me. Could someone please, please, please, explain to me why it's so unmissable?
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I'm willing to bet he called you a bitch.

We have a simple code on MW. No flaming anyone except for those big enough to take it. You little people are too small by default, so stop making fun of IG. As Mods we are all, including Snatch, prepared for backlash against our actions and are big enough to take it. Other people big enough to take it include George. W. Bush, Homer Simpson, and of course Vin Diesel. Oh, but it should also be noted that it's currently open season on insulting Thatkid, despite the fact that he's not allowed to flame anyone in response.
You all still have yet to convince me that this will make the forums any better.

How will this work? Will each group have its own separate forum? Will there be limits on who can join any given group? If so, how do we ensure this is done so no one feels like they're being unfairly left out of discussion? If not, how will that be more organized than the regular forum sections, where anyone can go in and out and post what they want? Am I even on track with what you mean by groups? I'd like some answers soon.
Right now we have one active user group, the moderators. Don't think you need to ask who the members are. The proof, well this is what I see whenever I scroll down Movieweb.

The purpose of this section is so that we, as mods, can privately discuss certain matters without offending the people we're discussing. There was once a very long thread on a member named Llbos for instance. How we got into this user group was simple, Brian created it, Brian added us, and BAM, we were members.

Same principle here. You want a group where you can discuss other things. Fine, contact Brian and he'll create it. There you can discuss who you want to Bang, who you want to kill or whatever. You want a membership to this usergroup, then contact Brian and he'll add you, but since you CHOSE the membership then you damn well better not start complaining about content.

My own personal feelings are that there should still be limits on any usergroups. For instance, posting pictures of girls in Bikinis would be fine for a usergroup, but posting nude pics would be a no no . Find any porno forums out there (the idea of talking about your porn kind of disturbs me though) and they limit membership to 18+. Most servers would demand that. So you want a porno usergroup, well fine, but only members over 18 would be allowed to join, and I very much doubt there are many 18+ MW members who would (ewwe) actually discuss the porn they are wacking off to.
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Man you guys have absolutely no sense of humour. I've seen the clip before and I can't think of anything mankind has produced that's funnier. Sometimes it's OK to laugh at stupid over the top humour you know.

Oh, and Celebrity Death Match. Come on guys, that was the least funny show in history, easily as dumb as this stuff but without the comic timing. Though I guess it's true, if you're not replacing quality humour with blood and guts then you're not really being funny?!?!?!?!