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Olyphant + Depp = greatness
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I'm sure he is still going to play the hulk via motion capture.. he just won't be doing the stunts. Which I am pretty sure is common practice for all actors in hollywood.
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They shouldn't call it X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. In fact they shouldn't even call it Wolverine 2, they should just pretend that the other movie never happened, and just call it "Wolverine"
Why cast Phoenix, when you already have Norton?? Huge fail. This could be the first sign that the Avengers movie is going to be a disappointment.
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Re: The Fallen. I see what you are saying when it comes to budget issues, but I still think this would be much better as a series. HBO would be a good spot for something like this. With shows like Rome, True Blood, the Wire, and the soon to be released "Game of Thrones" as proof that budget can be managed when done right. That being said I still think there is still room it on regular tv as well. Just look at what Abrams, Cuse, & Lindelof did with a limited budget on Lost. Movies are tougher, cause if the first one tanks say good bye to the trilogy.
This movie looks like its taking all the right steps to being a hit. And this: ("looks like Marvel is doing everything to make sure the Avengers team and their movies are a success....X-Men/Wolverine need the help of Marvel and remove Fox from its creative control....same with Sony/Spiderman") is the smartest comment on here.
Canucklehead wrote a comment about the news item Stephen King's The Dark Tower in the Works
This should be a TV show produced by JJ Abrams, and written (converted) by Cuse & Lindelof. If Howard turns it into a movie it will be a waste. Not cause he isn't talented enough, but because he makes movies not good tv shows.
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In the end it all comes down to the script... he is a good enough actor to pull it off. If the story is good, so will the movie.
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Ummm... Isn't Vorenus dead? How are they going to bring him back? Zombie Vorenus?
Lets face it guys... he doesn't have to be an awesome actor. As long as he can hold his own, looks the part, and the story is good, it will be a good movie. As I am sure you can tell, I am a huge Wolverine fan. If the last X-men movie & origins have taught us anything, its that it doesn't matter how good the actor is (cause I think Jackman was/is great as Wolverine, even though he is too tall), it mainly all comes down to the story and who is directing.
Re: DarkTower19 - Okay I have to admit that I have only seen him in two movies: Stop-loss, and Public Enemies. But what I saw wasn't bad. I admit it could be a stretch, but he is way more suited for the job than some of the other names I have heard thrown around. And I think he could pull it off. That being said, a Wolverine reference would be awesome! but I think Sony has those rights locked up (unfortunately). And I am all for the lesser known actors, but for the love of god! He better not be 35 to 40 years old. If the movie does take place in the 1940's, Cap is supposed to be in his early 20's
Am I the only one who thinks that Channing Tatum should be cast as Steve Rogers? I know he has been in some bad movies (most of which I haven't seen), but he looks the All American part and he CAN act. Plus he is the right age.
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re: Cripple

I used to think the same thing, but after reading Ed Brubaker's recent run on Cap I have done a complete 360. Check it out, I started with - Captain America: Winter Soldier Volume 1.
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