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@thedude1 naaaah you are dogging here,.. "You are never fine with others opinion" You wants to implement your personal opinion here and you are happy only if everyone agrees to you. Can you understand that?
@thedude1 Problem with you is that "You want everyone to accept to your point and your views and individuals should not have their personal opinion".

Grow up before you point at someone. PPL dont have problems with me - just few fools here with the same above mentioned attitude.
Cartman wrote a comment about the news item Superfast Trailer: A Fast and Furious Parody
not at all funny.. looks stupid like few users in Movieweb.
@thedude1 I come here to genuinly talk about my personal views (be it what ever hate or like about a Director or a Movie or a Company) which you and other fools here are not able to take. I can talk what ever I wanna talk here,.. If you have any issues just FOFF... You want me to talk what you think is right? Thats never going to happen. I feel pity that you have limited brain usage. Your parents must have provided you with better education.
@thedude1 aka THE #1 P*ssy is trying to tag along with another fool., Low life is not me Dude, its your father and mother.
LOL Female Green Lantern?? Its gonna make DC the king of Sucking!! (Well already they are the the king of Sucking, this is going to make them retain their crown).
Cartman wrote a comment about the news item Neill Blomkamp's Alien Movie Is a Sequel to Aliens
I always feel there are just 2 proper Alien movies, Alien and Aliens the rest are jokes. I'm totally confident about this project...
@undeadslayer4 why the f*ck did you unnecessarily poke your f*cking nose to a dead post? You think of having fun time by doing so? 1 word "Bastard" ... 2 words "F*ck Off"
@themoviefanatic Its gonna be the #1 movie to dominate the BO until Avengers 3.... Other big names will try to compete but will fall short for sure...
Hans Zimmer kindda uses the same Batman Trilogy BGM to all of his movies - its very Obvious. I felt Batman BGM in MoS and Interstellar.
Just stunning... Going to be the #1 movie well until Avengers 3 hits the screen... Cant wait.
@undeadslayer4 after f*cking your mothers *sshole...
@writer220 has to apologize to @balanorange for acting stupid and you ie., @undeadslayer4 has to apologize to me for sniffing my ass for no reason. You had opened a dead conversation for no reason. You are just a jobless bastard of a Troll.
@undeadslayer4 lol wtf?? Send your mother over ill apologize to her p*ssy...
@writer220 fake writer shut the f*ck up...
@undeadslayer4 What the f*ck is your issue stupid troll?? You have no one to talk to? Re opened a dead post and a closed topic for no reason - google the word Troll and you fit in well pimp.
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@mieko-siede every word a truth -ppl r not havin balls to accept it..
@Wallace-Morrison Christopher Nolan is no way a part of Batman vs Superman or any of the future DC projects - Your information is wrong. You can correct me only with valid links or statements from any reputed place "not just by your own words" -Also MOS he was a Ex.Prod he was no way involved in the story mode. The biggest thing in the movie history is not Batman vs Superman (Its Spidy who joined Marvel and next Avengers will have an additional A class hero) - Avengers 2 will be the biggest until Avengers 3 comes out in the movie history.