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That is not Ben Affleck - its a body double.
Beta Ray Bill the God Hunter - Love to see him! Oh pls make him come alive Marvel.
@thedude1 DJ's solo movie made it spot 4 in the 1st week of its release, were GoTG is topping charts all over the world and do you think I even care about Hercules? lol its gonna be a flop and Im happy DC took over the flop hero.
@thedude1 Lol DJ is linked to DC but no official announcement that he is going to act as Shazam. Talking about things that are not officially announced is DC trolls work for they cannot take Marvels ongoing success one after the other...

Why dont you read what is happening before replying. Your reply makes no sense. Except you are trying to start a fight with Troll and grow up.

Grow Up best suits for you.
@thedude1 Okay dont talk about Marvel, talk about the 10 movies listed above. Talk about facts which is no way related about this post but why bring a DC unofficial announcement here? Makes no sense, please explain Adult.

Dont say ppl can talk what ever they want here its der freedom and ass - Freedom is different from Trolling online. Get It??
@thedude1 Thread reads "BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Wins with $94 Million" - What would you call it? DC Thread? Adult please!
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AWESOME MOVIE - I enjoyed it to the core. Personally the best scene in the movie is when baby groot dances at the very end!! everyone broke into uncontrollable laughter.
@ObiWanShinobi This thread is about GoTG topping the chart. If you dont have anything about the topic please go and f*ck your mother. Stop trolling about DC in a Marvel thread (DJ is not even confirmed as Shazam, there is no official announcemet - talk from your mouth not from your rear).
@ObiWanShinobi Grammar mistake 2 "on this site. & Being liked by other people" heheeee - go f*ck your self you pz of sh*t. You want ppl to like you? hehee wat a f*g.
@ObiWanShinobi you said I don't know English and my grammar is bad. I quoted your meaningless statement below - give a straight answer to that like a man. Don't talk sh*t which makes no sense.
@ObiWanShinobi 1) don't call me Bro 2) I care damn about ppl liking me here, why would I want ppl to like me? 3) you want ppl to like you? Hehee wat ever you say I f*cking don't care. I stand by my statement and it is "thanos will kill hulk"
LOLL, just forget it about bro - is this Grammar? hahaaahaaaa what a loser. OMG you just gave everyone here an awesome time.. still waiting for your next stinking comment.. @ObiWanShinobi
@ObiWanShinobi hahaahaaaaaaaa ill tell you the best joke of this century? Your comment below is as follows "LOLL, just forget it about bro, you didn't have to comment" - and you say my Grammar is bad? well you have no Grammar at all, what a silly loser.

I proved 1) your Grammar is as dirty as your mothers ass 2) Thanos will eat Hulk for breakfast 3) Infinity Gunlet is not for Hulk but for the destruction of the entire universe.

Special proved point "You cannot accept your defeat just like Hulk" - bring it on.. waiting for your next asswipe comment ;) lol
@ObiWanShinobi hehee I can understand your life is empty and ur not able to take the facts and I have proved your point to be wrong.

Its OK dream as you want and my life is wayyyy good and I'm very happy than you.

Thanos will kill Hulk any day
@richgamer150 No one cares and you comment that to me? Woooooowww what a smart man we have here! lol there are many school drop outs in movie web.
@MasterSPLINTER lol are you Obi? I feel you have dual account here and trying to support your own point?

How do you know im a f*g? was I f*cking your father in his ass?

Like I said below "Thanos is using infinity gunlet to destroy the Universe not to destroy Hulk, which he can do in a blick of an eye" - Get that you brainess idiot.
@ObiWanShinobi ROFLMAO I just wanna say to the person who googled about infinity gunlet and Thanos is still not sure the true power of Thanos.

And why I talk about Ultron? Ultron is inferior to Thanos - when he can beat the crap out of Hulk imagine what Thanos can do. You dont even understand what im trying to say? Lol

Thanos is Phase 3 main and final villain for MCU ofcrz he is going to wear the infinity gunlet - brainless asswipe now pay attention, Thanos is using infinity gunlet to destroy the Universe not to destroy Hulk, which he can do in a blick of an eye.
@ObiWanShinobi Ultron vs Hulk hand to hand - 1 vs 1 - will result in Hulk's death - now you google it go to Marvel go to Wiki and prove me im wrong?! Just try.... Sweet Dreams Kid... I should not be polite to ppl who is with the attitude that they know it all.

For someone like you the comment should be "Drink your mothers period blood and die" sick and silly bastard and hay dont forget to lol when you do it...

Going out to watch GoTG 3rd time - lev a silly lol and f*cking comment and ill come back to rip your ass and your mother ass.
@ObiWanShinobi Lol do you think you are the smartest here? LOL no f*cking ways I know morethan you when it comes to Marvel any day. I dont have to go to Marvel or Wiki to talk about Marvel.

For your kind info Marvel comic was found in 1930's and since then until now its called Marvel - even if there is a story arc at 1940 which says Hulk was defeated by XXX - it means its done you cannot undo it. Its Marvel and they make rules not you.

Thanos vs Hulk hand to hand combat will result in Hulk getting killed.

Hahaaaahaaaa you are so unbelivable, have no points to talk and you say LOL? Laugh at yourself.