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Cartman wrote a comment about the news item London Has Fallen Gets Director Fredrik Bond
Olympus Has Fallen was a million times better than White House Down - im ready for the sequel..
@thedude1 Yup I do know - I hate the stupid action this time around. I liked 1 and 2 but 3 is weak and dumb.
Expendables 3 is so boring, stupuid plot, useless action, too many stars and climax action is so confusing that you do not know whats happening, who is fighting who (sure shot flop).
Cartman wrote a comment about the news item Godzilla 2 Gets June 2018 Release Date
Screen Time - Rodan 1 min, Mothra 1 min and King Ghidorah vs Godzilla 2 mins (Stupid Humans 2.35 mins).
Cartman wrote a comment about the news item Godzilla 2 Gets June 2018 Release Date
@therealGoku Agreed..
I wish TMNT 2 doznt get released when GoTG 2 is released. To be honest TMNT was amazing and total kick ass.
Cartman wrote a comment about the news item Michael Bay Doesn't Want to Direct Transformers 5
So Transformers 5 will have good reviews but wont be making money at the BO. Only MB can be the king of BO!
I like Aquaman and his abilities.
@themoviefanatic I want Marvel to make "The Inhumans" movie. That would be really spectacular to watch.
@themoviefanatic Iv read an article few days ago which said "James Gunn doesnt like nova and probably he wont show him in Gotg2".
Cartman wrote a comment about the news item 9 DC Comics Movie Release Dates Announced
Lol the list is completely made up - no official announcement yet. Want to know real deal Avengers 2 (May 1 2015), Cap 3 (May 6 2016), Ant-Man (Nov 6 2015), GotG 2 (July 28 2017).

Marvel has planned movies until 2021 (you can see the official thread in Dont give up DC you sure will get 2nd place in this competition with Marvel coz there isn't a 3rd place contender.
That is not Ben Affleck - its a body double.
Beta Ray Bill the God Hunter - Love to see him! Oh pls make him come alive Marvel.
@thedude1 DJ's solo movie made it spot 4 in the 1st week of its release, were GoTG is topping charts all over the world and do you think I even care about Hercules? lol its gonna be a flop and Im happy DC took over the flop hero.
@thedude1 Lol DJ is linked to DC but no official announcement that he is going to act as Shazam. Talking about things that are not officially announced is DC trolls work for they cannot take Marvels ongoing success one after the other...

Why dont you read what is happening before replying. Your reply makes no sense. Except you are trying to start a fight with Troll and grow up.

Grow Up best suits for you.
@thedude1 Okay dont talk about Marvel, talk about the 10 movies listed above. Talk about facts which is no way related about this post but why bring a DC unofficial announcement here? Makes no sense, please explain Adult.

Dont say ppl can talk what ever they want here its der freedom and ass - Freedom is different from Trolling online. Get It??
@thedude1 Thread reads "BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Wins with $94 Million" - What would you call it? DC Thread? Adult please!
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AWESOME MOVIE - I enjoyed it to the core. Personally the best scene in the movie is when baby groot dances at the very end!! everyone broke into uncontrollable laughter.
@ObiWanShinobi This thread is about GoTG topping the chart. If you dont have anything about the topic please go and f*ck your mother. Stop trolling about DC in a Marvel thread (DJ is not even confirmed as Shazam, there is no official announcemet - talk from your mouth not from your rear).