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@Brizzy and better stay out
@thedude1 wooow U took it in way that Im dodging you? lol I just dont wanna waste my time with someone who thinks he is always right and talks 100 lines of vomit. Keep it simple. No matter how much money Intersteller made its in #2 spot and a Disney animated movie has smashed. Im very happy for that. I dont like Nolan, I think he is just overrated for no reason. Nolan failed to a Marvel Animated movie and what else do I need more.

Just coz you like Nolan not everyone will like him.
@Brizzy lol do you know everyone here? hahaa silly fool. Nolan is an overrated nonsense and you are his asswipe stinky!
@Brizzy Im civil to the ppl who are civilized.. to bastards like you ill be an *sshole..
@thedude1 if opinion is trolling then everyone are trolling here, doesn't matter how much money its made its just not #1@ the B.O. also its not getting all positive reviews.

Personally - ""Personally"" I feel Nolan is an overrated director and his all 10/10 critic reviews and Billion $ collection records are long dead with Batman!! (Prove me wrong when he makes another billion $ movie - until that time SHUT UP).
hahaa F*ck you Nolan fans - that guy was surviving only because of Batman!!
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Shame that they have Joker and no Humor element. Improvise DC...
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gonna make tons of money!!
1 year of VFX work begins!!
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@thedude1 really? i didn kno that, thanks!!
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@thedude1 Optimus Prime did it in TF 2 (2009)
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@thedude1 coool - its what I tot... thanks! silly and stupid article.
I dont understand the last line "Hellraiser was released in 2013. The film is directed by Patrick Lussier." - can someone explain pls!?
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@superman81 Yuppp kid enough showing off here - now go deliver some pizza.
@thedude1 "Not True" "Wrong" "Its not like that" - you are just trying to say things that is not proving anything...

Hulk was not created by Stan Lee alone - even if he had created alone - ppl who knows true power of Hulk will exactly know the scene with Loki made absolute sense.
bring back T1000 the mimetic polyalloy
@thedude1 Hulk beating Loki is not a joke... What do you think will happen if Hulk and Loki really met? Do you think Loki can even stand? Its portrayed exactly the way it will happen in real.