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DC is always few steps behind Marvel when it comes to Marketing, Advertising, Box Office, etc etc... If they plan well its good for them... I like a tough fight between DC and Marvel rather than Marvel always dominating the race - too bored.
Nice I wanted this project come to life and it happened - happy!
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@shuabert Deadpool has a bit of a foul mouth. Hopefully the film doesn't censor him just to hit a PG-13 rating is all my point. @monkeyiron2-0
looks epicccccccc
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yeah the costume looks awesome but a true Deadpool movie should be R rated or it will be a flop....
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@Author987 lol after all that I said below you have just FF for me? NOTE 1) Im no gay so stop sniffing my ass 2) mind your f*cking business you born for a bastard.
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@superman81 blah blah blahhhh f*ck you pz of sh*t...
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@superman81 Lol if someone is commenting about your bitch mother they are uneducated and you with all grammatical errors can comment on others mother which would make you an educated? I guess you farted your brains out fool.... You are the worst troll here in movieweb who is acting smart.
I guess batman will not fight Sups with his regular outfit but use a mechanized tech armor.
when it comes to Epic fights - Zack is the master film maker - even Spielberg cant come close to his perfection and brutality! (thats my personal opinion)
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@jasonkat worst joke of this century...
@themoviefanatic lol right...
@instead8909 hahahaaaaaa so you cant track even my name....big mouth ass hole...
oh so its a fake boobs in the poster!! huh... she looks very good over all tho!
the best movie everrrr
@bruce-ha 1) Its not a movie clip 2) Its a concept trailer 3) No one except the director/writer knows all the logic behind the clip.

Again its no trailer its a concept video to get the project approved.
"Logic" should never come in this video. Its another planet, why humans use small ships? Maybe its faster and can do quick turns rathethan using the heavy ships could be a logical reason. Why are humans exposed? Well when the movie is made the explanation will be provided.

The above concept trailer will only be shared with the general audience. Character details, planets history, "LOGICAL EXPLANATIONS" would have been provided in papers along with this concept clip to the studio.

To Conclude - no one can expect "Logic" in a concept trailer. What is this have to do for breathing under water? I have explained it very clearly in my previous comment anything is possible in other planet in another atmosphere.
@superman81 As I said I will say what I wanna say in every DC post its my wish, who the f*ck are you to get affected do you own DC?NO, are you a DC fan boy? you say NO.

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1) Go to RDJ's twitter and fight with him coz he said "F*ck DC".
2) I will come to everypost and say I hate DC, coz I hate DC what are you gonna do about it? Sit and cry? Poor liitle mommas bitch?! I am least bothered as to what you will reply.
3) Your mother is a whor* and I hate DC and I love Marvel - Universal fact.
@superman81 Jason Momoa said F*ck Marvel - now go to his twitter and post a pic of Hulk smashing Aquaman(coz you like Marvel too). Also RDJ had said F*ck DC, go to his twitter page and post your current profile pic.

Individuals differ and die hard fans are there all over the globe. Atleast I have the balls to say I love Marvel and I dont like DC (its my liking and not linking, my opinion). You on the other hand is a bitch trying to act smart but you are a f*cking fool. You must be a disgrace to your family. Imagine a guy who wants to change his attitude for just 1 person! I would never do it nor any normal human being.
@superman81 You are the reason for my Marvel pic. Also you are a neutral fellow(its what you say coz you dont have balls like me) you like both Marvel and DC why do you have to change your character/attitude for just 1 person(me) talking bad about DC out of this 7 billion ppl?! Makes no sense to me. You are a f*cking DC fan boy.
@bruce-ha If everything is can be said in 3 mins teaser there is no point in making a 3 hours movie right? Technical flaws and logic flaws are there in all the movies and characters. How does Superman fly? He is a human and he has no feathers nor wings? He is an alien who has this ability thats it. Not all planets atmosphere will match to that of Earth., this scene happens in a distance planet were a huge beast can fly because its adapted to fly in that atmosphere, in that space, in that condition, in that gas, its evolved that way and if you go there who knows you can breath under water like you are dong in land now in Earth(John Carter as an example). Science is beyond our reach, timetravel, black hole, aliens, life on another planet - is all not proved but still remains a theory. To conclude "Enjoy the movie as it is, its fun if you have to find flaw there is flaw in every f*cking movie"