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Cartman wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic World Trailer Is Here!
Looks really cool and the different take on the genetically created new Dinosaur is awesome!!!
@shuabert BDW did you read DB's take on Intersteller? Read it before you comment!
@shuabert Any day in any Galaxy Sunshine is wayyyyy better than Intersteller!! DB is a Oscar award winning director!! If you say Oscar proves nothing - cant argue with you.

Not just DB - but many hate Intersteller that includes me.
@evilwhitemale Mee too!
Star and Wars should never be separated. Feels Odd!!
ROFLMAO!! Danny Boyle says "Interstellar is a big mess coated in pretentious geekyness" and "Interstellar Sucks Harder Than Its Black Hole"
He adds "Neill Blomkamp delivered stronger visuals with a limited budget of 30 million dollars compared to Interstellar's 160 million dollar splurge. Don't even think of comparing it to the camera wizardry and special effects of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity (2013)."
Read Danny Boyle's full take on Interstellar review @te!
@junior-roberts I wish that happens - wanna see Wolverine in Avengers also want Sony to handover Spidy to Marvel.
@thedude1 Im just fed up when Nolan fans act weird like he is a God and He can never go wrong. I liked him and its coz of his stupid fans I started hating him.
@thedude1 My point is absolutely clear to ppl who have brains. Well thats something I cant expect from all. When in defeat you have your shied words Troll, Fan boy, hater etc!! Wont work with me. Im my support and my point is my support I dont need anyone to back me up!
@thedude1 say you are waiting - dont say everyone all everybody - why do you want to have a backup for all your comments. Do you have balls?

Many ppl doesn't care Nolan or his movies. (MANY) see how I have used...
@Brizzy and better stay out
@thedude1 wooow U took it in way that Im dodging you? lol I just dont wanna waste my time with someone who thinks he is always right and talks 100 lines of vomit. Keep it simple. No matter how much money Intersteller made its in #2 spot and a Disney animated movie has smashed. Im very happy for that. I dont like Nolan, I think he is just overrated for no reason. Nolan failed to a Marvel Animated movie and what else do I need more.

Just coz you like Nolan not everyone will like him.
@Brizzy lol do you know everyone here? hahaa silly fool. Nolan is an overrated nonsense and you are his asswipe stinky!
@Brizzy Im civil to the ppl who are civilized.. to bastards like you ill be an *sshole..
@thedude1 if opinion is trolling then everyone are trolling here, doesn't matter how much money its made its just not #1@ the B.O. also its not getting all positive reviews.

Personally - ""Personally"" I feel Nolan is an overrated director and his all 10/10 critic reviews and Billion $ collection records are long dead with Batman!! (Prove me wrong when he makes another billion $ movie - until that time SHUT UP).
hahaa F*ck you Nolan fans - that guy was surviving only because of Batman!!
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Shame that they have Joker and no Humor element. Improvise DC...