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Bryan Yentz reviewed the movie Found

"... The ending is so forcefully uncalled for that it negates the dramatic structure that Found. initially had going for it..."
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Hey, how you doing?
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Bryan Yentz wrote a comment about the news item Dracula Untold Trailer Starring Luke Evans
They spelled Castlevania wrong.
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Just watched Robocop... Not even worth my time reviewing.
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Hey Bryan! Are you gonna see The LEGO Movie tomorrow?
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Hey! I just watched Prisoners. It was a hard movie to watch but damn, was it worth it!
  • Yeah, man. It definitely is, but like you said, it's definitely worth it. Just one hell of a powerful film.
  • It is. So, what's the next sh*tty film you'll review for January? Is It Devil's Due?
  • Haha, well, man... I really gotta do a new one, don't I? Um, I'm really not sure, though--most likely--Lone Survivor, which I really liked.
  • Cool. BTW, I can watch the Robocop remake and sacrifice my money for ya. After sacrificing yourself on watching that 1D This Is Us movie, I felt that I should return the favor.
  • Hahaha, well, thank you for the honorable sacrifice... After all of the terrible Robocop trailers, I might just have to watch just to see how much they butchered it.
  • It's been butchered pretty badly from what I heard. Even the director didn't like the final cut of the film. What's weirder is that Jose Padhila did directed very hard R-rated movies in his resume, so why the hell would Sony and MGM would hire him if the studio wanted a mainstream friendly version of Robocop besides cashing in?
  • Also, I checked on the guy's resume and Padhila made a lot of movies that garnered critical acclaim including his doc*mentary films Bus 174 and Secrets Of The Tribe and his Elite Squad movies that cause heavy controversy over a portrayal of a character (never even heard of the movies before). I might check his films out if I have the time.
  • My God, I talk a lot, don't I?
  • Yeah, Sony knows he's capable of action scenes, but at the same time, they want to dumb it down to bring in the largest possible audience.
  • Yeah. Also, Rainmaker has just released the trailer for their Sly Cooper film adaptation that's coming out in 2016. I have to admit, I'm actually admiring their efforts into these video game film projects.

I never said the first one was bad.

Even as funny as Ferrell can be, he wasn't in this. For me, even as mindless comedy goes, this film failed. It's comedic timing was horribly off and 90% of the humor relied on lazy improvisation and lazier dialogue. It's just... Not funny. Again, just because the film presents an IDEA for a joke, doesn't just make it funny, it actually HAS to do something with it to make it worthwhile. Showing me a random celebrity isn't funny. Actually doing something with said celebrity is. Again, it was just lazy joke set-up after lazy joke set-up.

Yeah, I mean, I chuckled at a couple of the things early on, but like you said, after the initial setup--completely downhill from there.

Thanks, man!

And yeah, I wasn't too thrilled with the first one, but I at least hoped that this one would be at least tolerable... Boy was I wrong.

Yeah, man. I found it immensely boring and overlong. I couldn't wait to get out of the theatre.

"... Like the real news, ANCHORMAN 2 supplies one or two pieces that might be worth a minute of your time; the rest however, is bogged down by shallowness, shamelessness, laziness and embarrassment..."
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Bryan Yentz wrote a comment about his Review of Crave

Yeah, I actually did check it out and found it pretty surprising... Mostly because he was so blunt about why the shows were cancelled as well as the element of girls in the superhero medium.
Bryan Yentz wrote a comment about his Review of Crave

Thanks, bud!
Bryan Yentz reviewed the movie Crave

"... Much like its protagonist, CRAVE is all talk, no walk..."
Bryan Yentz wrote a comment about his Review of Oldboy

Sadly, after how terrible the theatrical cut of it was, I didn't even want to waste time with the director's version.

I remember when this came out in the 90's and was called The Lawnmower Man.
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