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I saw it twice in IMAX. It was fun and I loved the visuals and I'll buy it on bluray when it comes out in a version that's not just a menu and the movie, but will I see it again in theatres just for the 8 minutes. No. They've got my money. It's good but great visuals do not make a great movie. Now Inception! I am planning on seeing that for my 4th time very soon.
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I hate April Fools.
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I don't believe the demographic that LOVES IMAX likes Twilight. So it sounds like an attempt to get non-twilight fans to see it after its initial first weekend money haul.
Why Fincher, your talent is better than this. :'(
Even if you like the story it's hard to deny how poorly the first one was done. I was watching the first one having my sister dictate to me what the hell was happening. I'll go watch True Blood. Same story, better made, and easily more enjoyable. Not to mention True Blood is made for grown ups...not 14 year old girls.
wow people. BD will become the format. So sorry you'll have to deal with it. Also remember DVDs started out more expensive then VHS. So quickly you forget. BD will go down in price. Also you say you doubt the numbers are right about the spike in rentals and sales. You evidently have no idea. I work at blockbuster and believe me I've had people laid off from work for months...close to a year that come in and rent 20 dollars+ a week in movies. Sorry but when the economy's bad people revert to entertainment, if anything to avoid going crazy or worse.
"There is only 1 returns and that is "of the Jedi" haha No really this is awesome. I'll be picking this up.
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Wow newkill200 way to be an a*sh*le. Dom is a beloved character actor. Maybe you should at least pretend to care or maybe go troll the Michael Bay boards you insensitive pr*ck.
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"It Happened, M. has pulled out of the rut."
Where do you get your information? You work for Toshiba or something? Both HD DVD and Blu-Ray are of equal quality. They are essentially the same freaking thing, just Blu-ray is Blue and holds MORE stuff then HD ever thought about. Now which sounds better...since they show equal picture and only Blu-ray holds more. I am thinking Blu. Know the facts before you spout crap.
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I have been on the fence for a while but this actually looks really promising.
and Chuchi is that English? Do you spread that confused gibberish all over these boards?
Stink bomb? This was a much better book than Da Vinci Code. I have full faith it will be great when it comes out. just 2 days ago had this trailer on it. Now it's Man they keep changing all these sites. I love it. I can't wait. Next summer will rock. Iron Man, Hulk, and Dark Knight. Hell yes!
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Where did you hear that that had something to do with anything, because that looked like you took it off youtube and said it had something to do with it. Just saying.
Hey Chackballs what does that link have to do with ANYTHING being said here?


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