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@keesjecola I 90% believe that they did Cars 2 because they were told. Cars sells a ton of toys, but is their lowest rated movie. Don't forget Disney cancelled "Pixar's Newt" so they could do Cars 2. John Lasseter may be a big wig over there, but Disney is unfortunately king. I truly believe that people were just going through the motions to make Cars 2. The same spirit just isn't there.
Love Pixar they are the best team in animation. That being said that haven't always delivered like @thaphoenix said. They were over ruled by Disney to make Cars 2, which you can just feel everyone going through the motions in. They took the worst part of their worst movie and made it the focal point on the sequel. Freakin' Mater, the Jar Jar of Pixar.

I am glad to see them back doing what they want to do. Can't wait for Brave!
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This surpasses ridiculousness. Any decency the trailer has is out done by the the sheer pathetic casting decisions and the thought that Kristen Stewart can at any point in history (and I am including Monster Theron) match Charlize's beauty, charm, or (for the hell of it) acting ability.
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@daveactor7 After "The Fall" how can you NOT trust Tarsem? I am really looking forward to The Immortals because of Tarsem.

@rufio I fully agree on Julia. Never been a fan and I am disappointed she's in this, but again I have faith.

Say what you will about Tarsem, but his movies are always amazing to look at.
@thrashnasty190 I read that a while back and thought that would be the coolest movie ever. It sounds so ridiculous to have all those characters together.
@thrashnasty190 I just looked it up and there was a temporary Fantastic Four line up in "Fantastic Four #347-349" and it was Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider II. I found that on Wikipedia.
@cody-ellsmore Nearly everybody in the Marvel universe was an Avenger at one point. So yes Spidey was. I've also read He was part of the 2nd Fantastic 4 which included, Spiderman, Wolverine, She Hulk, and Ghost Rider...can anyone confirm that?
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@jasonkat if we wanted someone to screw with the originals we'd be George Lucas fans. Leave Tron one alone!
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Does anybody else find it disturbing that the writer got the genre wrong? There are like 12 genres that could be used to describe Sin City and Sci-Fi does come close to that list...
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@ChiRep-1 So they can make fun of it. The whole trailer is 3D bashing. Very excited for this one.
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@moviegeek haha 4D! Nothing says going to the movies like the smell of death and hooker sweat.
@Number1Wolverine @Zak-Lee-Ferguson Two words come to mind. Joe Johnston. He did well with Captain America, but before that what did he do? Jumaji, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and the god awful, Wolfman. Don't get me wrong, Jumaji and Honey i Shrunk the Kids were good movies but none of those scream Caps. It was Rocketeer that got him this movie. Marvel has proven every time (Except maybe Iron Man 2) That they totally know what they're doing. Give them the benefit of the doubt, at least for now.
Brett Ratner is in the bottom 3 directors currently. This is sad.
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Can't wait for this movie. Love the Niccol.
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There's no guarantee that Speilberg will take over Transformers. It's been mentioned, but no confirmation. He still has Indy 5 he's working on. Does he really want to do a Transformers movie?
It's sad the rest of the movie looks decent, but what Kristen Stewart does can only loosely be considered acting. I can't stand her. She was the black hole in what was an otherwise good movie, The Runaways. My favorite part of all of this is that they want to make this a trilogy...Let's stop giving Kristen jobs and let her crawl back in the swamp she came from.
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@thedude-abides, personally I've never really liked 2. Completely forgettable. 1 was good, De Palma is great like that, but my favorite stands as 3. The performances, the direction, everything about it was above the rest.

Very excited for Ghost Protocol. Brad Bird is proving he can do live action well. At least by the trailer.
Kristen Stewart already has had opportunities to be "better". She was the worst part in an otherwise great cast in The Runaways and Adventureland. Neither was a stellar movie but could have been made better if she had not been complete devoid of all emotion...


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