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@deepsky926 as much as I like The Avengers I have to say your "There's a reason avengers made a sh*t load of money!" statement. Don't tell me Twilight deserved the money it made...Box office means nothing when we're talking quality.
I hate that they'e calling it 1 season when clearly it's coming out in 2 different seasons. This isn't a "Mid season break" this is the same break time for a whole new season.
Bryan Cranston said just before the last season started that "We made you a promise that Walt would die." It's going to happen. It's just a matter of who or how.
Wow I've heard that synopsis before...Oh yeah it was called Cars...
@raoulduke33 It's looking like it's only the LIEMAX theatres and to my knowledge none of those will have the HFR either. It's a very select few theatres showing HFR.
@Smitty-werbenjagermanjensen Del Toro would be a brilliant choice. He would bring it back to it's roots.

I would vote for Nolan or Spielberg (since he directed the best parts of the prequels anyway.)

I like Vaughn and he could do a great SW movie, but I disagree with @corey I'd love to see the new SW movies directed by different people every time. The original trilogy were all directed by different people.
I love the first one, but when I read the synopsis all I could think about was Cars 2...
@bawnian-dexeus You have no idea. I use to work at Blockbuster and at one point Asylum came out with their version of Sherlock Holmes which had on the cover:
A kraken tentacle
Fire breathing dragon
A T-Rex
No mention of Robert Downey Jr. or Jude Law

It came out only a couple months after Sherlock Holmes came out in theatres and I had to ask every moron that tried to rent it "You know this isn't the one with Robert Downey Jr., right?" You'd be amazed at how many people were surprised and put it back.

There were other times I had to return rented movies because idiots rented "Transmorphers" and thought it was "Transformers" then came back and yelled at me because they thought it was the Bay film.

Yeah this is necessary because people as a whole need protection from their own stupidity.
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I live in Seattle and the only IMAX theatres that are showing this are the LIEMAX theatres. Not happy about that.
Not only is my login name Brucewayne, but on my facebook I have been counting down the release of TDKR with facts and daily news about it since 100 days before the release! That's why I should get the prize pack.
It fits with the reboot tradition of less known villain in the first movie and best known or fan favorite in the second movie. I am cool with this.
This is all really cool, but I can't help but feel like the change they made to the original Spidey Trilogy was the best move they could have made. The whole idea of it being organic rather than synthetic just helped the whole idea.
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This hurts me so much...
@yveske She was Gail, Dwight's woman in Old Town.

@jayaottley I also remember reading that if Frank Miller got his way he would do like 5 Sin City movies. That would be awesome. haha
@bawnian-dexeus @jayaottley There are 7 Sin City Books. They did book 1("The Hard Goodbye" with Marv), 3("The Big Fat Kill" with Dwight), and 4("That Yellow Bastard" with Hartigan) in Sin City 1. They also used a short story from 6 (Booze, Broads, and Bullets) titled "The Customer is Always Right".

For Sin City 2 they are using Book 2 as well as new stuff Miller just wrote.

Rumor has it that Sin City 3 would be based on Book 7 "Hell and Back"
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@Smitty-werbenjagermanjensen It's mostly about Dwight before his "New Face". Marv is there so is Miho, Nancy, Manute, and Gail, but let's not forget Frank has written new pieces for this movie. So there maybe other characters that are coming back in those stories.
@the-crow2k You claim they were flops, but the facts are M. Night hasn't made a flop. Everyone of his movies has made a profit. Yes even "The Last Airbender". (Even I, a big M. Night fan, can't defend that pile) They may have been critical failures, but Hollywood isn't looking at how much you like it.

That being said his older movies are much better than his past 3. I hope this is at least in the realm as "Unbreakable" or "Signs" in terms of quality.
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Lucas said this years ago, even before Indy 4. He either needs to do it or not, is he Brett Favre? I saw the original trilogy and then episode 1 came out when I was 9. It was the greatest thing ever. When I got older I realized that none of the Star Wars movies Lucas directed weren't all that good. The idea was better than the execution. Don't get me wrong I like them, but see them for what they are rather than holding them on top of this cinematic shine. Lucas was also the worst part of Indy 4. Lucas has become everything he set out not to be.

In other news Orange please get a clue. Your Lucas bashing is over the top.
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Does anyone else think that picture looks like a member of kiss?

P.S. Really do we need a Carrie remake?
Ever since you posted this article Orange has amped up the *sshole level. He is completely missing the point of why people are mad. His articles now openly mock people getting mad at him spoiling movies.

Since Orange refuses to understand we'll spell it out. You can write articles with spoilers just don't do it in the title and in the article warn that there are spoilers. So stop being an ass and attacking your readers you're making it an irritation to read your articles now that you're butt hurt that people are calling you on your stupidity.

What happened to just writing an article without taking sh*t personally and writing about the actual story?


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