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@ghostman You see, that's who i am. I always set my expectations high because i love these characters. But again, i can not argue with the initial feeling i'm getting from these posters and trailers. This looks like a more kid friendly movie than Iron Man and Captain America.... It just does.

Once again, i know this won't be the movie i was hoping it to be but it will still be a good action movie. I'm not gonna get my hopes up but the scene when Hulk catches a fallen Iron Man... it's a scene i don't want to miss out on.

@Joshua-Hollaway I'm not a DC fanboy. I love both Marvel and DC. Captain America was a great movie. Iron Man is to this point still my favorite comic book character movie. The costumes are too "Green Lantern"-ish. Too many bright colors for me.

@themoviefanatic Well that's good. Wonder if Avengers 2 will be from Tony's perspective.
@themoviefanatic A more "Captain America" and "Iron Man" type of movie. More adult. But i haven't seen the movie yet, it's just my initial feeling so don't eat me alive.

@ghostman I guess that's true aswell. Marketing is a big part of it. But again, the initial feeling i get from the Trailers and Banners is that this will be more kid friendly than the previous movies like Iron Man and Captain America. This will be more like Green Lantern, is what i think.
@themoviefanatic Yes, you said it yourself. Disney. That word alone makes this a kid friendly movie. But hey, all is good. I'm sure it will be action packed nonetheless. Just not what i was expecting.
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All this sci-fi and they use standard handguns? Yeaaaah... no thanks.
@jayaottley Could also be a wig that the character is wearing, you know like a disguise. The sideburns are too... nonexistent. But that's just me.
@themoviefanatic I don't know, it's just the initial feeling i got from all these banners and trailers. I loved the part where Hulk was flying through the air and catching a fallen Iron Man. But as soon as i look at Thor and Captain America costumes i think to myself "Yeah... It's obvious they are aiming for that demographic."

It will be a good action movie, but my feeling is that it will be more kid friendly movie with lots of ties to McDonalds, ToysRus, Lego etc .

That's just my reaction though, it will probably end up being a disappointment for lots of hardcore fans. I hope i'm wrong though.

But at this moment i don't really care! All i'm thinking of is my sweeeeet and preciiiouuus Dark Knight Rises ! Yummy!
All these trailers and banners, and all i can think of is how good of a movie The Dark Knight Rises will be. =)

The Avengers will be good, but i'm sure alot of people will be disappointed in the end. Dunno why, just got that feeling. Too kid friendly.
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Riddick! Riddick! Riddick!
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That color doesn't suit him at all.
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Love the Yoda one!
@Heisenberg Technically, he is. But i think he left his post, so he is no longer king. Or something else led up to him not being king anymore.

I'm not sure, but it will be interesting to see how this movie continues from the ending of the last one. =)

Riddick all the way baby!
One of my favorite actors!

Guy Pearce is king.
I don't know why some people hate on this movie and say it's gonna be sh*t... It's a God vs Titans war movie with amazing special effects. Why are these people so greedy? They expect an oscar movie from every release. It's an action adventure flick. Can't wait for it.
There is no one who embodies Deadpool more than Ryan Reynolds, it's literally like he was born to make this movie... BUT!!... HURRY UP! God damnit, how many years has it been now? Enough is enough, stop babbling and start producing.
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@ridgl Bit difficult to do that when the title itself is named "Hangover part III". But i agree with you... They followed the formula too much, go creative and do something different.
I swear to god, i thought i saw the title "Dark Knight Rises Never-Before-Seen Gordon Levitt Set Photos" and when the thumbnail, a never before seen Joker pic, caught my eyes i thought it was him getting the role as Joker.

Damnit i want that to happen so bad... RIP Heath.
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@ROFLitschristian Depends on what your definition of a "good" movie is, and that is subject to change since we all have our own opinions and tastes.

I believe the winners were well deserved winners, even though alot of movies were overlooked.

Drive is one of my favorites and it didn't get the praise it deserves, but still alot of other movies who also deserved praise got it.