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@narrator I don't get it. I've heard it twice now, that Oldman won't get another Oscar chance. Why wouldn't he? Is he dying or have i missed something? If Christopher Plummer gets an award at 82 then there should be no doubt in your mind that Oldman, sooner rather than later, will get recognized by the academy. I agree with you that alot of great movies and actors were overlooked but you can't dispute with any of the winners. There weren't really that many who didn't deserve the award they got. I'm still optimistic on Oldmans chances of getting an award sometime soon.

I can't say this enough, the Artist was an absolute amazing movie. The love between the two protagonists is untouchable and should be compared to the likes of Titanic. When she looks at the film George Valentin was holding on to during the fire i thought my tearducts would dry up for ever. That kind of emotions being evoked on the audience and being a black/white silenced movie... It deserved the praise. My new favorite film of all time.
bruce_ha wrote a comment about the news item 2012 Academy Awards Winners!
@narrator If you think, you have to be 62 to recognize that Jean Dujardin did an outstanding job in the Artist then i feel sad for you. I thought he deserved it. Gary Oldman would also have deserved it. But just because the Academy gave the oscar to the Dujardin, doesn't mean he didn't deserve it.

That movie is my new favorite movie of all time. The experience i got from that movie, i couldn't ask for anything more from a movie. I've never really watched a silent movie before, and for that movie to be that good. An instant classic, and it just envokes everything a movie is supposed to envoke in the audience.

Even though i loved Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and i love Gary Oldman as an actor.... The Artist and Dujardin were phenomenal.
How long til the show starts?
Hello.... It's not working!
"Sorry! We cannot play this video due to content restrictions"

@jayaottley Well, why else would there be a Lazarus pit in the movie if Nolan isn't going to use it. Seems unnecessary to include it in the first place, if that was the case.
@jayaottley Either Gordon Joeseph Levitt becomes Robin.. or the new Joker.

I don't think Batman will die, i believe he will brake his back. But i could be wrong, since this is Nolans last Batman movie.... maybe he wants to end it with a shocker, like killing off Batman for good?

I still remember the Lazarus Pit picture that was released a while ago, it has to have some meaning in the movie. Maybe that's how Batman fixes his back injury?

So many possibilities...
@2movieguys It's comedy... it's not supposed to have any shame.
This man is one of the funniest alive. @felipe-11 Hahahhaha!
@balanorange But this isn't really a spoiler. If that's the true plot... that Batman will rise from the dead then wouldn't the title itself be a spoiler? The Dark Knight Rises... yeah.

Why are you being negative to your own readers?

I don't think he will die. I think Bane will brake his back, but i don't he will die.
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He looks evil in that picture. Like... "Muhahaha, after this race i will take over the world!!!"
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The closest we're ever gonna get to a live action God of War movie.

Djimon Hounsou instead of Sam Worthington and change the title to God of War=The greatest movie ever made!
Something else is up, and it aint my thumbs. ; ) @ghostman
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It's a conscious decision from himself and his managers, i'm sure of it. Before a BIG movie, he stars in many small adaptions to build up a fanbase. But in retrospect, when he was casted as Superman i'm sure he got alot of calls that night for projects... alot more than before anyways. Lot of directors who think "It's good publicity if we cast SUPERMAN for our next movie!".
Hahahaha! @ROFLitschristian

Are these figures from worldwide ticket sales or only domestic?
Ghost Rider spirit of Vengeance looks to have some great car/bike chases so this is an obvious win for Sony. I just wish they'd hurry up with the Uncharted movie!
The man is 52 and has a ripped body like a 20 year old?! How ?! I ask you, HOW!? Is this man taking some new alien supplement?
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"Lost in our world..."

Lost indeed. This movie won't do too well.
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n In that case, Charlize all the way baby!
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If any movie should get the 3D treatment, then why not one of the greatest love stories in one of the greatest movies of all time?