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Great poster, but i'm sick of Tom Cruise and all his leather jackets.
Skyfall is the best Bond movie ever released. Javier Bardem was amazing.

Really recommend you go see it in the theater, great movie.
A genious move by Michael Bay. This will only end up promoting T4.

As for Mark in a Transformers movie... why the f^^k not?!

Hell, the series is already as bad as it could get in terms of casting, maybe Mark could be the start of something good. He's a great actor when it comes to action scenes.
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Really looking forward to this.
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Take a 10 minute break, then come back after you've gotten in touch with reality. Sorry if not all the members here on movieweb are experts in horror genre.
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bruce_ha wrote a comment about the news item The Evil Dead Remake Trailer!
For those going apeshiet over my noob question... take it easy and rest your head from the PC a bit.

For those respectfully and constructively answered my question... thanks.
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Sorry for this noob question:

But.. Isn't that a Cabin in the Woods ripoff?
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Damnit, why can't they make a Hitman re-make with the true Agent 47 , Jason Statham?!
Is she working for Umbrella?
Hugh Jackman, with a smile on the set of Wolverine?!


Show us the transformation, the transformation from man to beast!

ARGGGH!!!!! *does Wolverine pose with claws armed and ready for dismemberment*
@themoviefanatic I don't know. It wasn't really cliffhanger more than letting fans continue the story through our imagination. He's hyped this movie as being his last Batman movie, so i'm pretty doubtful of another sequel, but hope to god that i'm wrong.
@Man-of-Steel That would've been every fans wet dream come true. But i highly doubt Marvel or DC would agree to such a thing
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"..i know the essence!"

@themoviefanatic I doubt it. I really want him to make another one, because i know his version of Robin would put away all the bad reputation the character has gotten from the older movies.

I don't think it'll happen, I hope Nolan comes to realize that the fanbase is crying out to him, but the dark knight rises was a closure movie for him i believe.

In retrospective, i agree with all those points. I also liked the original Bane voice. Much fearful than this re-recorded one.

I agree with all the points, but still find this movie to be a great ending. Although there were plenty of plot-holes.
"..every ending is a new beginning"

Such a timeless phrase is no more than fitting with the ending of Nolans trilogy.

Nice review, indeed. Just wish that Nolan would announce more Batman movies.
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Nathan Fillion got slightly rounder in appearance.
@Agent-Cooper Although i might agree with the fact that people die from overdosing prescription medicine, i doubt the majority of overdoses are through the fault of a young man as him. It's often the elderly who can't understand the labels or forgot they've already taken the usual dosage.

Now, we can speculate whether it was prescription or not, but that doesn't make a difference. It could be that the family spokesperson doesn't want to badmouth the Stallone family's reputation by saying it's non-prescription. Who knows?

All i can say is, i feel bad for the Stallone family. My condolences to the family.

Aside from this incident, i agree with @jasonkat 100% on the rich people who get into drugs. I hate excuses, and there is no excuse for getting into drugs when you have that amount of wealth. The rich who get into illegal drugs, i have no sympathy for. They earn enough money to actually make a good contribution to the poor, instead they buy illegal drugs from criminals who then buy weapons for the money and control local areas for plantations and so on. The poor people in those areas suffer with murders and kidnappings, etc. (to control the power over politicians, so they can keep the illegal business running). In other words, the rich and famous who get into drugs, buy drugs and support illegal drug trades... are also the ones supporting the killing and kidnapping of innocent men, women and children. The drug war leaves it's mark in every country, just look at the gang wars in U.S. and other druginfested countries.

I have absolutely no sympathy for these rich people who get into drugs. Not only that but, i can't believe all the clinics who open for these people and the amount of resources, doctors etc. that have to be spent on the immature and moronic behaviour and habits of rich people.

All that said, i don't want you to think i meant all those things for Sage Stallone. I don't know if it was prescription or non-prescription so it's just sad for now.