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@darksektor1971 Yeah! That's why i kept thinking of Lord of the Rings when i watched Fringe. I was like "Waaaaaait a minuuute, something's not quuuite right."
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I've come to understand why there is such a thing as retirement now.
@themoviefanatic It's the guy from fringe.

They need newcomers not known actors.
@ghostman Spoiler:

Because they showed letty shooting dom. I'd say that's a big freakin spoiler. Who would've thought that letty was working for the bad guy?

The carchases were practically a given, i'll give you that. But why would you spoil the story? We all know what will happen. Dom will save letty at the end and the bad guy will either be killed or agent hobbs will cuff him.

Well.... isn't the plot just a little of importance in this movie?


Like wth would they spoil the fact that letty is alive and works for the bad guy and shoots dom? Why would the spoil the fact that the deal between dom and agent hobbs is based on getting letty back. Why would they spoil the carchases and the aircraft scene?

Many more spoilers in the trailer that i probably missed. lol.
Why are they giving away the whole movie? Spoiler after spoiler after spoiler after spoiler... It's like jeeeez save some for the movie would ya.
This looks good.
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@moviegeek I don't... spoils too much if they did that. I'd rather have these small teasers. One good trailer is enough.
Mark Wahlberg instead of Shia Labeef, yes please. No more teenage crap. Give us a true Transformers movie.
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Aww, no they didn't!! Letty was an undercover cop this whole time? That would kinda make sense then, with a fake death.
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@moviegeek I dunno, it gave me quite an impact. What more could they do with the little time they had? Great scenery, great visuals and suspense more than ever before. This is looking to be one hell of a ride.
@skywise Hahha So true!
@Roberto-Mata Yeah, just need a good director/producer with a great vision.
@Roberto-Mata That's a great fit for Dwayne Johnson. He has the rage of Kratos aswell.

@justatadmatt Have you seen Mummy 2? The opening scene when he walked through the desert with the long hair, made him kinda remind me of the mythos of Hercules.
I really think Dredd was underrated. It was a really good action movie. Karl Urban should bulk up a few pounds for the sequel to look more menacing.
@corey Agreed. I love Jurassic Park, it did so much for the film industry and for me when i was only a youngster. This is the last movie i wanna see rushed out.
Hahah Loved the ending! =D
@bawnian-dexeus Atleast he got compensated. Must've been quite a figure.
Great action, great humor and even greater one-liners. What more could you ask for from a Arnold action flick?!

I'm in.