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@someonethatknows Yeah, i guess the second photo does look a little bit better. But still, you gotta understand where i'm coming from. I love the character and i think they should do it justice. See it this way, if they cast an overweight actor wouldn't that cause some worry for fans? They'd think the director isn't doing the character justice, well the same goes the other way around if they are casting a skinny actor.

Sure i could be proven wrong, and i really hope i am. But i'm still concerned i'm gonna sit there thinking what a skinny Wonderwoman they got for the movie.
@someonethatknows For someone called Onethatknows it's pretty ironic that you stick to numbers and don't look at the actual photo itself. She's too skinny. There's no doubt in my mind given the right amount of workout and diet she could bulk up, but it doesn't seem they are looking in to that as of now with all the set photos. The production has already started and she still looks skinny.

But i hope i'll be proven wrong.
Not too sure about this, time will tell.

Hope we get to see some amazing dinosaurs though, and more of Jurassic Park 1 horror feel.

This is a representation of an Amazon female warrior, from the greek mythology which Wonder Woman is based on.

She is the princess, which would mean better trainers and well fed. So in reality she would be even more muscular than the representation on the urn.

I'm not saying Gal Gadot is somehow a bad representation, i'm just saying that Zack Snyder or whoever cast Gal Gadot should've done the character more justice. Gal Gadot just can't ever pull off a strong greek amazon warrior with that physique of a super skinny fashion model.

I get why they chose her as an actor, but she doesn't fit the part, i would never have cast her. I hope they prove me wrong come 2015, but i would bet she hasn't gained the amount of muscular gains necessary to pull that look off once she's in the outfit.

They will try to hide it through different camera angles and i hope they do because it worked very well in Dark Knight Rises with Bane.
@jasdjqs Well, to be honest, i was also at that age when i saw movies like Predator, Rambo etc.

But i get that the reason they are limiting the violence is to get more publicity and a wider target group.

If these movies didn't such so much i would care more.
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Think i'm gonna replace my beast avatar now, thank you very much.

Hahahaha, my thought exactly!

There is something off with the turtles. They just look, awkward.

I'm sure there were plenty of good character designs, why they went with these ones is beyond me.
Hell yeaaah!!!

Finally some much wanted hungry dinosaurs back on the big screen.
Saw Amazing Spiderman 2 today, it was amazing.

Probably the best spiderman movie yet.
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A 300 movie without Gerard Butler screaming "This is Sparta!" is like a Batman movie without Batman.

Just not the same.
Dunno, there's just something about the Tobey Maguire Spiderman that i like alot more than this one. The story seemed to be more grounded in those movies and i loved that it was so focused on Peter and Mary Jane. This one seems to be all over the place, and not good at all.
He should play Lex Luthor. Think about that for a second. It would be the perfect fit.

Lex is supposed to be the one human who wants perfection, to be the ultimate powerhouse, the ultimate super human. He wants what Superman possesses. It would be only natural for him to be physically fit, almost an attempt at physical perfection atleast.

He would be the best Lex.
@ObiWanShinobi Introducing Batman as a character is a big step and alot to swallow. I would rather they waited with Nightwing til later on. Maybe mention the character in this movie but show him in the next one.
They are doing a great job at hyping this movie up. Can't wait. I hope this puts ancient mythology action movies back on the map.

Just think of it, Hercules... and hopefully, someday... God of War! By Zeus, that would be the ultimate action adventure.
@themoviefanatic Well, atleast they have all the reference material they'll ever need if a game adaption ever comes to fruition. =)
You hit like a vegetarian. Hahahaha!

Arnold is legend.
I'm not to keen on a Batman vs Superman movie. Since they're going with the whole "nolan" realistic vibe then, naturally, Superman would pulverize Batman in the first scene.
@ghostman If that's part of the story then i'm all for it. That seems to be great way of dealing with the "how the hell did humans lose" scenario.

Hopefully it will be explained in this movie.