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Does this mean Krang is in this first movie?
@bellandedward1 Yes you should.
Small Town Security, @balanorange? Such a @balanorange show.
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Rad way to do it.
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Totally painful we have to wait until next Spring to see what happens... damn!
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What. The. Hell.
No Abrams? This franchise just got onto extremely shaky ground.
@Brizzy Agreed!
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Tatum RULES in #TheEagle. Check it out.
@thedude1 Exactly.
@ObiWanShinobi It's official. 99% of the text above is from the Warner Bros. press release.
Kids, kids, kids.... they're not "VS" each other... they're "V" each other.
2,000 years old and still hot.
These videos are weak.
Also, let's not forget guys, usually these art pieces used at these conventions (except for Comic-Con) are usually horrendous.