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Bren.biff1 reviewed the disc The Lawnmower Man DVD

"Lose yourself in "real" fantasy"
Bren.biff1 reviewed the disc The Rock DVD

"A bit of history, science and possibility"

"Lives up to Every Expectation"
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"Striking title but DVD?"
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I enjoyed the DVD and still enjoy rewatching it whenever I am in the mood for a bit of mayhem. I really liked the comedy effects of the misunderstandings between Stallone's character's time and the "up-to-date" version of the century in which he was thawed.
Bren.biff1 rated the movie Demolition Man
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Are you mixing up 3 films? Total Recall, The Running Man and one other starring Bruce Willis who rescues an alien singer in the far future.
Please, Alfred, stick to acting, not doc*mentaries. I have followed your career on the screen from the time of Indiana Jones.
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I hired a Blockbuster movie of Rampart and wondered how Sigourney and Mr Buschemi could lower themselves to be a part of this utter trash.
James Stewart and all the cast are brilliant at portraying the characters in the story of "The Flight of the Phoenix". Full marks to the Casting Director, seldom mentioned.
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