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Tony Stark was the creator of Ultron in The Next Avengers, so its not that out of the box...I like it.
Now he knows how most of us feel when he changed the origin...we hate it!
I want to win because i'm poor and do not have a blu-ray player...RECESSION! Movies that would be awesome in Blu-Ray....Reservoir Dogs, Braveheart, Spider-Man Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Avatar, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.
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Just got dont watching it and WOW! I loved it, Predators on Humans, Humans on Predators, Predators on Predators, Humans on Humans....good god almighty this was an awesome film. I needed a good movie like this to wash the stink off of me from "The Last Airbender". Thank you Nimrod Antal & Robert Rodriguez for making this and paving the way for more Predator movies.
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Watching The Last Airbender was the sports equivilent of your team making it to the Super Bowl and then saying "I don't feel like playing today." I was so excited when I heard they were making a live action Avatar, and to see it fall flat on its face like that was just soul crushing. I could barely stay awake for the duration of the movie, no imagination or charactor development at all. The names were all wrong, there was WAY to much movement when someone was "bending" and M. Night skipped almost every cool part of the animated series. I don't know the word, or even know if it exists for how bad this movie was.


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