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I want the Batman that a tactician, strategist, and has gadgets for everything. Not the Hero Batman. But, the Superhero Batman; forget the realism, give us The Batman.
I'm cool with whoever they choose to replace Bale. I took another look at TDK and TDKR and it seemed Bale was exhausted with the role. All that growling, yelling, and intimidation was unnecessary. I want to see a Batman whose as calm and collected as Bruce Wayne. Bale's Bruce Wayne was perfect, but his Batman was a little over the top. Gosling is the perfect choice I think to move the franchise forward; he could pull off a great Batman, and Bruce Wayne.
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"This film is a 21 century piece of cinematic art. It's not a box office boomer by any means, nor is it a critics delight; but it's certainly obvious that 'Only God Forgives' is a spectacular film with elegant aesthetic, and a beautifully perplexing story"
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Surprise us Marvel. Or Superman and Batman are going to team up, and then it'll be too late. The Tortoise always defeats the Hare.
Brandon S. Todd wrote a comment about the news item Guardians of the Galaxy Villains Revealed!
C'mon Marvel. Benicio is the perfect Thanos. You guys are f*cking up. The Collector? We want that Big Blue Guy you showed at the end of the Avengers. You haven't explained him at all to the moviegoers unfamiliar with the character of Thanos. Yet you're going to add Three antagonists into the mix of a film with a story and a bunch of "poor man's Avengers" who a majority of your cinematic fan base have no clue who or what they are. Not to mention how all this fantasy, galaxy, space Star Wars rip off is going to tie into to your already like 8 films along with the what like 8 coming up in the next 7 years? Too fast, too soon I believe. I guess Marvel Studios is just trying to get that loan 500,000 million dollar loan from Merril Lynch paid back; that or they already paid it back, and are pumping out movie after movie to make up the difference. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the development of GOG, and all these upcoming films. But, where is the end game? And why not just end your little saga with Avengers 3 and the epic Thano's battle leading in from GOG after Strange, Ant Man, Hulk 2 hopefully, etc. Where in the hell is the end game? Avengers 6? Good Lord, I don't know if I'm game for that.
Awesome news. With Ant Man, The Avengers 2, Guardians, and now Black Panther and Doc Strange in motion Marvel has their plate full. All the films should be decent and I look forward especially to Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. Something new from Marvel. But I am going to be very disappointed if I don't hear the announcement of a Mark Ruffalo stand-alone Hulk film. I'd like to see Hulk smash again in IMAX, with good marketing, and great writers and a director who knows the character, the source material, and can bring the character to life. Does Marvel really expect me to believe that they didn't make any money off The Incredible Hulk in 08? That film made well over 200 million world wide. That's more than solid. Give us a sequel to the Hulk Marvel, or your little cinematic universe your building will be very much incomplete.
@Kill-Bill I understand, but I'm not saying its a full fledged verbatim depiction of the Japanese saga. It's a comic book film adaptation LOOSELY BASED upon Miller and Claremont's Japanese Saga. Even Mangold and Jackman themselves I believe have come out and said that specific storyline is the source material for this film. By that I mean it will be Wolverine in Japan, fighting Samurai, Lady Viper, and ultimately Silver Samurai. The losing the regeneration, and the themes of Loss and the burden of Immortality will be icing on the cake; Mangold will deliver that well, I find him to be a pretty darn good filmmaker.
I appreciate the responses, and the positive feedback in the comments feed. Thank you all once again. I'm glad you like the review, and that you all thought Man of Steel was as great and spectacular as I did.
Now this is the next comic book adaption I think will be pretty epic and great. The Wolverine Frank Miller and Claremont "Japan Saga" on film? That's great simply in a sentence, manifested on the big screen will be awesome; no doubt about that.
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Amazing Spiderman was decent, but not great. We fans deserve a great Spiderman film on your fifth go round. No subtlety. Go in a type of Man of Steel direction; epic story, great action, great twist done rightly.
Well, I kind of expected this. I can't imagine Chris Cooper becoming Green Goblin. Perhaps this report is flawed, but I hope Dehaan is Goblin and that they give him the retro look with a modern take. Unlike Willem Dafoe's Goblin I'd like to see homage payed directly toward the original look of Goblin; the scaly green skin, some purple in the armor, with perhaps hair that resembles a hood or something of that nature. It's Spiderman. Your Sony, you make f*cking Playstation's. Give us an epic film, with epic villains and a Gwen Stacy death to boot and a continuation of the Goblin arc into AMSM3 from her death; putting Parker on a path of revenge. Come on Sony. Like I said you guys are releasing a Playstation 4. At least release a great Spiderman film that's fresh, original, and pays homage directly to the Ultimate and Amazing series'. Please....
I thank all you guys for the responses, comments, and feedback. Very much appreciated. I'm glad you all found MOS to be as glorious as I did. @ghostman I know man! It's awesome, I noticed it on my Facebook feed today and many people are liking the review. That's just amazing.
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"A worthy addition to the Zombie film genre....this is a Zombie Epic."
Hulk 2, Doctor Strange, Black Panther....I hope those are the films they'll be releasing.
Brandon S. Todd reviewed the movie Man of Steel

""One of the best comic book film adaptions yet; hands down. This film is action packed, emotionally engaging, and very refreshing. Superman is back.""
@monkeyiron 2.0 I appreciate it, I'm glad you like the review.
That's the same deal as TDK or TDKR Nolan and Goyer collaborated on creating the story. But Goyer probably played a bigger role in the finished product, the movie has Nolan's prints all over it.
@ghostman Yeah, Goyer wrote the screenplay solely. But, Nolan has a story credit and in crafting the story he most likely created crucial plot points, revisions to the origins, and character development. That's just Chris Nolan. It's Snyder's film. Goyer wrote the shooting script, but Nolan crafted the story most definitely. So as you say, we're both right.
He Co-wrote the story; so "correction".