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Brandon S. Todd reviewed the movie Scarface

"One of the greatest Crime films, ever. 'Scarface' is a thrilling, awesome, and extremely intense film. It is purely great.""
Brandon S. Todd reviewed the movie Looper

"'Looper' is a work of art. It is a science fiction masterpiece, and a crime thriller opus. 'Looper' is an absolutely amazing film.""
Brandon S. Todd reviewed the movie Hulk

"'HULK' is an Incredible film. It is Epic. It is Spectacular. It is dramatic, with intriguing character development. This film is purely great. Ang Lee's 'Hulk' is a great film. The filmmaker has portrayed a Monster, with a Heart, and the power of the Gods"

"'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' has a messy plot, shallow character development, dull villains, and a scattered screenplay. However, it manages to entertain with impressive action sequences, a heartfelt romance, and remarkable visual effects."
Brandon S. Todd reviewed the movie Elysium

"Elysium is full of action. It has a deep story. And, it's very effective and sleek in the technical aspects. I love it. It's a Science Fiction tour de force with plenty of action to boot. I strongly recommend this film.""
Ha. James Spader is going to beat the hell out of the Avengers.
This film will be amazing. It's going to be epic. I absolutely cannot wait for it. Guardians of the Galaxy is my most anticipated film of 2014.
Expendables 3 isn't going to matter. Die Hard 5 for Bruce Willis was an Atom Bomb to his legacy.
Bruce Willis has been acting with extraordinary laziness...Die Hard 5 showed that he is just doing it strictly for the money now; all of them do, but they at least put some effort into the business and perform well for the sake of their films and their characters. I grew up watching Bruce Willis as Butch in Pulp Fiction. Now I watch em, and it's like watching a grumpy grandpa, ready to go home and take a fat nap. Stallone is right. Greedy and Laziness will end an actors career. Bruce Willis, as evident in his recent pictures, is being both Greedy and Lazy. It's a shame. Such an American Icon, suddenly ruining his own career.
I have faith that 'Days of Future Past' will be a great film. But, with all the mess that was The Last Stand I'm not quite sure how they'll do it. It's been some years since the last XMen ensemble, The Wolverine was great, but this upcoming ensemble better be spectacular in every way. Singer can't afford to trash this opportunity to revive the XMen film franchise he started in 2000.
So Jean Grey basically obliterates Prof. X yet he can reassemble himself??? C'mon Singer that's not gonna fly. I didn't even see the Wolverine post credits sequence. If that's what it was, then damn. This is pure evidence that Brett Ratner is a terrible filmmaker, as he's single handedly ruined the XMen franchise with his sh*t fest known as XMen the Last Stand.
@the MovieGhost Thanks man. I appreciate it.
They're looking for a mid 30's early 40's actor to play Bruce Wayne from what I understand; so they're going with someone will fit the mold of a more experienced and older Batman. They'll most likely borrow elements from several sources involving Batman and Superman. I'd say Public Enemies, and The World's Finest with a little bit of The Dark Knight Returns.
Yeah, it may be too soon. Or they may just be changing it up a bit. Taking from Public Enemies, The World's Finest, and The Dark Knight Returns. I hope they include the Joker; and if not an older Bruce Wayne all the other things you and I agree on. And, hell I wouldn't even mind if Snyder did the Yellow Emblem on the damn Bat Suit. I trust Snyder; he's a damn great filmmaker. I know whatever he and Goyer, and Nolan have planned; the new Batman/Superman film is going to be gloriously epic and awesome. No doubt. I didn't think they'd do it so soon, and now I'm thrilled. 2015 is not far away at all. But, they need to get their marketing right, and go ahead and choose their next Batman. Karl Urban, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling; it doesn't matter. They may already have em signed. Whoever it is, I know Snyder and Co. and whoever plays the character will do it justice. They'll definitely fit together in the same world; Goyer's one of the best screenwriters around, and Snyder and Nolan will mesh the two characters. Nolan will have very little input as Exec. Producer; but he will have input. And, those three guys are film wizards. It'll work just fine.
No more Bale. I want someone who is calm and collected like Keaton was, but it be awesome to have the gritty comic version of Batman on the big screen; an Older, more Brutal, more experienced Batman. Like that in The Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel.
@Mieko_Siede Yes, exactly. The grey suited, white eyed, top tier martial artist, strategist, and tactician and the smartest man on earth just about...who knows everybody's weaknesses before they do; and is always a step ahead of his enemies. Christopher Nolan's Batman films were awesome, and I enjoyed Batman in those movies but it was somewhat to realistic. Focusing more on Bruce Wayne as Batman; rather than the Persona of Batman. Bruce Wayne is a schizo basically. And, the World's Greatest Detective. I want to see that Batman. You get exactly what I'm saying; in the Man of Steel universe, only the pseudo-Superhuman Batman will work. They gotta do the Grey Suit, White Lens', and Extra Long Cape...with the Calm and Collected voice, gadgets out the ying yang, and a Batman that's as Brutal as he is Collected.
Brandon S. Todd reviewed the movie The Wolverine

"'The Wolverine' is Brutal. Dramatic. Thrilling. Action Packed, and most of all it has soul. This film soars with substance, has plenty of style, and gives us viewers The Wolverine we all know and love. ""
@ Mieko I simply want to see the Batman, Frank Millers Batman who is the Shadows. An unrealistic, superhuman Batman who is capable of taking out 20 guys in one fell swoop. With myriad gadgets. And, Darkness as his ally. The Batman who is capable of beating Superman. With the White Eyes, Long Cape hanging over the Shoulders...I want to see The Batman. Not the man. The Superhero. Nolan gave us the man, and did the character study thing. I want to see The Batman; however unrealistic, I think Snyder will provide the Superhuman Batman from the comics as compared to the beat down, pitiful, and desolate Batman who was broken after a year and a half of fighting in Nolan's BB and TDK; and then in the Third Film acts as if he doesn't know how to use a damn gadget and spends time dousing buildings in Gasonline while fighting with terrible choreography.
Don't get me wrong. The Dark Knight Trilogy is one of my favorites, and one of the best in general. But, I'm ready to see a new take on the character of Batman. @CoreyB I get your point. I understand what you're saying; and I may be alone in my view, but as I said Bale's Bruce Wayne was grade A, while his Batman in some moments was simply awkward and not the strategist, superhuman with gadgets upon gadgets. I loved Chris Nolan's Batman films, but I want to see the extreme version of Batman. The Batman who can beat the living Hell out of Superman. Frank Millers Batman.
Yep, Bale's Batman performance was garbage in TDKR; his Bruce Wayne performance was spot on. The only time I felt he was Batman was when he was getting his ass kicked by Hardy's Bane in the sewer sequence. After that, his Batman was just growling, yelling, and mumbling...all that jazz; you know what I'm talking about. After Batman Begins, the voice he used for his Batman was irritating. Absolutely irritating. Either Karl Urban, John Hamm, or Ryan Gosling as the new Bruce Wayne/Batman. I'm glad Bale is out though.