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Just a cash-in on Alice in Wonderland. When are they gonna make a Wicked movie?
I don't care any more.
I'm not going to get too excited for this just yet, since X-Men directors tend to jump ship at the last second.
No surprise whatsoever.
WWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!! Unbelievable!! It's happening!!!! Lucas is gone!!!! (kind of) More Star Wars!!!!!!!! Can it get any better???!!!!!!
Another "remember me? I'm an icon from 20 years ago and now OLD" movie. Joining Indiana Jones 4, Rambo, and Die Hard 4.
That's awesome, because I'm 5' 2"!
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@rudy Because three hour runtimes tend to scare off more casual audiences. But that didn't stop LOTR from being a huge success. Anyway, there's inevitably going to be an Extended Edition (true to Jackson form) so I bet you needn't worry :)
Sounds like Battle Angel isn't happening.
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Wow. Dark.
"Awe, come on. Cheer up, sourpuss!"

*Throws Batman in front of the moon and makes the Bat-signal*

"Not cool."

I laughed for several minutes!
They can call it Jack the Giant Nose Picker, for all I care. I'm still not seeing it.
Nothing new here. Oh well, don't want much else spoiled!
I bet this will be a prequel series. It could be about S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who travel the globe fighting threats that are constantly building up. By the end of the show, the organization will realize that some threats are just too big for them to handle, so they decide to recruit The Avengers, leading into the movie series.
Oh, come on people, give it a chance! It's probably the only horror remake you'll ever get that has the full support of the originals' creators.
I have lost faith in this one.
Wait, "Into the West" was sung by a female?! That's news to me.
The first was a fun, director-driven flick with fresh action and a poignant story. The sequel was a cash-in. This is rape.
I have all the Godzilla movies practically memorized, so I can't WAIT for this!!!!
@rudy Careful saying that. Remember this is Warner Bros. It may end up costing $10,000. Remember the Harry Potter Wizards Collection?