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@narrator Thank you, good sir :)
@narrator It was from The Hobbit, but in the book the narrator says it, not Gandalf. Which is weird, because the movie implies there's actual golf in Middle-Earth, while the book jokingly refers to what evolved into golf today.

"Through 9 long years, we have endured starts and delays time and again, waiting for that fateful return to the Middle-Earth film fans have come to know and love. The Hobbit is finally here, but it may not be the Middle-Earth some might have expected"
Golf exists in Middle-Earth?
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Cautiously optimistic.
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@redcameraman I don't get it, either. A lot of the criticism was given towards things critics were praising to high heaven a decade ago. Many are saying it's long with little action and a lot of dialogue and exposition, but wasn't the Fellowship of the Ring like that as well?
Don't care.
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It's the real Chipmunks!
I've been working my way through Walt Disney: The Triumph of an American Imagination. Very interesting, fresh look on the most beloved movie mogul in history.
Sounds like something that will be brought up, kicked around a little, then get canceled. It just does not seem to appeal enough to mass audiences. At the very least, I'm sure that subtitle won't stick.
And Pirates 5 is...where? Seriously, the last movie made over $1 billion, why isn't there another one yet? I wasn't too big on the last one, but I'm very surprised another sequel hasn't been fast-tracked into production, especially after they promised a new Pirates movie every 2 years as long as they were successful.
Not too big on Shakespeare, but I'll check it out if there's nothing else showing that weekend.
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If they release any more featurettes, there won't be any need to buy the Blu-Ray!
I've said it before: it's idiotic to give a killer so much publicity like the one who caused the shooting in Colorado did, because they're just giving him what he wants: attention. Given enough media attention, there will be imitators. Seems I was right.
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@writer220 The original Transformers show (which were over glorified due to nostalgia, like many franchises are) almost always have humans in them because an audience has to connect with the story, just like these movies. The only way you could make a movie set on a CGI planet with all CGI characters and have it work is to make the robots subtly human-like with emotions and feeling, like Wall-E. Knowing Michael Bay, there's a better chance of subtle characterization in his movies than North Korea becoming a Democratic Republic.
It's been confirmed elsewhere as a fake. It's an artist's piece called "Monkey with Gun" (I know, creative) and it was mistaken for movie poster art.
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@therealGoku Because that would be boring for almost everyone except the hardcore fans. I would be included in the "non-fan" category myself, having never grown up with Transformers. You need humans to make this story relevant (if "story" is what you want to call this series...)
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So Michael Bay, the extraordinary auteur who's comedy, writing, and forward-thinking social agendas that makes George Lucas's Prequel Trilogy proud, is now pandering to communists.

Bay has reached an all-time low.
And I'm supposed to care because...