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@Roberto-Mata If you ask me, it looks like he's getting punished for it.
LuxoIII reviewed the movie Tales from Earthsea

"Sounds really good on paper, doesn't it?"
@moviegeek You've seen it? I assume it'll still have some of the more iconic songs, right?
Don't get me wrong, I love Les Miserables, but I really hate it when they just seem to add a tune to whatever's being recited in the script, like this clip here.
@Acyuta-dude Alright, I'm finally getting around to Avengers. College got in the way :)
It didn't need to go for substance. If it had tried to take that approach, The Avengers would have been bloated and off-balance, because there was no way each character could get enough development. Going for the basics, then building from there (the solo movies) is the best structure to go with.
LuxoIII reviewed the movie Citizen Kane

"The reason Citizen Kane may be the best is because of its brilliant fusion of virtually every major filmmaking innovation"
@skywise Which is what should have happened 2 movies ago!
Sounds like they're doing what they should have done in the 3rd!
@narrator Thank you, good sir :)
@narrator It was from The Hobbit, but in the book the narrator says it, not Gandalf. Which is weird, because the movie implies there's actual golf in Middle-Earth, while the book jokingly refers to what evolved into golf today.

"Through 9 long years, we have endured starts and delays time and again, waiting for that fateful return to the Middle-Earth film fans have come to know and love. The Hobbit is finally here, but it may not be the Middle-Earth some might have expected"
Golf exists in Middle-Earth?
LuxoIII wrote a comment about the news item Monsters University Photos with Mike and Sulley
Cautiously optimistic.
LuxoIII wrote a comment about the movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
@redcameraman I don't get it, either. A lot of the criticism was given towards things critics were praising to high heaven a decade ago. Many are saying it's long with little action and a lot of dialogue and exposition, but wasn't the Fellowship of the Ring like that as well?
Don't care.
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It's the real Chipmunks!
I've been working my way through Walt Disney: The Triumph of an American Imagination. Very interesting, fresh look on the most beloved movie mogul in history.
Sounds like something that will be brought up, kicked around a little, then get canceled. It just does not seem to appeal enough to mass audiences. At the very least, I'm sure that subtitle won't stick.