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@dan1 Completely agree, my friend. TV shows have gotten way too complicated and dark in recent years. They're always about who killed who and all these complicated, miserable plots. Not that I don't watch some of them (Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead), but I do hope this shows brings a more upbeat, adventurous feel to TV.
Everybody, please stay calm. I'm tired of everyone saying everything needs to be all dark and gritty. Avengers was pretty family-friendly and audiences and fanboys completely loved it. I doubt it will be any more family-friendly than Avengers.
I'm sorry, but could they have come up with a more unimaginative title?
LuxoIII reviewed the movie Les Miserables

"Despite some drawbacks, it's easy to see that everyone involved really believed in this project."
I thought the first was very overrated. Pass.
Just saw it in 48 frames and I have to say, it looks really sped up until your brain adjusts...and then it's just kind of there. It did not ruin it for me like some, but after you stop noticing it, one wonders why it's even necessary in the first place. Just my 2 cents.
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A better title: The Not-So-Last Exorcism But Maybe The Last Attempt to Milk This Idea For All Its Worth Before It Goes Out of Style
Our town has a sort of horror carnival set up every Halloween and there was a guy walking around as Leatherface freaking people out (complete with real chainsaw, minus the actual chain so as not to hurt anyone). That alone makes this a must-see for me!
Rise of the Guardians 0% on the Tomatometer. Now I know they're not a reliable source. I've read a lot of critical reviews that were positive about the movie!
The Hobbit looks like it'll be fine. Can't wait to see it again!!
Where does it say it'll end at 6? For all we know, this could start a "finale trilogy" or something.
@Roberto-Mata If you ask me, it looks like he's getting punished for it.
LuxoIII reviewed the movie Tales from Earthsea

"Sounds really good on paper, doesn't it?"
@moviegeek You've seen it? I assume it'll still have some of the more iconic songs, right?
Don't get me wrong, I love Les Miserables, but I really hate it when they just seem to add a tune to whatever's being recited in the script, like this clip here.
@Acyuta-dude Alright, I'm finally getting around to Avengers. College got in the way :)
It didn't need to go for substance. If it had tried to take that approach, The Avengers would have been bloated and off-balance, because there was no way each character could get enough development. Going for the basics, then building from there (the solo movies) is the best structure to go with.
LuxoIII reviewed the movie Citizen Kane

"The reason Citizen Kane may be the best is because of its brilliant fusion of virtually every major filmmaking innovation"
@skywise Which is what should have happened 2 movies ago!