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@jasonkat It's a good one. It's not exactly a dark and gritty sci-fi piece, but it harkens back to time when movies didn't feel like they had to be taken so seriously, without actually losing its intelligence. It's quick-witted and the humor isn't as over-the-top as the trailers would have you believe. A lot of the jokes are very well-thought-out. If you thought Ender's Game was a bore...this is nothing at all like it in any way.
Pretty much the mantra for August is "don't bother with this movie, just see Guardians of the Galaxy again!"
I really think there can be great storytelling potential with Aliens and Predator in the same universe. Prometheus kind of erased the previous AVP movies, so maybe they can try one more time with better filmmakers WHO ACTUALLY GET WHAT MAKES THESE MOVIES GREAT!
Is anyone gonna care 5 years after the last movie? I would think the kids who liked it before would grow up too much to still drag their parents to it.
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@ObiWanShinobi But Legend of Korra has a lot of kiddie moments too. Bolin goofing off, Tenzin's little bald kid (can't remember the name), Airbender training, Boomie's antics, etc.
Lawrence and Tarantino? Sign me up!
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Is anyone actually begging for a Puss in Boots 2? Will they even remember 4 years from now?
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It may not have had be best writing or the best acting (by any means whatsoever) but I never get tired of the monsters battling it out! Easily my favorite action scenes of 2014 and I can't wait for the blu-ray! Day one buy!
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I thought this movie had a little bit of hope. Now I know there is one.
Will this one have giant stone angels in it?
II and H20 being the exceptions
I don't think the reboot series is nearly as bad as everyone says. I mean, they're not half as bad as most of those other sequels.
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@shuabert I guess if they could pull off remaking all of Toy Story 2 in just a few months and still make a great film, I think there's a chance they could accomplish the same here.
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*repeatedly slamming forehead against a brick wall knowing how long it will be before the sequel comes out*
Stopped reading at Latino Review.
I'm glad they didn't just throw the same costume on him from 30 years ago, that would only make him look kinda pathetic trying to recapture "the good old days." I'm really hoping they don't even really bring up their age at all, like so many attempts a bringing back other iconic characters (Indiana Jones, Rambo, etc.) where their age is constantly brought back up. They don't need to remind us too much of the OT look...although I am a little concerned that they're just retreading the same planets from the original series. I'm all for seeing Tattooine again since it's kind of a focal point of the Star Wars saga, but do we need to revisit Dagobah, Endor, and Hoth as well? Hopefully, we'll see new planets as well. Discovery has always been one of my favorite parts of Star Wars.
Please just quit making these. Of all the slasher series out there, Texas Chainsaw lends itself least to a long-running series.
I like the idea of every trilogy having a distinct look to them.
I like the idea things are being altered a bit for this new series. It wouldn't make sense that everything would look like it did in the prequels (yes, I like the prequels, sue me) then change to Original Trilogy look...then look the exact same 30 years later. It would just feel imbalanced. Just as long as the Millennium Falcon stays the same, I'll be okay with some changes to various technology and ships and whatnot.
@pack-rulz1978 They've been going for 20 years already and judging by box office returns, no one seems to have gotten tired yet.