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I like that idea a lot! Finally make the MOS haters who whined about the damage being caused be quiet!
@ObiWanShinobi But that was only in maybe the first 1/3 of the original. It was meant to ease the viewer into the universe, just introduce two simple characters that transition to a greater conflict.
@undeadslayer4 Of course it being Warner Bros. they'll probably put a lot of extra crap in there and charge $400 (see The Dark Knight set and the Harry Potter Wizards Collection) lol
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Some of the best Deadpool comics didn't have any over-the-top violence or R-rated content. The best stuff came from funny, well-written dialogue and nothing else.
@titanictom This has nothing to do with a new Halloween movie.
Gonna wait for all six extended films in one set! It's inevitable.
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Kill. Me.
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Somebody fire the PR guy, because this is embarrassing.
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He's way too "everyday guy" looking for this role.
Did they release the poster before it was finished?
@Awakenpictures Most ads on websites are based on your Internet history, I know what you've been searching hahaha
Pffffff. Easy. Guardians has the weekend again.
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@undeadslayer4 I remember a year or two ago when they reassured us that it Star Wars wouldn't follow the same release model as Marvel...and honestly it doesn't really look like they really are. If Episodes VII, VIII, and IX are sort of the "Avengers" of this franchise, there's only one movie in between and they're supposedly films that tell origins from long ago prior to the current series, rather than actually leading in to the next film. So I think it's a pretty poor comparison based on what we've been told so far.
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Even though they said they WERE NOT following that model.
@darkdream If you did the most basic research on him or the time period the movies and cartoons were made, you'd know those weren't true. Standards were totally different in that era, things were less PC in Hollywood.
@jasonkat It's a good one. It's not exactly a dark and gritty sci-fi piece, but it harkens back to time when movies didn't feel like they had to be taken so seriously, without actually losing its intelligence. It's quick-witted and the humor isn't as over-the-top as the trailers would have you believe. A lot of the jokes are very well-thought-out. If you thought Ender's Game was a bore...this is nothing at all like it in any way.
Pretty much the mantra for August is "don't bother with this movie, just see Guardians of the Galaxy again!"
I really think there can be great storytelling potential with Aliens and Predator in the same universe. Prometheus kind of erased the previous AVP movies, so maybe they can try one more time with better filmmakers WHO ACTUALLY GET WHAT MAKES THESE MOVIES GREAT!
Is anyone gonna care 5 years after the last movie? I would think the kids who liked it before would grow up too much to still drag their parents to it.
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@ObiWanShinobi But Legend of Korra has a lot of kiddie moments too. Bolin goofing off, Tenzin's little bald kid (can't remember the name), Airbender training, Boomie's antics, etc.