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@pack-rulz1978 There are TONS of Tarantino fans (myself included) who have been wanting to see this really badly for years and would gladly pay the price of admission to see it.
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21st Century Fox?
The more I hear about it, the less enthused I get. I absolutely loved the game, but I think every decision they've made so far has been all wrong.
If I want a story that's just like the comics...I'll read the comics!
We lost a great man today. Glad to hear he lived a long and honorable life. Prayers to his family. Rest in Peace.
The suit doesn't really look very different...but Cavill himself does...and I don't know why.
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Right after The Avengers 2? Many call that suicide.
I refuse to watch Melissa McCarthy in anything.
How did Vance Astro get Captain America's shield?
I'll probably pick this up.
Not very interested in simply more sequels. I'd rather just continue expanding the character roster in the Marvel CU: Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, etc.
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Good! Didn't like it at all. Hulk only works if you have Banner in it, he's the heart and soul of the Hulk. Planet Hulk was boring because it was just about a green monster fighting alien monsters and that's it.
I kind of assumed that...
This is how exaggerated or not-true rumors get treated as biblical fact like they have been: it's one report from Latino Review, but the headline reads "Lourd joins Star Wars Episode VII" without any indication that it's a report from a "news source" whose credibility is shaky at best. Just look at the announced cast list: it's almost completely different from what was rumored to happen, even though people were almost certain that Star Wars would be ruined when it was "revealed" that Ashton Kutcher would be in the film.
@therealGoku True, the movies have always taken precedence over everything else. But it's Disney themselves that said only the movies and CGI TV shows (Clone Wars and Rebels) and whatever novels/comics come out from this point on will be considered when structuring continuity. All other events/books/shows/comics/video games never happened, according to them. So they're probably assuming at this point that Asajj is still alive. She'll probably pop up in Rebels.
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Love how you go on about offending certain groups in #5 then go on to insult my political beliefs in #6, framing pro-gun conservative views as common knowledge wrong, which is certainly far from the truth. You're entitled to your beliefs and opinions, but if there's one thing I can't stand, it's hypocrisy.
@therealGoku But the CGI Clone Wars cancelled out the microseries continuity. There's no way the two fit together. Plus, under management of Disney, the CGI version of that show is the only part of the Expanded Universe that is still regarded as official continuity, so we can assume Anakin never killed Assaj.
Oh wow.
@therealGoku but aging in Star Wars has a whole different meaning than real life. They could make her still alive, if they can make various characters at least 150 years old. Heck, her whole practice revolves around raising the dead, so I can imagine her still being alive.
"According to British tabloid--"

Stop. Not true. Rumor just debunked itself.