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@rufio Not necessarily. Disney rejected Chris Sanders' and Dean DeBlois' interpretation of How To Train Your Dragon because it was too "far outside of the box" for them. It might be that his project was too "far outside of the box" for them too.
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Frank Marshall has said that Jurassic Park 4 will be released Summer 2014... do you reckon that is too rushed? Do you think they should take a bit mroe time and get it just right?
Only interested in directing films he stars in? Ego much? And heck he might not even fit any of the characters that could appear in it! I think a different director would be a better decision. find someone with real passion for the JLA like Whedon was for The Avengers. Or maybe someone relatively unknown?
@mbrandon11 Yeah they started filming in January or February and were finished by May. Well I assume thats for effects and proper editing that isnt rushed. Marketing and stuff. They probably will but I think they wanted it ot of the way and sorted so if there are any mishaps they have the time to sort it out.
@mbrandon11 No, it is definately in post-production. Pre-production is when they prepare for filming etc, and post-production is when the filming is finished and editing and vfx and music take place. Star Trek 2 finished filming a few months ago so it is in post-production. ANYWAYS I like the sound of this piece of news, with J.J.Abrams on-board this could be good!
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n Wow someone is taking this far too seriously. Unlucky for you I and many other people loved both films and couldn't give a crap about who did better as they are both two different styles of movie. Something like this must be hard for a silly little fan boy like yourself to accept. And how do you know if its going to drop fast, clearly Avengers deluded. Both films were great, and will perform well at the box office, end of.
Yes that is a bit lower than what was expected, yes the shootings did affect the box-office score....HOWEVER that is still very, very good. Whilst The Avengers has a huge opening weekend, it did drop over the next few weeks, the numbers were strong but they did drop significantly, and I reckon that The Dark Knight Rises will be more consistent, and strong. I loved both movies regardless of their box-office returns anyways :) But I reckon that The Dark Knight Rises will have more consistent figures for the next few weeks despite the shooting.
In fairness to the Van, it might not work depending how far they are in, yes it should have worked for Joseph-Gordon Levitt's character but it doesn't necessarily have to work for the others if they are so deep in, and have to get kicked separately for each level before the Van can kick them. And I disagree the sequence with Cobb and Mal, explained it well enough, the bit that people got confused over was the whole dream-within a dream-within another dream. Overall a good review but in fairness, you don't need the details of where you saw it, when, who with and what time ;) Its a nice touch don't get me wrong but in a review? Also you said there were great performances and how Mal was "acted beautifully by Marion Cotillard", yet you only but the acting at 3.5? 4.5 is great but 3.5? I think that may be a bit harsh.
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Not gonna lie, the posters look great, but the trailer made this film look absolute rubbish. The acting looks terrible, so do the effects. I hope Steven Spielberg hurries up and gets Jurassic PArk IV into production, it would put these dinsaur films into the bin.
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The Poster is pretty awesome, great idea! But at MovieWiz001 said, the found footage stuff is just plain wrong. Sure use it, but it doesn't make this film any scarier or any more interesting. I can also tell from the start that the acting is going to be pretty rubbish, the kid is not good and is already annoying, I think only one person who looked decent to me and that was the female guide. Along with Area 47/ Tape 47 - this The Dinosaur Project does not look interesting. It was probably done on a low budget (poor visual effects) and I praise it for that but just from this trailer, it doesn't look good. Good Poster, good idea but it doesn't work......and I have just realised how negative I made it sound! Oops
@bawnian-dexeus He is right, this is definately not worth it..... ;)
Whilst the film companies see this as a good thing as they will rake in the money, its not a good thing on all other aspects. All 3 books are the same size and while they made a few minor changes the first Hunger Games film was very, very, well adapted for the big screen. So if all 3 books are of relatively the same length, why split the last one into two parts if it can be quite easily fitted into one? I see it as a pointless move and could possibly upset fans or even bore them to have to wait a whole year just to watch a part that they know full well could have fitted into the other one.
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@narrator Yeah, it was a bummer but they were nice and polite :) It seems that nothing much has come out of Comic-Con so far but there are still a few hours left! Hopefully something will come out in the closing stages.
Bradley Tyler wrote a comment about the news item The Hobbit Movies Wrap Principal Photography
@narrator Yeah I have huge respect for them. I tried to get a job on the set. They liked my enthusiasm and willingness to work hard and learn quickly, HOWEVER they were not hiring anyone international, only in New Zealand which was a shame. But still, I am sure they have done an excellent job! Hopefully a trailer or something of the sort will happen during the Comic-con
@bawnian-dexeus Yeah that would be a good way of ending it, but I always got confused, I just thought it was affecting them to the extent that they had shorter life spans etc. Anyways, I like the idea of seeing the ocean of Pandora etc :) Planets, hmm we will need those darn humans to come back with their big space ships etc.
@bawnian-dexeus To be honest, they are stuggling to come up with one story for JP4 so I don't think they could make a new trilogy..... plus JP is all about going to the ISLAND, it would be stupid to take it away from the island.....unless they found them on another island ;) But can he come up with a story that will span another 3 films?! I can see it being the JP4 issue, I loved Avatar, but a 4th could really push it......
@bawnian-dexeus That would be brilliant! I am going to see if I can get into these films just like Iam trying for JP4, highly unlikely but you never know! Its great to see that there may be a fourth one but won't that be pushing it a bit too far? I say that and JP4 is going into production! ;)
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I am hoping that with this bit of news that Jurassic Park 4 will quickly go into production considering a date of release is expected November 2013. Then again this has changed loads of times whilst it has been in development hell. But whatever, I want to work on this film so bad!!
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@bawnian-dexeus Agreed the animatronics were incredible, I think they went a bit too digital with JP 3
Bradley Tyler wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic Park 4 Gets New Writers
@bawnian-dexeus And you have mine, my friend. Sorry for the debate haha.

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