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@bane5000 - I believe he said "Daniel Craig is my WOOKIE bitch now" lol suppose it's just as funny
Nice...expected a bit less
God 6 years for a sequel is too long... then again not many movies do well after more than a decade wait for a sequel.. take for example INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL....sigh =/
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Such an interesting movie....
Your taste in movies is highly questionable to even think this movie was good at all....
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That dude in the ring directed the movie lol...
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Watch the first movie and maybe you can understand
Funny how Paul Greengrass says he doesn't want to do another Bourne movie when he made this movie which is almost the same type of thriller...should have just called this movie The Bourne Redemption...
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wtf is going on with these movies...wasnt the object of the game to "survive" one had to die unless someone else f*cked it up
Because we all know when you fall without any suit of protection on, which Batman had, you would survive it and because they didn't claim he was "officially" dead, he's alive. Kind of like Megatron who died which was obvious, but came back for the sequel...ohh it makes so much sense now lolol
your review sux balls...
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try 27 years
I think f*ck having a Robin in the new franchise Batman movies...dumbest idea dude
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Great..another reason for WOWf*gs to enjoy playing WOW...sigh it will never end
How many times can you extend this movie and go back and add in things to make this story loop all together? Should have just ended with Jigsaw died,the story is so over the top. It's just trying too hard with the plot twists. Sigh..
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Thanx for the add.


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