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blairwitch posted in the forum: Hey!

Carl posts much less frequently and Red doesn't come here at all anymore.

Well not altogether a bad thing...... :? :wink:
blairwitch posted in the forum: Hey!
Hey kid, good to see some of the old members posting again.

Hey thanks! :D

Tell me, are Red and Carl still arguing with each other and writing ten page posts? 8O :lol:
blairwitch posted in the forum: Hey!
It's a friend's forum :
Not a big deal because I asked him to only give me a couple of sections to start with, and there are ALOT of sections name is nine9 on there. That is my name pretty much everywhere else. Actually not just pretty is :lol:
blairwitch posted in the forum: Hey!
Hey Blairwitch,

I'm still not 30 yet but were getting closer every year :lol:

LOL........I have to say, when I was on here anyway, this was a particularily young forum. The other ones I've been on have alot of people over thirty.It is always a mix though which is good. :D

Hope you have been doing good Snatch.........hope you guys have been keeping that horror section busy! :wink:
blairwitch posted in the forum: Hey!
Well I am pretty spread thin on other forums.............not a noob anymore 3000 posts on one, and a mod on another. Have seen LOTS of better films than Blair since.........made lots of good friends. I may come back guys were my beginning................but I have just got to change my name! I am another name.....the same on every other site except this one...................someone I know would shoot me if he knew this name lol..............How is it going on here? We have had some crazies on the other sites, from Nazis to pics of beheadings to posts of penises................long story :roll:
blairwitch posted in the forum: Hey!
OMG...........this was my first forum................haven't been on here for a long time.

Been on a couple of other forums.............strictly horror. Totally regret picking my name on here...........I would never even admit that I picked that on the other forums........just asking for sh*t.

Hope you are all doing great! I see alot of the same people still on here!

Thanks for breaking me will always be my :lol: :wink: :P

Hey though,.......................the 10 Passion threads..............well that got me to look for a good horror forum. :wink: :lol:
blairwitch posted in the forum: Jacob's Ladder
I didn't say it was a bad movie, I just find it depressing. The whole story is sad...

You are right, just saw it again and is damn depressing!
Finally after all this time someone else mentions the damn stupid spider! :roll:
blairwitch posted in the forum: Anyone Around 30 at all??
Yeah guys shame on you.........LOL! :lol:

I am on another forum, but I still can spy once in a while....................Nice to see someone out of puberty on here.........JK! :wink:
blairwitch posted in the forum: Jacob's Ladder
This movie totally rocks!
Depressed why? :? Excellent flic!

Not enough horror people on here!

Hey there people!
blairwitch posted in the forum: Session 9 etc.
So glad to hear of another fan! This is one of my fav horrors of all time!

The main actor, damn forget his name too, really bad when it's a fav!, was excellent in that role!

Been on another forum for a while, but every so often check in on the great threads here!

Thanks for your reply! :D
blairwitch posted in the forum: best trilogy
''the best trilogys of mine...

teenage mutant ninja turtles


look who's talking

sometimes they come back



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Oh yes a classic! 8O
blairwitch posted in the forum: registering
Yup, seems to be back to normal!
blairwitch posted in the forum: registering
Wow! It took at least an hour to get from your post, , to replying, or more!

My husband went back to work early, so hasn't had much time to post anyway, so it was ok that you took awhile to reply. Well, what happened was that he registered, and it went through to the point where it said that it would send an email for confirmation. He had his own email by this time, and I told him he would get it right away but it never came. Don't know what happened. I have not posted too much lately because I have to wait at least a half hour for topics to come up. Just don't have the time! Is it the same problem as before? Hope you guys can fix this soon.

My husband can try again when he has more time. Anyway miss you guys, and will post more when all is well again!

Hope you can fix this, you did the job before so I'm sure it can be done!

Bye for now!
blairwitch posted in the forum: best trilogy
Matrix got worse with every sequel
LOTR got better.
blairwitch posted in the forum: Cabin Fever
American.... YES.

Sorry, that was a bad slip. It is so old already I was assuming everyone had seen it I guess. Well now you know.
You should still see it anyway it is mostly good.
The clown was very scary, but the spider in the end ruined the whole movie, it was too stupid. I guess he couldn't figure out how to end the book and a spider walked over his foot or something.

Always hated clowns myself. Hell, I didn't even like Santa as a kid!
blairwitch posted in the forum: horror mania
Welcome To The Horor Hotel!

Post away!
blairwitch posted in the forum: cheaper by the dozen!!1

Glad I only rented it and didn't have to sit through it at the theatre.


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