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It's not GLING to be the same character? Learn to spell you c*ck sucking f*ggot before you call somebody else a dumbf*ck. Maria Bello cant live up to Rachel Weisz's shoes? lol What the f*ck does that mean DUMBF*CK?! Think about it. Plus who gives a sh*t about Jet Li if he's not doing Martial Arts movies? Thank you and goodnight you sad bastard.
Chinese Mummys? I don't see any Mummys? oh and yeah Crypt Jet Li said fearless was gonna be his last movie. Lying mummyf*cker!! Get on your camel with all your money Jet and f*ck off back to China?
Surely sending Keanu Reeves to Earth must be seen as a declaration of war? BTW Can anyone rule out Reeves being the robot? How the hell are we gonna tell?
Scully better shower with an alien in this one or I swear i'll sh*t in someone's popcorn!!
Black Frank wrote a comment about Babylon A.D.: Trailer
Vin sooooo needs this to be the Dog's bollocks or he'll be making a film with Van Damme soon.
The Pacifier? When will action stars who are at the top of their earning potential stop risking their reputations by taking on dumb ass roles like Arnie and sly did? (Junior & Stop or my mom will shoot) Please Vin just grab a big ass gun and blow sh*t out of some deserving foreign goons. You know you wanna. Hell you know you need to.
Arnie is too old and flabby to be a Terminator now. "I'll be back" yeah after you've sucked on some oxygen. Great choice in Christian Bale though.
Black Frank wrote a comment about Saw V: Teaser Trailer
Do you wanna play a game? zzzzzzz huh? Sorry what? Play a game? nah played that one four times already.
Black Frank reviewed the movie The Dark Knight

"Simply the greatest comic book movie ever made and More!"
Black Frank wrote a comment about the news item New Shots from The Dark Knight!
Ah but then whomever it is would be impersonating Heath and would be compared to him and not rated as the Joker. Nobody can replace Heath granted but thats not to say there cant be another interpretation. Heath is not Jack Nicholson and vice versa even though both are effective Jokers. I mention Crispin Glover not as a replacement for Heath but a new interpretation. He remains the most physically acurate to the original classic Joker look. Whatever though man I respect your view and have total faith in Nolan. Cant wait for Dark Knight!
Black Frank reviewed the movie Batman Begins

"Batman rises from the dead with the full force of a closely tossed Batarang"
Holy sh*t! I'm gonna have some serious words with my lazy ass Grandad if Indys still swinging on his rope and Rambos still fighting countries on his own.
What the f*ck did I just watch that for?
Michelle Rodriguez should dump Vin and Jordanna Brewster Should dump Paul Walker and have a full on Lesbian romp. Vin and paul find out go mental and chase them across america in their cars ready to cut their t*ts off with maschetes, running supermodels over along the way Deathrace style. That would be my plotline. Yeah baby!
Black Frank wrote a comment about the news item The Incredible Hulk Trailer Is Here!
I'm a fan of Hulk as well as Batman and although the Hulk film looks set to be a big improvement on Ang lee's Big green pile of steaming Hulk sh*t the smart money has still gotta be on The Dark Knight taking cartoon looking Hulk to school.
Black Frank wrote a comment about the news item Quantum of Solace Trailer with Hancock?
Trailers never do good Bond films justice anyway. Casino royal looked crap until you actually watched the film. Big explosions, car chases, kissing foreign birds and the names Bond, James Bond. You know what the trailers gonna be like. It's the film I cant wait for.
Lost Boys was a classic 80's teen bloodsucker film with class characters. Surely if they had to make a sequel (and im not sure they needed to) they could have marketed it much better and done a big budget noughties defining mega movie with a cinema release. Obviously the interest is still there even after 20 years. Cant help but feel disappointed. I'll still see it though. Frog brothers rule!