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bigevil37013 wrote a comment about The Dark Knight: Trailer
I think Nolan should pursue Johnny Depp for the role of the Joker if he is gonna be in the 3rd film. he has all the mannersims to play him. if anyone has seen Secret Window you can see that he can be psychotic. if not then just end the joker with the dark knight and move on.
If they bring the Joker back for the 3rd film i really hope Nolan will push for Johnny Depp to play the Joker. He is the best choice to replace Heath and thats gonna very hard to do.
bigevil37013 wrote a comment about the news item Brand New Images from The Dark Knight!
This Version of The Joker is the best one by far to me. Even better then Nicholson's version. His deranged and morbid looking face make him look even more evil and twisted. A real sense of psycho/terror is what this Joker brings! I cant wait for more images to come out.


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