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I will only see this if Amy Adams come back if not I'm not Interested in a sequel without the original cast there is no point to make a sequel
This is going to be funny
When can we see the trailer
Looks like this is going to be better than X-MEN days of future past which was one of the best films I have seen so far this year including the amazing spiderman 2 and captain America the winter solider
Can't wait to see avengers 2 next year
since this is going to be Marvels first full length animated Film , with it being a Disney film at the same time is the Marvel logo going to appear before the film starts.
if it's simply titled Terminator then why not have done that in the first place and am very curious on how the new film will co-inside with T1 AND T2 this looks like it's going to be an epic film , can't wait to see it in 2015.
Will be seeing this for sure
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A film that is totaly out of Disney's comfort zone
Hell yes pacific rim was aswome and fantastic to watch can't wait till 2017 a wait that's worth it
Will we see an actual trailer
No found footage in The Fantastic Four film it won't work
Its looks good man I hope this gets made at some point sooner than later
Why does this look familiar oh yeah duh Twister
The only thing I would like to see would be if they can pick up from the last one if not then theirs no point to do it
Two Face has not been menthion but the joker has
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Really is there nonthing they can't make into a movie theses day what we need is orginal ideas and thoughts
The bad thing is I have yet to see the original trilogy with Mel Gibson but Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron I'm there just waiting for a trailer
Where the trailer
This needs no reboot leave the classics alone