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It's no one fault but the studio from what I read a couple of years ago was that the studio does not have any interest in making HB3 since they do not see the potential for the film to be successful I personally thank their full of crap the film needs to be made peroid the fans like myself want and deserve the finial of HellBoy
Could this be a younger john Connor
Can't wait but all good things must come to an end our finial adventure in middle earth in 6 months the battle begins
Hope this does well
Well this is what I like to call the it factor - meaning that studios rather make something else rather than finishing a franchise like HellBoy everyone wants a third film but unfortunately it's never going to happen with him already announcing Pacific Rim 2 which I am greatful that we will get a sequel but really we want hellboy 3 and the truth is that studios executive's do not see the potential for a 3rd film since after HB2 was made by universal and lions gate who neither of them make the first film that is how Hollywood is these day making sequels to movies that make the big bucks and rebooting films that do not make the big bucks so they reboot them.with a. different vision that's the plain truth like it or not
I actually enjoyed the Amazing Spiderman 2 my only complant was that there were too many villains in the film if it had only focused on one than it would have longer action sequences and then of course can't complain that much overall it was a good film and can't wait till the home release on August 19 and the other film will be made so I'm not going to stress out over it unless the studio changes things between now and 2016
Looks cool plus its batman
Theses are one of the best franchise that I have watch and am proud to own every one on DVD and that I am looking forwards to seeing fast and furious 7 next year as this will be an emotional film for sure as we all will miss paul RIP dude for he is the best at what he had brought to the films and it will never be the same without him .
So when can I expect the TV series to debut and on what network
This is kinda depression me I was at least wanted to know what wonder woman would look like in the film since we already know that Superman will be in Gotham whell regardless I'm still seeing the film in 2 years as well as Captain America 3 which both come out on May 6th 2016
Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors and this is no expection this movie is going to be long and epic can't wait for this one as well as Prometheus 2
On my to see list
Nope opting out of this film for there are no reasons why I want to see this
Okay this is fast for a movie to come out in 3 months from now
Just the DVD is fine with me it's such a shame we can't have director cut on DVD anymore oh with duh that why we have Petter Jackson for
Just seen Transformers Age Of Extension and it was awesome hopeing for a 5th film and it could be in space and not earth but I have some question with the film 1- what happened to Sam ; 2- Megatron again but as gravatron throuht he died at the end of T3 4- who are the creators
Um was this a TV series on Disney XD oh yep so all this is is a live action version of the animated series
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Let's see what I want to see is wonder woman ; Fast 7 @ Mad Max Trailer and starwars 7 and pirates 5 and what ever Marvel has to offer
Can't wait to see the tesear
Since their doing this they have to make it the right way since this is an epic that the film is being made into an epic film is going to have to be on the grand scales of things of which have not been done before since we now have the technology to do anything we want on films now