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Very sad the time has come to say farewell to Middle Earth for now hope Mr. Jackson considers making the chirldren of Huron his next project as it takes place before the Hobbit
just seen mockingjay part 1 today and it was good although i was hoping for more action sequences but they are saving the best for part 2 coming November 2015
that fine as long as it gets put online I,M good , seen my movie for this month if i go back it would be for Horrible Bosses 2
yes I want as many as they can make 4 or 5 would be amazing Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was a big step upwards since we last saw cesear in Rise Of The planet Of The Apes
Have seen Christopher Nolan's Interstellar today and it was great it's a good movie with an all star cast if you have not yet see it please do so if you have the chance to see a remarkable film, the only question is what will Christopher Nolan do next.
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Will be seeing this for sure RIP Paul
Hope so want to see footage
can't wait to see the trailer as well as i am waiting to see the 7th film in the franchise , is is going to be a good film as it is going to be sad to say good bye to Paul Walker after this it's hard to imagine the franchise going on without him so the road leads us to the most intense chapter yet.
I think one of the reasons was that Warner Brothers Made the Announcement that Ben Afflect was the new batman and that he left because Christen Bale was not coming back although they offered him the role he turned it down. so reguardless I will continue to watch Superheroes Films in general and anything that Mr. Nolan does from this point on.
I really don't care how long the finale is going to be Peter Jackson Best film that he has done son far and can not wait until The Hobbit : The Desolation Of Smaug Extended Edition Arrives in less than 2 weeks from now On BLU-RAY 3D , and BLURAY on November 4th I do not know if their is going to be DVD version or not.
A trailer with them singing will be nice
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Nothing can describe how I fell about what I just seen this is going to be Marvel's finest hours since AThe Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy combined beside on how good IM3 Thor 2 and Captain America 2 were good ultron is going to push the marvel films beyond anything they done before.
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if ghostface is not in the show then their no point in making it.
The Amazing Spiderman 3 needs to happen the story is not over yet their more to Richard Parker we do not yet know
As much fun as this sounds Disney will not allow this to occur
Oh yeah
It would be very nice to have this as I have seen only the past 3 recent ones and have never seen the original ones that inspired the remake
And Iron Man 3 was okay but I do not thing there will be more Iron Man films any time soon.
I can't wait for this to come out it's going to be fun to watch it again it was Marvel's finest hour since the Avengers , Thor 2 and Captain America 2.
I don't care as long as I see footage I'm good