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I have seen every film so far expect Guardians of the galaxy which is my goal for the weekend or next week and truly cannot wait for the arrival of Thanos
Okay we kinda have to have snowhite in the film since their relationship has not began yet unless they show us how the huntsman became the huntsman after his wife died which they did not show in the first film
I'm down with a another one
This looks fun a musical with all the disney characters count me in
This was not nice why would I watch the scene now when I have not seen the actual movie I wait to see this when I go to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy
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Will there be a trailer for the rerelese
2016 is only 3 years away not long will be worth the wait
With out Peter Jackson or Andy involved why do it they can't top what Peter did
Just seen the trailer I do not know movie web is behind its going to be very intense peter Jackson deserves an Oscar for best director
Can't wait to see the trailer but has there been any word on when the extended cut of smaug will arrive
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If this happens I'll be happy and yes the firs punshiwr film is R but theirs an extended version of the First Punshier film as well
This is going to be good and sad as the 1st half of the finialy begins on NOVEMBER 21st
They have to get peter Jackson to direct this if not then that's not right I had heard that he already in the process of the sequel to king Kong entitled Son of Kong as a 2 part sequel I'll probably see if if it looks good
this sucks i want to see the trailer
yeah this looks good all my fate is in Zack Snyder he is going to pull this off just as he did with Man of Steel which was amazing
This must be a joke
This is going to be funny
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Skipping this movie unless the other trailers to come make it more interesting
I can not wait to see this movie only 9 days to go until the Guardians arrive