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my theory is that Luke becomes Vader, since Disney considers Vader a very important asses to the new films.
how could there be a sequel to Real Steel since it is based on a short story , I do not see the need for a sequel and it obivousiouly won't be happening any time soon not untill 2018 since Hugh is going to sart shooting X-MEN APPLOYPSE AND WOLVERINE 3 BACK TO BACK STARTING NEXT APRIL as he finishes wrapping up on pan he is going to be very busy for the next few years.
looks great , but wheres Black Widdow, QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch
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5 years from now and I have yet to see the first one
Yes finally I can see Tom's new film on October 9th on DVD
This should be interesting
I don't know about this his body was never taken out of the building where Superman killed him but regardless Zack can pull just about anything off
Yep can't wait for this
Red skull needs to return before deciding to bring on other villains
Night at the museum are my favorites as well as hook ; Mrs doubtfire; Jumagi
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RIP a great talent gone too soon
The Amaza reboot is not happening for serval reasons 1- sinister six ( featuring 6 of spiderman greatest villains come together to finalize a plan to kill him coming out in November of 2016 ) 2- Vemon ( told through vemons point of view with carange to also appear in that film no release date has been given at to time) 3- The Amazing Spiderman 3 ( 2018) 4-and also Andrew Garfields contract could be extended since they have now offer him the role till 2020 if he wants it 5- they have already announced the Amazing Spiderman 4 is going to happen probably 2020 is when it will hit theaters
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One of the greatest actors of all time I trully enjoyed his work and all of the films he has done especially the night at the meuseum films and will definitely see the Third one this year RIP Mr. Williams for you shall be missed dearly
Get Steven Spielberg to direct
Not cool
Their is no need yo bring back a character form a earlier film introduce a new bond girl for the 24 the film
Really looking forwards to this show
Bring back Tom and Brad in the remark or at least a cameo in the film