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Either way I'm seeing it such a big fan of Star Wars
Either way I'm seeing it such a big fan of Star Wars
This was a awsome film I pittu the fools who hayed it Turtle Power will return June 2016
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Ant Man is going to be great but I as well am worried about the film since it had taken Marvel a long time to get this one made since Ant Man was supposed to come out before Iron Man this one is to be keep a close eye on when it releases next year as it will end phase 2 of the MCU
So that this mean that Thanos has a cameo in Avengers 2 as he did in Guardians of the Galaxy ?
This is going to be good tom and Steven together again for a new war movie awesome
Why would this come out on the same day as the biggest saga in the galaxy returns ?
this shoud be good cant wait for Pacific Rim 2 and hopelly Hellboy 3 at some point please we need that 3rd film to happen
This is Sad , The one time in Motion Picture History that a Major Studio has decided to pull a film from theaters but it is what is is and that it will never see the light of day.
Their better be a 2D.Version
I would also have to say Zemeckis as well even through I am big fan of Mr, Jackson as the hobbit comes to an end this month, Nolan for sure but i do not know if its something he would do, Vaughn sure he did an excellent with X-MEN First Class this one is too close to call have to wait and see what happens.
Bellandedward1 wrote a comment about the news item Frozen 2 Is Happening Says Star Idina Menzel
Frozen part 2 yes please the first one was good and the songs were amazing
Bellandedward1 wrote a comment about the news item Paranormal Activity 5 Will Get a 3D Release
No 3D waste of time and money 2D all the way
Seems okay the first one was good but what could the sequel be about
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Yes the park reopens June 12th 2015
No this actor is replacing Orlando Blooms Character Will Turner from the first three films just read the article on Yahoo , No disrespect but no body can replace him.
return to Jurassic Park yes pleas hoping that the Blu Ray set of the orginial trilogy goes on sale for black friday really need it
Very sad the time has come to say farewell to Middle Earth for now hope Mr. Jackson considers making the chirldren of Huron his next project as it takes place before the Hobbit
just seen mockingjay part 1 today and it was good although i was hoping for more action sequences but they are saving the best for part 2 coming November 2015
that fine as long as it gets put online I,M good , seen my movie for this month if i go back it would be for Horrible Bosses 2