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Not cool
Their is no need yo bring back a character form a earlier film introduce a new bond girl for the 24 the film
Really looking forwards to this show
Bring back Tom and Brad in the remark or at least a cameo in the film
Bellandedward1 wrote a comment about the news item Avengers: Age of Ultron Wraps Production
Start planning Avengers 3 with the Guardians of the Galaxy we all know the Avengers are going to need help with taking on Thanos
Please let their be a new trailer tomorrow that would totally make my day
March is better than may and it's coming out sooner yes and yes I am a marvel fan as well as a DC fan
Oh yeah terminator 5 can't wait July 1st 2015
Hope so ; in the comics it bucky who becomes captain America but if it falcon then that be cool to see but he is captain sidekick who joins the avenger in avengers assemble on Disney xd so anything possible at this point either way I'm down with what ever happens
If their not an extended version on DVD its just stupid on their end why have the first hobbit film.extended edition on DVD on not the 2nd one its stupid I'll just gonna have to miss out and enjoy the theathical version instead
The home release date is October 13th not the 23rd
Their has to be a DVD version
Where the DVD version ?
When can we see a trailer / tesear
He must be directing one of the star wars spinoff films
Oh yeah
A Tim Burton film without Johnny deep coming out on the same day as into the woods that with Johnny Deep as the big bad wolf this is interesting
Thank you Mr Gunn for the Guardians of the Galaxy and thank you for expanding the MCU can't wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Guardians of the Galaxy was the coolest and funniest Marvel film so far Howard the duck was s nice touch but I do not see how he fits in to the Marvel Cinematic Universes I'm just gonna have to sit back and enjoy the ride