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@felipe-11 I could, cause i'm not a horny teenager anymore
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So they have moved the office they Work form from number 21 to 22? How about that.
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@gumperman Really. Hoffman playes every character the same way, while Affleck disappears in the roles. That is the funniest thing i've ever read.
@gumperman IF you really think Affleck is a character actor you have no idea what acting is. Phillip Seymour hoffmann, Paul Giamatti, Meryl Streep are character actors. Affleck is and will always be just your basic run of the mill Hollywood leading man.
And Again the issue was to compare with Ledger and that situation and one serious film like Hollywoodland doesn't make him a character actor, no matter how much you wish it.
And if you'll please notice not at anytime have a said he won't make a good Batman. He would how ever be completly useless as the joker, cause he's not a good enough actor.
@gumperman But it wasn't about petitions, it was about comparing him to Ledger, which is still down right silly, no matter what people thought about Craig as Bond.
@gumperman Are you sure you wrote that to the right person? Cause that has nothing to do with what i said.
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@escapist How about brokeback mountain and lords of dogtown, that kind of showed what a character actor Ledger was. Affleck isn't a character actor. He's old school Hollywood pretty boy leading man. Which might Work just fine for a straight leading man like Bruce Wayne, but using Ledger as your point is just Down right silly.
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For a man WHO once said he would never do another film that had guns and violence in it, this is a strange decision to yes to Batman from his part. But then he already crossed that bridge with the town. I swear i've never seen a film that glorifies criminals as much as that one does
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@skywise And this one screams no soul. It looks to be the Classic DePalma style but one of those without the Heart. Infact after seeing the trailer i fear it's gonna be so bad it's laughable.
I hope i'm wrong though.
He must have been smoking some crazy stuff before that interview.
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When you do it in slow motion then it stops being scary, and becomes more of a action/suspense scene. As a horror film i'll bet this is pretty poor.
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That trailer would have worked so much better with subtitles.

But still payback bitches! You remake all of our films, well we're starting to yours and make arthouse films out of them:-)
Well the jokes are about as old as the actors. Gangsters who beat up people for the smallest reasons.
But it is nice to see De Niro back as a gangster
Rodriguez can make a sequel to Machete this fast, but sin city, no. Takes forever and a day
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