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This should be released on TV only. Surely only a very limited amount of people would pay to see this .
As a non-fan I simply cannot see the appeal or attraction .
Thank goodness they changed the AWFUL Avengers costume. Captain America's original outfit just does not translate well to film.
This is so much better, its more understated and the 'Shield ' badge on his shoulder is cool ! A step in the right direction.
This whole movie is going to be V E R Y difficult to pull off, for the following reasons:
1. Superman has to share his own sequel with a major character in Batman. The first Man of Steel movie just barely managed to create a credible superman / clark kent - just barely !
2. They have to introduce AND establish a new version of Batman during a Superman sequel ?? Difficult .
3. The writers must creat a credible real world Wonder Woman character in the same movie. Difficult.

Rather than judge the actress who has just landed a major role in this movie, its more about if the whole movie will come together as a good piece of entertainment !
Is Movieweb a kid's movie site because the comments seem really uneducated or young / childish.
The most important thing is the story in this weird curiosity of a sequel, spin-off or whatever it is they're planning.
It will be a miracle if they pull it off successfully.
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Regarding the suit in terms of the Avengers. . . . .
Its waaaay better than Craptain America's, to point where it detracted from the quality of the movie.
C,mon lets be honest.
Ant-man looks cool for a character I know nothing about. Looking foward to it.
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@ MovieWiz001 M. Night "loosing his touch" ?

He's lost it a long time ago.
I love Ryan Gosling, Great actor and looking forward to this but Drive ?
The film is way Overrated . Nowhere near the calibre of the true crime classics such as Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Godfather. Fact.
Watch Drive again and see what you really think.
The most under-hyped under-rated movie for me personally last year was: Warrior. It started slow but gripped me to the sofa at the end. Awesome.
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Only 2 comments and one can barely get the clip to work. ? ? ? ! !
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Did anybody even who Peter Weller was before you saw Robocop back in 1987 ?

Lets be honest almost no-one knew Peter Weller before 1987 .
We were kids when we first saw it .
The director - Paul Verhoven + the story made it great.

I love the 1st Robocop movie - Its a movie we NEVER get tired of,

It doesnt matter what the new actors name is.
It just matters if they can make a GOOD movie with good performances that improves on the origional. (I doubt that though)

I always wanted Verhoven to do a special edition version of the origional. The same movie but digitally enhanced with improved special effects . Remember the dodgy stop-motion when ED209 falls on the stairs ? The crusty shot when the villian falls from the window at the very end ?

If they kept the original but pimped it up with digital visual effects - similar to 'District 9's grimy quality it would be awesome.
I love Evil Dead 1+2, but i'll reserve judgement on this until I see it !

The only horror remake I can think of that did justice to the original was 2004's "Dawn of the Dead".

Can you guys think of any more ? ? ?
Another family photo. I'll reserve judgement till the finished movie. . .

A lady standing in the rain with an umbrella.

If you havent got any thing good to show us dont show it.
And the Peter Parker pic is repeated from last week.
This is the WORST publicity for a major movie in recent memory.

The film may be good in the end but whoevers running the press releases are so BORING with what they release.
I repeat: If you havent got any thing good to show us dont show it.

Stop now ! This is about as exiting as a glass of tap water.
The publicity about this film is so U N D E R W H E L M I N G . Sack the press guys. A good press can guy can even make rubbish like the Green Lantern look good . Every picture released makes this movie look MORE boring .
If you havent got anything good to show us then don't show us !
BarryHercules wrote a comment about the news item Fifth Thor TV Spot [UPDATE]
FIRST ! now i'll watch the clip. . . .
Lois diving into very deep arctic water and pulling superman to the surface with his cape. Was she SAS trained or what ?

Then then they put superman on a plane because he cant fly anymore. Interesting.

A very weak opponent in Lex Luther. Just a cleverish bloke.

Poor editing and choppy scenes, lame comedy attempts by Lex Luther. Tumbleweed.

Superman in hospital with his costume on, while his foster mum waits outside with the citizens of Metropolis for him to get better. Cheesy and sentimental.

Too much emphasis on Christopher Reeves portrayal. This a new version of the SUPERMAN character not an imitation of Christopher Reeves.

Kryptonite makes Superman even weaker than your Nan. Then a few forgettable and uncharismatic thugs beat him up very easily.

The boy.

Do we have to watch this boy grow up and fight along side Superman in every future sequel ?

How can they write him off without making Superman look like a bad father ?

Does Superman get to visit him every other weekend ?

Will he grow to hate his dad and become a little super-villan ?

They cant kill him off. It is politically incorrect.

This is so tedious, I cant believe i'm typing about this.

The only option is a franchise re-boot like 'The Hulk' to salvage this wreckage.

The future of this serious is very bleak. I mean, can you even name 5 of Supermans arch enemies ? No ? not many can.

Spiderman has loads of recogniseable foes as does Batman.

I dont hate the Superman character, I love it but they just f***ed his movie comeback bigtime.

I've only seen it once and it made me cringe. . . .


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