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I have a feeling they are building towards the death of Peter Parker in ASM 3... and then will introduce Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man in ASM 4!
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So this is a teaser trailer FOR the teaser trailer?!
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On the monitor in the first photo, could that be a blueprint of the Helicarrier?!
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Epic just doesn't seem to do this trailer justice...! All the True Believers will be so ecstatic! Make Mine Marvel?! Excelsior!!! 'Nuff Said.
So here's a thought...

With "The Amazing Spider-Man" looking to 're-tell' Peter Parker's origin, based around the death of his parents, whom, in Marvel Comics lore, worked for SHEILD. Rumors are rife about whether or not they will also work for SHEILD in Sony's re-boot.

Now we have a lot of speculation that Spider-Man will make a guest cameo in Marvel's The Avengers.

As we know, each franchise is owned by a different studio: Spider-Man is with Sony, The Avengers (and individual heroes Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk etc) are with Disney/Marvel.

Many critics, journalist's and other people who are in the know are quick to shoot down these rumors, saying that a deal between the two studios would NEVER be made and it would be impossible.


(and this is all just pure "What If..." on my behalf!)

What If (!) a deal WAS made between the two studios that allowed for guest cameos by characters in EACH of the others' film franchises...!

So if Garfield's Spider-Man was to appear in Marvel's The Avengers, MAYBE this would allow for Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury to then make a cameo in Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man... Thus allowing Sony to tie in Parker's parents to SHEILD!

Follow all that?!

This would allow future sequels to then make greater use of these cameos, possibly allowing Spider-Man to be a more integral part of The Avengers franchise, and also allowing for guest appearances by Captain America or Iron Man in The Amazing Spider-Man films!

As I said, this is all just my humble opinion and speculation. It would be any Marvel fanboy's dream though! Thanks for taking the time to read :)
The absolute best film, in the ENTIRE saga that is Star Wars, is, without a doubt, Episode IV: A New Hope. None of the other films EVEN come CLOSE to being as good!

Except for Episode V: Empire Strikes Back... That one was better. : )
Hmmm... I thought Tennant was too! Just doing a quick google search, it was rumored that he was to play Legolas' father, King Thranduil (as reported on Movieweb itself)... However, IMDB has actor Lee Pace listed in that role. And there is no mention of Tennant anywhere in their full cast list... So maybe he isn't?!
Marvel are really caught in a CATCH 22 over the film rights of their characters... With Fox and Sony maintaining the rights of properties such as Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men (Fox) and Spider-Man (Sony), HOPES that Marvel will retain these characters are SLIM.

Apart from forking over an EXTRAORDINARY amount of cash, the only other way they can get the rights back is if the said studios are no longer interested in making films using said characters above. But can anyone REALLY see this happening?! It is Hollywood after all, and, unfortunately for us, the fans, the film studios are going to suck these franchises dry, for every last cent, before they will hand back the rights to Marvel.

Daredevil was released by Fox in 2003, and a sequel/reboot is said to STILL be "in development"... Fox also recently released X-Men Origins: First Class, so no doubt that will spawn sequels, as well as the follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine... After the atrocity that was Spider-Man 3, Sony pushed to reboot the Spider-Man franchise with the soon-to-be released The Amazing Spider-Man, which will also no-doubt kick off it's own re-invigorated franchise... *sigh*

So as long as those cash registers keep ringing in the cinemas, Fox and Sony are going to keep their Marvel properties "in development" for as long as they can. Which sucks, as this also leaves us, the Marvel fans in a CATCH 22 also...

We want to see our beloved characters up on the big screen, in all their glory, kicking ass and doing it in the MIGHTY MARVEL MANNER! BUT in order to do this, we are going to have to endure some really bad movies from Fox and Sony... And even then they are STILL going to be reluctant to hand back the rights... Oh well, at least we have The Avengers to forward to! : )

This is all just my humble opinion of course, and I thank you for taking the time to read it :)
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@bawnian-dexeus Agreed! But Marvel have been pretty switched on, and I believe they are maintaining pretty high standards with quality control (some merchandising and publicity one-sheet posters notwithstanding... ) So I don't think they would include it if they couldn't do it right.

Having recently re-watched the Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray, Vader's flagship The Executor STILL looks so cool! And Lucas created that back in the 80's, and he didn't have $220 million! So surely they can get create the heli-carrier... AND make it look awesome... Right?!

This little fan-boy sure hopes so!
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I am more interested in seeing the SHIELD heli-carrier! Now THAT will be awesome!
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If it was going to be a faithful adaptation, I'd be it's biggest supporter! The original anime was just fantastic! But from what was being reported...
@ChiRep-1 Oop, my bad! lol!
I have to disagree with those of you objecting to the article's title as a spoiler... I think this is perfectly fine. Yes, it say's that Cooper's rumored for a cameo, BUT it doesn't say who. If the title had of read " Bradley Cooper Rumored To Play Lex Luthor In Superman: Man Of Steel" then yes, that would have sparked outrage.

Orange is certainly going to be under the microscope for a while, amidst the recent title/spoiler controversy, heck knows I've been keeping a closer eye out, but so far Orange has been keeping a tighter reign on things. Thankfully :)
See, now it's not THAT hard to write a SPOILER-FREE article title, is it Mr. Orange?! Well done, you've been listening! :p
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If this article is legit, and you, Movieweb, are really going to decide his fate on the comments posted here... Then I'm HAPPY to put my two-cents worth in...

I have no problem in a "journalist" writing an article with some personality in it. In fact, it's one of the MAIN reasons that this site is the first site that I go to, to read my movie news. I have a lot of RESPECT for your journalists, and find articles written by Gallagher and Courtney O to be very informative, well written and a good read.

But I think there is a line between writing with personality and writing with personal opinion... Which I think is the difference between a lot of the articles that Orange writes compared to those of the journalists mentioned above. I find TOO MANY of Orange's articles are saturated with his overbearing opinions and point of views on various movies. Not only that, but his opinions put a lot of the Movieweb community (we, the loyal fans and readers of the site) at odds and quite often spark conflicts.

I love the fact that Orange is clearly DEDICATED to his job, and I applaud him for trying to get the scoop. However, the manner in which these were announced was clearly NOT very professionally done. Is there an editorial process in place at Movieweb? Or can your journalists simply post to their hearts content? If there is, clearly whomever your editor is needs to be the one under the spotlight for allowing this to pass through... If there's not... All I can say is that, at the end of the day, it is Movieweb's good name that is going to cop all
the criticism.

So, in summary, my opinion is place Orange on PROBATION. Lift your game. Report on the news, but be more careful with your titles! And if you want to editorialize your articles with your own opinions, do it elsewhere other than in your everyday articles. I do recall Orange had his own little sandbox in which he could rant and rave to his hearts content, was it called "Boo's and Whoop-Do's" ?! At least his over-bearing and often foul-mouthed opinions were confined to the one post... And we at least had the CHOICE to read them...!

Anyway, this is just my humble opinion, and I thank you for taking the time to read it. I look forward to continuing to make Movieweb my No. 1 source for movie news, as it is the articles, the journalists, and the wider Movieweb community, that keeps bringing me back. Let's make 2012 a good year! Thank you for your time.
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I see Orange still has his job... Lucky he didn't reveal another major spoiler in the title then! lol :p
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That was epic mate, really well done! Having tinkered a bit on personal stuff using programs like Garageband and iMovie on my Mac, I can appreciate just how much time you have spent editing the clips, synching all the music and putting this whole clip together... really shows a love for what you do! Love the Seven Nation Army remix... Who by and where did you find it, if you don't mind me asking?!
Dammit! I read ANOTHER Avengers spoiler article! I'm trying sooooo hard not to! Damned you Movieweb! DAMN you! (...thank you Movieweb, thank you...!)
I think the addition of CGI Yoda was the only "necessary" change... The other smaller changes I can live with... But that Vader scene...? If it had have been a simple, whispered, angry "...No!" I think would have been cool... But you all see what we're going to get. "Noooooo!" indeed!
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If any of you are fans of L. Frank Baum's original tales, then I highly recommend you pick up and read the Marvel Comics adaptations by writer Eric Shanower & artist Skottie Young... So far they have released "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," "The Marvelous Land Of Oz," and the latest "Ozma Of Oz." Next in line is "Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz."

The books are very faithful to the source material. They are wonderfully written by Shanower, and Young's art is just... breathtaking. Absolutely gorgeous!

I cannot recommend these books highly enough!!!