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@undeadslayer4 ...In a way im hoping for that too, whether it fixes past mistakes, brings back characters that have died or reboots X-Universe on film altogether so they can make newer movies...I think its time for a change is what im saying for the franchise :]
Anyone else notice in the first pic the Luke Cage easter egg?...Seagate Prison
If they wanna bring Sabretooth back in the franchise for the Brotherhood...I say bring back Liev Schreiber, I think his Sabretooth was great, he had that intimidating, menacing attitude u would expect from Sabretooth, especially towards Wolverine :]
I imagine some kind of reference to Wakanda, but not actually see BP
Also if they are smart, they will use Detroit as Gotham City, just sayin :]
Maybe the One-Shot with be a flashback showing Trevor still as an actor performing his King Lear, as mentioned in the film, and showing when AIM approaches him to play The Mandarin and his first time on tv making theats
Kill her, dye her hair red and bring her back as MJ :D
Im hoping Batman's costume looks something like the one in the pic :]
@Brizzy ...I know, im just saying it looked the best in The Wolverine IMO

Either way, cant wait to see how this film turns out and what it means for the future of the X-Universe
Heres something crazy...Imagine if Mel Gibson took over for RDJ and played Tony Stark/Iron Man

Kinda wishes they had kept Logan's hair do from The Wolverine, it was more believable then the high top hair do he has in the pic above and in other X-Men films
My theory on All Hail The King:

The Ten Rings breaks Trevor out of prison and continues his ruse as The Mandarin since they did not know he just an actor and was thought to be their true leader and can now do whatever he pleases with a terrorist organization backing him.

The title basically reffering to his return to the throne of the Ten Rings Organization
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Characters i can see him playing with his physical stature:

Lex Luthor
Black Adam
" If The Avengers are The Beatles, these guys are The Rolling Stones."

Love that quote, pretty much sums up the GOTG and even though they are a team, just how different a team they are from The Avengers :D
{ pounds fist on desk } I DEMAND MORE :D LoL

Also " drones for surveillance"...perhaps early forms of Ultron?
@thedude1 ...That would make good sense, since they say Bruce will be a bit of an older and weary person , maybe he has been out as Batman less often now a days but some circ*mstances in the film makes him suit up and come back full time.
@thedude1 ...True, I just hope once production and marketing kicks in for the film they dont use so much of Batman , WW or any other characters who may appear in the film for it, Supes is and should be the main focus.
@Alejandro-Jefferies ...Honestly, I dont see Denzel fitting either role, if the other rumor of Joaquin Phoenix possibly playing Luthor is true, that would be interesting to see
@kguy ...Agree, Elba would make a great John Stewart

Denzel is a great actor, but picking a 58 year old for a role that will probably be needed for sequels and/or a reboot for a characters franchise doesnt seem to be really thought through


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