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Love The Dark Knight Returns look to this suit :D
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@jasonkat...Thinking the same thing, Batman forever + Tumbler
Ha knew FOX wouldn't follow through with a shared universe, probably panicked at the last minute :]
@brian ...Franco might not be in the film himself, but he's atleast in the scene where Caesar seems to go back to the house and watches the recording of him and Franco from the first film, so yeah it still shows its connected to the first film
That last scene of what looks like the apes herding the humans through the city is awesome and a kick in the stomach cuz u know the humans are screwed...Either gonna be enslaved or exiled from the city into the woods while Caesar and apes take the city for themselves...GO APES :]
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So how will the show than fit in with the One Shot of Agent Carter, will it take place before it cuz at the end Howard calls for her to run SHIELD with him and it looks to be she's still working for the SSR in the show and One Shot?
@shuabert ...But it still wouldve been fun to see and over the top of how all these people would've played the characters :D
I remember Wizard Magazine back in the 90's had a fan cast list in their " Casting Call " section for the X-Men movie and can fairly recall the actors/characters they had, some were actually casted in the roles suggested... Their list went something like this I believe:

Professor X- Patrick Stewart
Cyclops- Kevin Costner
Jean Grey- Angie Everhart/Nicole Kidman
Wolverine- Sylvester Stallone/Mel Gibson
Storm- Angela Bassett/Grace Jones/Iman
Rogue- Geena Davis
Gambit- Patrick Swayze
Beast- Kelsey Grammer
Jubilee- Wynona Ryder
Psylocke- Tia Carrere
Colossus- Arnold Shwarzenegger

Magneto- Sean Connery
Sabretooth- Jesse " The Body" Ventura
Omega Red- Dolph lundgren
Juggernaut- Vader the wrestler
Ahab- Jean Claude Van Damme
Blob- Bam Bam Bigalow
Apocalypse- James Earl Jones
Dont let Michael Bay anywhere near this...Give him VR Troopers or something like that LoL :D
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Damn right we made Godzilla fat...that'll get u back for Pearl Harbor #WeNeverForgot...LoL
If they are planning to use the Age of Apocalypse storyline a bit for the next film and the future somehow get affected by DOFP, than just bring back Cyclops for the future timeline as one of Apocalypse's henchmen like in the comic book?
So does that mean Angel Salvadore, Azazel, Emma and Banshee are dead?
It was just said by Hugh Jackman that the nude seen involves Wolverine, here's what he said on The Graham Norton show recently...

"There was a very intense first scene and I insisted on a closed set. I ran round the corner and all the female members of the crew were gathered there. "I tried to cover myself and cut my inner thigh - it was just the inner thigh thankfully! "The metal claws had to go - you can't have bits and pieces flying off" joked Jackman of the near injury. "
So according to the " 25 moments " website for the film both Beast and Angel die after the events of The Wolverine and before DOFP, which is why when Hank asks if he survives, Logan says " No "
@kingbrady...True on all those issues...Oh and dont forget that they should explain why Wolverine has metal claws again after losing them in The Wolverine :]
When in doubt...use instrumental to Led Zeppelin's Kashmir to make things more dramatic :]
@Jainit-Kapadia ...Its kool dude, I just wanted to make my point as well that i wasnt lumping in this guy in the TLA film just cuz of his nationality, i was just talking about the other actor
I sometimes wonder if FOX/Singer are just trying to piss off X-Men fans on purpose or it just like a natural instinct to them now?
@Dr-Devious...not just reboot...a Marvel Sutdios reboot would do this franchise justice, especially since Marvel would actually have them in their suits :]
@themoviefanatic...I don't know, it sounds alot like Peggy, just a bit more raspy since shes an old woman in this film, its like she's trying to pep up Cap and inspire him to be the man she knows he can be since he's doubting everything he believes in during the movie


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