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I was gonna ask if this could this mean that when Sif goes back to Asgard and tells Thor that Coulson and his team helped her, that Thor will know Coulson is alive now?

but then I remembered Thor is on Earth with Jane NVM :]
All I know is I just want Cap to say those famous two words soon in a movie soon...AVENGERS ASSEMBLE

@adamsandlerfggot69...That or he'll talk the studio into having Jayden play his role for this film...I swear that kid gets on my nerves LoL
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item The Fantastic Four May Cast a Female Doctor Doom
Of course they would change Dr Doom to a woman...It is FOX we're dealing with here

Im sure Whedon's versions of SW and Quicksilver will blow Singer's versions out of the water

I mean, look at that pic above...YIKES...pretty much self explanatory :]
Now thats WTF im talking about :D

Love that it looks like its gonna be action packed and cant wait to see what twists they will have...Especially the rumor that Redford, Agent Sitwell and Sen. Stern from IM2 are HYDRA sleeper agents
Looks like Black Widow really has to pee

That or shes prancing into battle

Jeremy Irons as Alfred...AWESOME

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor...uhhh????
Looks like Fox has double-failed when it comes to SW and Quicksilver...Whedon wins again :D
Oh and Quicksilver looks horrible, I bet Joss Whedon is laughing his ass off FOX tried to punk him by using the character too but making him look that off and stupid :]
Soooo...How does Future Wolverine still have adamantium claws if he lost them in The Wolverine?...They better have a good explanation and not just skip over that fact
Everyone looks awesome...But Quicksilver looks like a bad joke

Bet Whedon is laughing his ass off that FOX tried to one up him by using the same character he's gonna use :D
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item The Fantastic Four Synopsis Revealed!
Dont know about human Ben Grimm, but I want The Thing to be CGI/Mo-Cap and voice work played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan :D
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item Will Batman Vs. Superman Feature Two Batsuits?
"...the second Batsuits is more armored like the one in the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come comics."

I hope he does wear the suit in a fight with Supes ala The Dark Knight Returns book
Awesome way to introduce a character like Deathlok to the MCU

Also the character Lorelei is the younger sister of Amora the Enchantress...a hint to her later on in a Thor film maybe? :D
@undeadslayer4...No, he wasn't killed off, he just left after the fight with " Deadpool "
Is that a tattoo on his left shoulder?
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item RoboCop IMAX Poster
How is that his " retro design " ?
Cap in all his AWESOMNESS :D
@themoviefanatic I think it could happen, here's why...

It has been said there was some dialogue that was cut from Iron Man 3 that Killian tells Tony that there is a real person called The Mandarin that exists but that Killian just used that as a stepping stone to use Trevor to bring the man and name into the public eye...So a real Mandarin is out there, him making a visit to the fake Mandarin would scare the crap out of Trevor for sure :D


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