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The public knows quality blockbuster fun just doesnt need to consist of giant robots and explosions as much anymore :]
Phoenix for Wolverine! :D
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item Robin Williams Passes Away at Age 63
Loss of a true Hollywood/comic legend

" Genie...You're free " :(
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item Watch the Deadpool Test Footage Now in HD
What does he say after " Why the red suit " ?
Great..Now maybe he can get to work on Kill Bill 3 sometime in our lifetime or his own :]
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item Deadpool Movie Test Footage Is Online!
What does he say after " Why the red suit" ?

Oh and heres a link to watch the footage in HD Enjoy :]
Anyone surprised this movie is already becoming a mess?

They shouldve have just let Marvel had it instead of beating a dead horse with this franchise
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item First American Horror Story: Freak Show Trailer
Confused...Are those real wings or just props the guy is puppeteering?
whats the song playing in the trailer?
@themoviefanatic...So far this is what I' ve read about WW and how she'll be interpreted in the movie:

Wonder Woman's costume:

This Wonder Woman is ripped right from the comics and has a "traditional, yet sleeker" costume that's "battle ready." She'll have a blue leather skirt, silver-armored cuffs that reach to her elbows, golden tiara (with a design of some sort in the center, possibly the red star) and a variation of the traditional-looking red top (no word on additional armor on it). Her overall appearance is described as "Amazon warrior princess" and definitely not an urban reimagining.

Wonder Woman's weapons:

Wonder Woman will have no less than FOUR weapons, including shield, sword, spear, and of course, the traditional lasso. It's also noted that she will wear the shield on her back, Captain America style, when not in use.

Wonder Woman's screen time in the film:

Her character will be introduced as "Diana" in the film initially before we ever see her as Wonder Woman. She will have a fair amount of screen time and will team up with Batman and Superman for the final battle against an un-named villain who may be working or controlled by Lex Luther. Her origin will be intentionally vague, but she is brought into the fold to show that there are other superheroes in the universe other than Superman.
U can see the subtle differences in this new suit

The arm bands and the bands on the suit are more separated, the belt looks different with a square buckle with an S in it now, the S on his chest is smaller, even the boots have a double line design at the top...Also I see they changed his hair too, the hairline is raised on the sides

Now lets see how WW and Batman look in full color :]
Just because he " WONT " be in Dawn of Justice...Still hasnt ruled out the JL movie :]
As he should be, he's the king and protector of a nation, hes not gonna be the friendliest dude around
@bellandedward1 ...Third on that...Damn i really wanna know who Serkis will be playing though, Marvel tells us please :]
They should release 2 separate soundtrack albums...One with the movie score by Bates... and another with the songs that would be on Star Lords Awesome Mix along with Hooked on a feeling, Spirit in the Sky and Cherry Bomb

Thats just my wishfull thinking :]
" ...n as THE FOUR HORSEMEN. "

could that maybe be saying, along with whoever is playing the other three, " ...Logan as THE FOURHORSEMEN

In other DC news...Has everyone seen the leaked Flash pilot today, if not, ...Here ya go :]
Bane5000 wrote a comment about the news item Dracula Untold Trailer Starring Luke Evans
Luke Evans for Dr Strange or Namor :]
Give me the camera
-Oh look , he's doing his " Batman " voice
Back off Raph!

That part actually made me laugh :D
Give me the camera
_ Oh look , he's doing his " Batman " voice
Back off Raph!

That part actually made me laugh :D


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