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She's kind of dopey on Glee, haven't seen Whiplash.
Secret Wars happened in the 80s too, this is just a reboot of something they already did...Not really new by any stretch of the imagination...
B. Alan Orange wrote a comment about the news item Deadpool Will Shoot in Vancouver This March
About time.
I'm glad to see Al branching out. Should be a great character for him.
Enter the Knight sounds like a bad porno about @#$! $#%...
Look at that ship! Look at it...
Hmm. Not sure what to think about all this madness. Was the movie good? Isn't that all that should matter?
Vin Diesel hints at lunch order, will he have bacon orange chicken from Panda Express?
@Brizzy Best Comment of 2014...
No way. This guy is too old school. He might actually make a decent movie. Will never happen.
I haven't confirmed this with my sources, but I'm pretty sure the Star Wars trailer cured Ebola.
It's a trap. Seriously.
"We will eat your children!"
Wow, who okayed that photo for public consumption...Is this the cast of Hocus Pocus 2?
These were fun.
Hmm. Not sure what I think about this movie...
@Brizzy Sake? Like the warm Japanese alcoholic beverage? What do you have against Sake?
Yeah, this actually might be good...
@thedude1 Who isn't?
This is my kind of movie! Been a while since we had a good one of these. This is going to be a hit, and we're going to see the teen genre return! Just like in 85 and 99...Maybe?