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@gandoff The Winter Soldier is missing a pinkie. Happened when he fell over the cliff in First Avenger. Come on! Everyone knows that!
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Heads up guys...This UK version is the same as U.S. Disney and Marvel had a slight glitch launching the U.S. version this morning, but its all the same footage!!! U.S. will be here in a sec...
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@nick C. Do you understand that these are all Halloween related horror movies? Not just horror movies? We'll be doing classic horror movies next, and animated!
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""Like chewing on blood raw fat and gristle while someone snips pieces of flesh off your face with a pair of fingernail clippers, this Evil Dead is a non-stop carnage shop that's deeply obsessed with body mutilation and the color red."
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Someone here once said Emma Stone looks like she is caught midway between a human transforming into a snake. Now that's all I see when i look at her. She is a lizard person.
Does anyone else think she looks like Bryce Dallas Howard? Who played Gwen Stacy in the original trilogy? Or is that just me?
@josh "Mark Hamill confirms himself [is] in talks for Episode VII"

Show me where this appears in the story. Don't call out for bad grammar that doesn't exist in a story just to be a douche. Your shiny red tie does that quite nicely on its own.
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I saw DV last week and it literally blew my mind. Evan Jacobs gives a heartfelt, funny, and very creepy performance. Hope the guy keeps acting. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I enjoyed this just as much, if not more, than V/H/S.
Orphans is orphans, whether they be black or white.
No one here watches Parks and Rec?
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At one time the movie was called Tonto and the Lone Ranger. It wasn't flying, so they changed it to Lone Ranger. People didn't like that either, so they added a THE.
@youngrizo As this was the first concept art released by Marvel back during Comic Con 2012, I don't think its much of a spoiler.
This is like a dude who is dating a girl who kind of, sort of, but not really looks like his dream girl. Then he lands his dream girl. Abrams is going to drop Trek like a hot potato. No way he sticks around for Part 3. Guaranteed.
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Just eat it.
It doesn't matter what you had for lunch.
Have a whole bunch.