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Is Arthur not drunk in this movie? f*ck this filthy sh*t then.
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The guy's got a dick as thick and long as his neck. Look at the balls on that kid. No wonder they were worried about his bulge. Are these pics from the XXX remake?
you f*ckers love this sh*t. Eat it up!
Hated Tremors? How can anyone take anything you say about movies seriously ever again?
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What a sh*tty trailer. Where's the shark attack? Why no mention of what this movie is actually about? Lame.
I think it can be said this is the most worthwhile Worth5Bucks comment ive read lol.
To clarify: The Thor footage that was leaked! Not the official trailer that was eventually released!
Actually, I was trying to irritate people. So: Orange Succeed!
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hey B. Alan Orange please check out my The Next Three Day Review
You're the moron, Marcus. That is Los Angeles. Everyone knows they are shooting this in Los Angeles. How hard is it to stick a NYPD sticker on a helicopter, you mucking socksucker? Look at the palm tree in that third pic. And then go shoot yourself in the face. You giant dick. If I blow so hard, then go find something else to look at with your worthless life. At least I am getting paid to sit here. What's your excuse?
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this might sound stupid, but how do you post in the forum, and write articles?
Pay phone? What century is this taking place in? I tried to find a pay phone the other day. They do not exist!
I have added most. There are still a few stragglers. A lot of these were already in our system, so you may be entering the title incorrectly! Enjoy!
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who cares about this sh*tty movie.
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