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I just fell into a coma watching this. How much is a can of Paint?
B. Alan Orange wrote a comment about the news item Olivia Munn Strips to Bikini for Magic Mike
So funny. These are movie set pics. We post these all the time. When nudity or skin shows up in a set pic, suddenly its not classy. I can't help that all three of these stories hit at the same time.
We didn't blur the pictures. They arrived that way. Brian Gallagher has some unblurred topless Superman pics coming soon. Hold tight. Man nipples!
This trailer is the best thing AMC has launched yet! Great headshot montage! Can't wait for Sunday! This sh*t Ignited my computer screen!
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@skywise This movie is one of the year's best. Don't wait, see it ASAP!
Did you see Young Guns 2? Billy The Kid is an old man in that. They could do for Young Guns what Blackthorn did for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...
@michael Routt is still an awesome guy. Love you, you fat bastard!
*ssholes. Keep them coming.
@xybernetic You have your own alligators? That is rad.
B. Alan Orange reviewed the movie Final Destination 5

"The best 3D of the summer! The best kill scenes since parts 1 and 2! It moves the franchise in a new direction while paying perfect homage to the original. A must-see for fans of horror, and this franchise!"
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@xybernetic is so desperate these days, commenting on just about anything.
If you guys see something that should be put up at 4am, text me@818-823-9448! We'll get it up!
B. Alan Orange reviewed the movie The Change-Up

"A wretched stretch of painful sight gags that is only saved by the brawny performances of Jason Bateman and Leslie Mann. They deserve better. We, on other hand, deserve what we get if we decide to buy a ticket to this torture chamber sonnet."
That cape is HUGE! How does he not get it caught in that vault door? I imagine him tripping three seconds after this shot was snapped...
@monkeyiron 2.0 The Fright Night remake is an abomination.
B. Alan Orange wrote a comment about the news item The Dark Knight Rises Trailer!
Andrea has damaged hair. Batman will fix it! Weird concept for a sequel. Bane? Doesn't even look like he has hair. What is this?
B. Alan Orange reviewed the TV episode Breaking Bad: Box Cutter

"A stand-alone episode that encapsulates everything we love about this show. Better than any summer movie, this is the best thing July has to offer in the form of entertainment!"
Some people are complaining that this: "Prison Break and Riot" ...Is a spoiler???? Eat a crispy bangus, you dolts who say as much! A prison break and riot is the who cusp of the Fire Rises viral campaign.