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@aryaza Concert movies are still movies!

"The Turtles stuff is so good, it's too bad the human story has to get in the way! One truly breathtaking action sequence makes this a must-see for fans! But God, there's a lot wrong with TMNT 2014..."
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We got it back. If you see it missing, check back and we'll try and update!
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Aykroyd! Ghostbusters. Tequila. Dixon. Genius.
Why does Ghostbusters II feel like a choir? I want to like it, but I just don't.
Even though I've seen it a zillion times...Maybe I'll go to the theater? Wait, it's on Netflix...Hmm...
Where's Huell?
This show is going to be great! I can just feel it...But it's not going to be as good as smal town security! Now that's a show...
@richgamer150 I didnt delete anything. You probably forgot to hit submit or closed your browser...
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@a7sus4 Yes! And I stand by my review. This is looking at all the gripes on the internet from critics and fans alike.

"Age of Extinction lives up to the gold standard set by Michael Bay, giving us the best Transformers yet. Its bigger, its louder, its enough movie for the next ten summers. I'll probably never watch it again."
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I don't know why, but I kind of want to see this.
Yes! Can't wait for the return of Jack Burton! Where's Kurt Russell?
Can't wait for new Nicholas Sparks! Way too excited for this one!
@thedude1 Nick Fury being killed isn't a spoiler!

"It's Lloyd Kaufman's 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. If this were the last movie I ever saw...I'd be okay with that."
B. Alan Orange reviewed the movie RoboCop

"RoboCop 2014 is the worst thing it could be...Boring!"