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"We will eat your children!"
Wow, who okayed that photo for public consumption...Is this the cast of Hocus Pocus 2?
These were fun.
Hmm. Not sure what I think about this movie...
@Brizzy Sake? Like the warm Japanese alcoholic beverage? What do you have against Sake?
Yeah, this actually might be good...
@thedude1 Who isn't?
This is my kind of movie! Been a while since we had a good one of these. This is going to be a hit, and we're going to see the teen genre return! Just like in 85 and 99...Maybe?
This is going to be f*cking rad! Can't wait to see all ten hours of this epic event!
I'm kind of excited for this.
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I think this looks kind of good.
Pops. Ha.
Come on, this is 'nearly' perfect casting. This model/actress is good at pretending to be insane...She could go toe-to-toe with Heath Ledger...
God, I hope there are ewoks in this movie! A dream come true. They are bad asses, grizzly mfers and they eat stormtroopers, roasted on a spit...
@Author987 it says it in the Variety story. Guessing they know more than you, but maybe I'm wrong?
@darkdream Not a mistake! Ever hear of a ghost in these movies??? Ian McShane has been rumored to return for a long time now...
No red, just black? I guess he doesn't know the difference until Rocky Dennis shows him with a hot rock.
Hmm. Not sure what to think yet...
I'm proud of Michael Keaton's Batman too..
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Housebound actually looks kind of rad, too...