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This is good!
sounds good to me. I like this Eastwood guy...
God I hope so. This would rule!
I like it!
Or is it that scene in Star Trek where Captain Kirk as hilarious Fat Hands?
Why don't I care...Is it that scene in Super 8 where the kids banging that plastic bat on the table? I think it is...
Sounds great...
I remember watching the first movie with the entire cast sitting right in front of me. They all laughed really loud at their own jokes. It made me not like the movie. But now, I can't remember any of it. Was it any good? Do I need to see it again before the sequel?
@ejk1 Best comment ever.
I hope we see more of the turtles and less of April and her cameraman. Looked like most of their dialogue was improvised...And they really had nothing to say...Which doesn't make for a movie you want to see more than once...
Can anyone get paste a second viewing of the first film? That first 35 minutes is death.
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Tired of this guy. He needs to go back to his home planet and stay there!
It's about time!
Not too different from the comics.
It's about gosh darn time! Bring the violence! Bring the disturbing images! Mutants ahoy!
All of the Pac-Man scenes are awesome...This looks like a ton of fun...
He'll stink palm it...
These guys look too young.
This is pretty rad.
B. Alan Orange wrote a comment about the news item Star Wars 8 Gets May 26, 2017 Release Date
Star Wars is returning to summer! This means will get two Star Wars movies within six months of each other...Which means we'll all soon start experiencing Star Wars backlash...Too much, too soon...