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This actually looks kind of good.
The classic Alien will be back somewhere at sometime...That kind of thing doesn't stay dormant for long.
I still haven't seen the first one...Do I need to?
Will Winslow make Spider noises? Will Guttenberg party too hard? Will Easterbrook get her T-shirt wet? All questions I want answered...
YES! Now this is the reunion I have been waiting for! Can't wait!
@thedude1 I was just messing around!
@dess tumblr not tumbler!!!
@mosorwvlad This makes me laugh. Thanks for the update!
I like Timothy Olyphant for this role more than Walking Fenoix.
Don't know that I care...
Dan Aykroyd gets drunk on tequila and dreams about Ghostbusters!
Like watching someone's home movie. Kind of weird, but Pee Wee Herman as Roger is neat.
This is pretty rad. Han Solo is pretty slick...
@aryaza Concert movies are still movies!

"The Turtles stuff is so good, it's too bad the human story has to get in the way! One truly breathtaking action sequence makes this a must-see for fans! But God, there's a lot wrong with TMNT 2014..."
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Aykroyd! Ghostbusters. Tequila. Dixon. Genius.
Why does Ghostbusters II feel like a choir? I want to like it, but I just don't.
Even though I've seen it a zillion times...Maybe I'll go to the theater? Wait, it's on Netflix...Hmm...