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@TheREALavatah I am with you. Personally I will spend the money to go see it again because I loved the movie. Just like you, I see the incredible potential of what is to come thanks to what Cameron achieved on this film. My first thought after seeing it the first time on IMAX 3D was "I just witnessed a revolutionary event in movie making". That being from a standpoint of the technology. That was before I even saw all of the backstage and promo clips on the internet of how they actually made the film. Then I was really blown away. Most people don't even pay attention to this and because of that it's just another movie.

I somewhat disagree on the originality. I know they probably exist, but it's hard to find a movie that doesn't borrow some story elements similar to a previous movie or novel. With Avatar, I see it being unoriginal on the "theme" of the story. You know the examples Dances w Wolves, Last Samurai, etc. Regarding the actual story from start to finish, it is as original as it gets unless I've missed something. I understand what you are saying though. Cameron has broken the technological barrier now. There could be numerous completely original sci fi movies that could come to life now. The creation of life like characters, creatures, and entire worlds is fully possible now. The line between CGI and real has been completely blurred. It's exciting to see what will transpire over the next few years.

In regards to any recent news on the next installments go to and search Avatar 2 3
Interesting interview

I have read several articles and interviews stating 2013 as the soonest for # 2.
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For all those complaining about the movie making more $$ - Do you berate your local restaurant or night club because they continually make $ off their "fans" who keep coming back for more of their product, service, or entertainment they provide? It's a business and Cameron/Fox delivered a product that happened to achieve the highest grossing sales of all other products in their industry. Are they supposed to stop selling that product and never make another dime off it? According to the complaints, that's what it sounds like. They made "too much" or "enough" money already so they shouldn't make any more. They are greedy. No. Like any other product, you keep selling it. Based on customer feedback, you may upgrade the product or offer different versions but you keep selling it until it won't sell anymore. Then it's time to offer up a new product. The customer always has a choice whether they want to purchase the product or not. Just because some customers may not want to buy the product any longer doesn't mean other customers don't. If your choice is to not spend another dime on a product, that is your prerogative. That doesn't make the company who produces the product "greedy" because they keep delivering their product to the customers who want to continue buying it. It's not complicated. Are we in the U.S.A. ? What is causing all this hate and contempt??


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