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WTF!!!!!!!!! First off the WB tried to do what Disney did with RDJ and pay christian bale $50M just to return as batman so how was he not the best batman?
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Great tralier long live marvel.
Hell yea. That's amazing.
Will people stop calling things epic? MOS was a very good movie it was not "epic" and saying things like marvel movies are small scale yet IM and the avengers made well over a billion $$$ in a short time frame yet MOS hasn't. And DC is doing everything they can to do what marvel did with that alone it makes marvel epic and DC runner up.
Looking forward to seeing this.
Very nice. Can't wait to see this phase two movie.
Seen it that took time to see but that doesn't really count as passing the torch. The late great CR did say he passed the torch and that was to Tom welling.
@isaacphillips @bawnian-dexeus well MOS did cast laurence fishburne as perry white.
I think he would be very good as lex that just means the green lantern movie doesn't count ether. But I do agree with others that braniac would have to bee in it too. And that not to rush it. But summer of 2015 is a good time like July or August of 2015.
Not to be rude to anyone but I remember before MOS came out in theaters some of the peope on here said MOS will be #1 for five weeks. I guess they were off by 4 weeks. All and all MOS is the best superman movie to hit the big screen in a long time.
Great news. Good to know he's going to still be apart of phase two & three.
Good. She's not hotter then Emma stone anyway.
Happy to hear. I'm really liking what marvel has been doing with there movies.
Looks very funny. loved the first one. Looking forward to seeing this.
Good to know. I really liked what they did with the ASM 1. And also like that each movie is two years apart. Can't wait.
Way to fast. I have to say it. You don't make the best big screen version of a superman story in MOS since 1978 just to rush the next film. And for what? To catch up to marvel? Really? This marvel / DC war has to stop and stop now. Rushing this will hurt the franchise,DC & WB big. I commented to @superman81 on another MOS topic and said if MOS 2 came out in 2015 and a JLA movie came out 2016 that could work because they can film the two movies back to back.
@superman81 I think it's way to fast. If it was said MOS 2 was coming out 2015 and a JLA movie 2016 I'd thing ok that can work because they can film the two back to back. This could hurt the franchise big I think.
I read reports that they want to rush a MOS 2 movie, a batman reboot then a justice league movie by 2015 to catch up to marvel. And I truly think this is a bad idea. I'm a marvel movie fan but I have also seen MOS and like I said in my last comment MOS was a very good movie but to me and my son and many others it wasn't epic. To me it's a lot like batman begins and for me that's a good thing because that means a MOS sequel will be like TDK and that was the OMFG movie. And if it goes to MOS 3 it will be like TDKR and I hope that is how it goes. But if they rush it just to play catch up with marvel there going to F everything up. I say take your time get the story's right don't play catch up.
Just seen MOS it was just like I said a very good movie but not "epic" like some have said it would be. Yes there's a lot of action... But like I also said a lot of it was around the ending battles. It's basically batman begins ( that's not saying its a bad thing...but not calling it epic ) I also counted 4 smallville vets in the movie plus the CGI Was way to heavy. And the flying even though it looked very cool it reminded me of Hanc*ck. The last two f-ups of the movie was that the last thing Clark said Jonathan before he died was your not my real father and the ending when the general wanted to make sure superman was on home team superman said " I'll help when i can and on my terms " but all and all it was a very good movie not epic jor-el kicked ass too.


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