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O and how superman flys ( Hanc*ck )
@jaint japadia hey what's up? Here's what I notice. Artificial babies, ( the matrix) jor-el fighting (the dark knight) , the flashback scenes ( batman begins) krypton, ( avatar) jor- el putting on his krypton armor ( iron man) clark trying to fly and failing before getting it ( iron man) the world engine fight ( transformers ) superman/zod fight ( a combo of the avergers and the matrix neo / smith fight)
" a different kind of superhero than what's out there right now" that's what they said. I would have to say NO to that statement. MOS was a very good movie and I liked what they did in it. however. It did have alot of mistakes. But to say MOS superman was a different kind of superhero than what's out there right now. Is a lie. MOS took things from the matrix, avatar, the dark knight and most recent marvel movies. So there is no way it's different in any way. If anything it's a different take of story telling of superman yea ill say that but not a different take of superhero.
What? Thor is number 1 for two weeks now? How odd. Can I say epic? Yes I can because its marvel.
If this is the case they should have just tied both the dark knight trilogy and man of steel together and did everything they could to sign both christen bale and josh Gordon Levitt.
Yes just seen thor 2. marvel has done it again. Keep it comIng marvel.
Can't wait to see this. Phase two all the way.
@thedude1 yes MOS wasn't epic it was a very good movie. If it was epic it would have made more then iron man 3 and the avengers. And it would at lest been #1 for three weeks. Was iron man 3 epic no but it was a great movie. And before you say iron man 3 has mistakes remember this. And it it is recorded by movie watchers and critics that MOS had way to many mistakes. Hell a critic walked out the movie because it had to many mistakes. They didn't walk out of iron man 3. Just a FYI.
Remember MOS was only number 1 for one week. Doesn't scream epic at all.
Ok @therealGoku @thedude1 @kentarus24 stay with just giving DC movies high praise. Even though iron man 3 made way more then MOS and had great reviews. I know thor the dark word will be great because one of many things marvel has that DC doesn't have is a large list of great movies. The biggest mistake you ever made @thedude1 was call MOS a epic movie.
Really? That's the reason they give. Granted the movie was very good but to say he could kill because he's not superman yet is stupid. Tom wellings Clark kent/ red blue blur/ the blur/ superman wasn't superman until the last moment of the last episode of the series and he ever killed because that's the way he was raised.
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I would like them to go way back to something we never seen before. Make a trilogy of the first Jedi and the first sith and there discovery of the force.
WTF!!!!!!!!! First off the WB tried to do what Disney did with RDJ and pay christian bale $50M just to return as batman so how was he not the best batman?
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Great tralier long live marvel.
Hell yea. That's amazing.
Will people stop calling things epic? MOS was a very good movie it was not "epic" and saying things like marvel movies are small scale yet IM and the avengers made well over a billion $$$ in a short time frame yet MOS hasn't. And DC is doing everything they can to do what marvel did with that alone it makes marvel epic and DC runner up.
Looking forward to seeing this.
Very nice. Can't wait to see this phase two movie.


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