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My top three Miyazaki films would be:

1. Princess Mononoke
2. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
3. Spirited Away

I was actually disappointed with My Neighbor Totoro. To be honest, the movie has no point whatsoever, it's just stuff happening. Sure, Miyazaki's magic is there, but that's about it. It's the first (and so far, only) Miyazaki film that I didn't like.
@dan1 I'm a big enough fan of Evanescence that I actually bought tickets to their concert in Puerto Rico last October.

Same thing with Yanni (the concert is in two weeks).
@ejk1 I am reading a trilogy of books (of which the first one is called "Leviathan") set in a steampunk alternate 1914 world, and while reading it I thought of Howl's Moving Castle.
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Just saw it, will write my own review soon. I watched it without actually knowing what it was about, just going by its reputation as a Western and an influence on Once Upon a Time in the West. Although I found many flaws, the movie did achieve an amazing sense of tension, the build up was great and Gary Cooper's performance golden. I don't think I have ever felt more sorry for a movie character. "Restrained panic" is the perfect way to describe his emotions.
What gave it away?
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Reading "Behemoth", "Three Musketeers", "Seeds of Discovery", "Eaters of the Dead", and "A Game of Thrones".
Seems like I can't do a proper poll, so discuss! *meep meep* andale, andale, arriiiiiiba!!!!
@moviegeek Obviously I have no way to be sure until it is actually released, but I don't think so. First, the book is not the mammoths that the LOTR books are. Second, they are taking a relatively short book and dividing it into two movies. Part of the reason for that is that Peter Jackson is adding stuff not in the book that did happen in Middle Earth at that time according to The Silmarillion, but even with those additions I don't think each part will last longer than 2, maybe 2 and a half hours. That should mean at least one more viewing per day than any of the LOTR movies.
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@felipe-11 you are right, you might be the only person in the world who thinks The Lost World was better than JP, and that's a good thing lol
@corey umm, what were you replying to, exactly? xD
@moviegeek TDK wasn't starting from ground zero, Batman Begins didn't have as much success in the box office but it was critically acclaimed. I do agree that the hype for TDKR will be much bigger, but then again so will The Hobbit's. The main reason the LOTR movies didn't make more money was because of how long each were; the longer running time the less showings per day.
@jayaottley I did factor in Ledger's encore performance. Just not in my reply to you, lol
@moviegeek The Hobbit is probably going to outgross The Dark Knight Rises. With The Dark Knight it had two things going in its favor: the quality of the movie and Heath Ledger's death. Those $500 million+ in the US will be hard to repeat, even if it's great. The Hobbit, meanwhile, has even greater anticipation and won't have as much competition.
@jayaottley I don't think Breaking Dawn can keep up with Batman in a one on one. Twilight always does amazingly in the first weekend and then does a skydive drop the second. The Dark Knight made so much money because it held the #1 spot for a long time, it didn't depend on a huge first weekend gross to get there. In fact, that's how movies like Titanic and Avatar do the trick too.
@jayaottley exactly. The formula has worked to perfection so far, why change it?
So the main reason for this being the best film of the series is that it's the closest to the books, but yet it is based on the worst book of the series... how did it get 4 stars again?

@jayaottley because The Dark Knight needed the 3D gimmick to break several box office records, right? If TDKR ends up last of the four, it will be because it isn't good enough, but if it comes any close to TDK, it's going to wipe the floor with the rest.
Man, the reviewers at Movieweb are really positive, the worst was a 60% and somehow that wasn't Twilight.
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If that were true Murphy would die in a couple minutes, max. And that's while being aware of the countdown and its consequences.
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@shuabert I like how it's a different feel from Huntsman, but its "fun" looks very, very, very silly.