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aoshi reviewed the movie The Searchers

"One of the best Westerns of all time"
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I came
Come on, anyone that loves Twilight must admit it is a guilty pleasure. Everyone has guilty pleasures, Twilight just happens to be a very popular one. But it IS extremely stupid, even embarrassing.
That pic is EPIC
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My problem with the first one was precisely that it wasn't funny at all. I thought that with that "ensemble cast" I would laugh a little at least, but it was lame all the way through, almost painful to watch.

Adam Sandler might not be the best comedian of all time but he is usually funny. Even Kevin James manages a chuckle here and there sometimes. Yet even Chris Rock managed to be boring. What would possess them to think this is sequel worthy is beyond me.
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Why? That movie was sh*t, one of his worst, which is saying a lot.
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Star Trek is a franchise that does not need a Villain of the Week. Remember the original series? They didn't need one for every single episode. Even Star Trek IV shed the Villain of the Week requirement. They should write something original that has more to do with exploration and a problem that requires more brains than brawn to be solved.
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@moviegeek @jimthar the first one was already the Khan story rehashed, it wasn't fresh storywise, just in terms of the look and dynamism.

I think if Khan is in this story, it won't be the Wrath of Khan redone but their first encounter redone (remember Kirk is still fresh out of the Academy).
This is the Lord of the Rings for TV series
I meant for* everyone
@bawnian-dexeus yep

@dan1 he's not from everyone, but since we were in the topic for guilty pleasures... :p
@bawnian-dexeus I'm from PR
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My top three Miyazaki films would be:

1. Princess Mononoke
2. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
3. Spirited Away

I was actually disappointed with My Neighbor Totoro. To be honest, the movie has no point whatsoever, it's just stuff happening. Sure, Miyazaki's magic is there, but that's about it. It's the first (and so far, only) Miyazaki film that I didn't like.
@dan1 I'm a big enough fan of Evanescence that I actually bought tickets to their concert in Puerto Rico last October.

Same thing with Yanni (the concert is in two weeks).
@ejk1 I am reading a trilogy of books (of which the first one is called "Leviathan") set in a steampunk alternate 1914 world, and while reading it I thought of Howl's Moving Castle.
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Just saw it, will write my own review soon. I watched it without actually knowing what it was about, just going by its reputation as a Western and an influence on Once Upon a Time in the West. Although I found many flaws, the movie did achieve an amazing sense of tension, the build up was great and Gary Cooper's performance golden. I don't think I have ever felt more sorry for a movie character. "Restrained panic" is the perfect way to describe his emotions.
What gave it away?
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Reading "Behemoth", "Three Musketeers", "Seeds of Discovery", "Eaters of the Dead", and "A Game of Thrones".
Seems like I can't do a proper poll, so discuss! *meep meep* andale, andale, arriiiiiiba!!!!