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@moviemaniack1993 of course that didn't stop me from buying Inception in blu-ray. xD
@moviemaniack1993 I use the iMac to watch movies, and it doesn't support blu-ray, unless you buy an external one to connect to it through a Windows partition.. blah blah blah. I can still watch movies in HD, though, and *ahem* blu-ray quality through other means...

The other reason I haven't bothered with buying a blu-ray is that I won't buy the flat screen HD TV nor the sound system necessary to make it worthwhile. Too much money spent when I already have a practical solution.

Honestly, I'll just download the highest quality version of TDKR, and try to get that damn cowl through e-bay or something. xD
WB is really lazy, instead of releasing a new trailer for the blu-ray they just used a theatrical one with a couple seconds of added text? xD
F*ck you, WB, for forcing me to buy the limited edition broken cowl blu-ray! And I don't even have a blu-ray!
@basquat it was a fun series, up until the 6th (or 7h, can't recall) season. The last one was pretty bad too.
@Connect200 blame Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now everyone wants to extend the cash flow by dividing the last sequel into two movies.
@Smitty-werbenjagermanjensen ID4 was pretty impressive in the theater. It was a movie made for the big screen.

The idea for sequels is horrible, though. HORRIBLE. Why can't these people move forward? I would rather have even a Stargate sequel (which would make sense) than an ID4 sequel.
@mcleve02 Sony has the movie rights to the character. It doesn't matter if Marvel tries to use a completely different Spiderman, it's still Sony's. The reason they pushed for a reboot so quickly was so they wouldn't lose those rights. That's also the reason Spiderman was not in the first Avengers movie.

I don't see any reason, though, why Sony wouldn't want to jump into the bandwagon of cash and co-produce The Avengers 2 so Spiderman can join in.
The second I saw this review up I thought "torrent" for odd some reason.
@jonspidey07 well, Puerto Rico is still in the Caribbean, it does have exotic locales, and the Pirates crew have been scouting it since Curse of the Black Pearl. The main problem is the urbanization not leaving that many areas available for shooting credible 17th century sets. I think that besides the economic incentives Johnny Depp pushed for filming in PR, because of his experience filming The Rum Diary. That was the only reason Disney came over here to film one scene for On Stranger Tides, Depp just wanted to come back.
"New tax incentives for shooting in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic went into affect this past July"

Affect... effect... why is it so hard for Americans to distinguish between them? This is one of those mistakes that I see repeating themselves a ton of times.
@Connect200 it was horrible, agreed, but Jack's father was introduced in the third movie. It was never Blackbeard.
@ghostman there are, but in Spanish. Came out a few days ago, actually.
That's what I imagined would happen. Would be too soon to reboot Batman on his own, so the new one should be introduced in the JL movie. It might even be the Batman that... rises.
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This is a joke.
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She's legal now? Woo hoo!
I swear to God, they use that guys voice for every kidz showz evah.
The best teaser trailer I have ever seen is the one for all three The Lord of the Rings movies, announcing the release dates for each. It's specially epic if you had read the books and then saw THAT (I read the books after watching Fellowship of the Ring, re-watched the trailer and it blew my mind in a new way).

There are many other trailers that I have watched again and again but that one is the greatest of them all, in my opinion.
I was wondering if there are others who look at good trailers as a form of entertainment in and of themselves. Whenever I see a trailer I like I wait for it to be available to download on iTunes so I can see it repeatedly in HD.