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"New tax incentives for shooting in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic went into affect this past July"

Affect... effect... why is it so hard for Americans to distinguish between them? This is one of those mistakes that I see repeating themselves a ton of times.
@Connect200 it was horrible, agreed, but Jack's father was introduced in the third movie. It was never Blackbeard.
@ghostman there are, but in Spanish. Came out a few days ago, actually.
That's what I imagined would happen. Would be too soon to reboot Batman on his own, so the new one should be introduced in the JL movie. It might even be the Batman that... rises.
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This is a joke.
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She's legal now? Woo hoo!
I swear to God, they use that guys voice for every kidz showz evah.
The best teaser trailer I have ever seen is the one for all three The Lord of the Rings movies, announcing the release dates for each. It's specially epic if you had read the books and then saw THAT (I read the books after watching Fellowship of the Ring, re-watched the trailer and it blew my mind in a new way).

There are many other trailers that I have watched again and again but that one is the greatest of them all, in my opinion.
I was wondering if there are others who look at good trailers as a form of entertainment in and of themselves. Whenever I see a trailer I like I wait for it to be available to download on iTunes so I can see it repeatedly in HD.
I think you are the first person I have seen/read that did not like this movie.

It is not supposed to be horror, at least not the "cheap scares" kind. It is very Hitchcokian in how it is all about the atmosphere, how it sets up the story as we discover Cole's secret. That is why it seems "slow".
Oh, and South Park.
The Big Bang Theory
South Park
Game of Thrones

Yes, the only one still on my list compared to 8 months ago is Fringe.
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Transformers 3 was a mediocre movie at best but the special effects were some of the best I have ever seen. Should win easily.
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"One of the best Westerns of all time"
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I came
Come on, anyone that loves Twilight must admit it is a guilty pleasure. Everyone has guilty pleasures, Twilight just happens to be a very popular one. But it IS extremely stupid, even embarrassing.
That pic is EPIC
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My problem with the first one was precisely that it wasn't funny at all. I thought that with that "ensemble cast" I would laugh a little at least, but it was lame all the way through, almost painful to watch.

Adam Sandler might not be the best comedian of all time but he is usually funny. Even Kevin James manages a chuckle here and there sometimes. Yet even Chris Rock managed to be boring. What would possess them to think this is sequel worthy is beyond me.
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Why? That movie was sh*t, one of his worst, which is saying a lot.