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@superman81 this was the best movie of any phase. It had the epicness of The Avengers combined with a great spy plot and amazing action sequences. Blew everything else out of the water.
From those qualities he is referring to it's either Lobo or Darkseid, and Darkseid seems to be the more complex character.
I'm sold
No, he was pretty clear in his original statement that it is only a possibility provided the show keeps being good. He's right about being taken out of context.
@ObiWanShinobi even a new and fresh Batman doesn't stand a chance unless he cheats his way into the fight. This is where they might introduce kryptonite.
But the very last thing he did on the show was get married. I guess he can't stay true to just one p*ssy.
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Probably a black and grey suit, without the usual armor.
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Why did WB release a trailer with such poor audio quality?
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Looks like it will be PG-13
@bane5000 I think his BB voice was a bit rougher, this ones sounds very close to Wayne's voice. I think the BB voice was perfect, then he messed it up for the last two.
SWEAR TO ME!!!! definitely sounded better with the rough voice, but overall I prefer this calmer version of the bat-voice.
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The effects look bad, wtf?
@mr-k actually the growling worked perfectly in Batman Begins (it WAS intimidating), but then they overdid it for the last two movies for some reason.
@Agent-Cooper I agree, they are all quite weak.I would also like to see proof of this "Ben Affleck's casting reaction is right up the middle", since this is the first positive reaction to it I have seen so far.
It's amazing how much I disagree with this article.
I agree with Armie Hammer.
As much as I love to see Batman movies, I really don't want to see yet another iteration of the Joker. Yes, World's Finest had him and Luthor pairing up, but Batman has an extensive rogues gallery, just choose another villain. It's not that Ledger left a big mark on the character, I'm just not interested in seeing him again so soon.
Got goosebumps when the logo appeared.
@Joshua-Hollaway they don't even have to make an Ant Man movie before this, it's a perfect way to introduce Hank Pym and have the solo movie come later.