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aoshi wrote a comment about the news item Star Wars 7 Trailer Almost Wasn't Released
Just wait for the damn movie.
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n well, if Danny Boyle hates it then we need an official decree from Emperor Hollywood that henceforth Interstellar shall be hated til the end of time.
Was this movie really so complicated it needed these extensive explanations? They actually managed to explain all of it in a relatively (pun not intended) easy manner.
I actually thought that was the pilot from The Empire Strikes Back, the one that rescues Luke and Han. I mean, he looks a lot like him.
Come on, Brian, you know better than this. He didn't say "superhero sighting", he said "superhero sight seeing". This was taken from some photographer that took pictures from several movies and placed them in front of the actual locations. It wasn't only superhero movies, Downey just used those that pertained to Marvel.
@cvntstop I'm sure this is bigger, as it involves Thanos and probably have the Guardians of the Galaxy in the mix, but I just aren't as excited for it as I am for Civil War, which I read and loved. Civil War was constricted to Earth (heck, constricted to the USA only even), but the stakes feel closer to home than a bunch of heroes fighting in space to save the galaxy.
Also, for some reason I'm looking forward more to Civil War than to this.
Ok, I'll be the nitpicker: this isn't a trailer, it's a teaser. There isn't any footage of the third movie (which is obvious, since the second one isn't out either).
@bellandedward1 you really want to sit through all the credits just to watch tis garbage of a scene?
Seems like everybody has to apologise for every single stupid thing these days.
@justatadmatt some just don't have it
I think they should rename this "The Greatest Fanboy Movies of All Time" list.
@ledouchee I'm sure you meant the worse. You are forgiven.
Frankly, I don't care much about the first three X-Men movies. First Class is my favorite of the series, and Days of Future Past not far behind. The only thing that nagged me was Xavier's return, other than that don't care much.
aoshi wrote a comment about the news item Gal Gadot Spotted on the Set of Batman Vs. Superman
I guess you need Superman's telescopic vision to truly appreciate this...
A lot of people were in denial when "The Phantom Menace" was announced as the title for Episode I. "Attack of the Clones" was worse but by then people didn't care.
@superman81 this was the best movie of any phase. It had the epicness of The Avengers combined with a great spy plot and amazing action sequences. Blew everything else out of the water.
From those qualities he is referring to it's either Lobo or Darkseid, and Darkseid seems to be the more complex character.
I'm sold
No, he was pretty clear in his original statement that it is only a possibility provided the show keeps being good. He's right about being taken out of context.