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Thanks for the friend request. How's things in atl?
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Thanks for requesting me. If you're wondering what the hell happened to all my sh*t, I'm updating. lmfao.

As far as getting a layout for your profile here on MovieWeb, it's very simple. Here's what I do, at any rate:

1 - Go to

2 - Scroll down on the left side of the screen, and find a link marked "TFS Profile Editor." Click that link.

3- That link will take you to a screen of start options. You'll want to begin with background. This won't change anything for you to see, but it'll be behind everything. Kind of like I had earlier with the bloody handprint. Here you can put in a URL Link from to use as the background.

4 - From here, go to tables. Change both color options to black, or whatever color you want for the page.

5 - Next you'll want text. I suggest you make everything the same color and font in all of the fields, as it will only be one setting here on MovieWeb.

6 - Go to the "finish" tab, and click "get code." Copy that entire code into the "About Me" me section. To get to that, click the link at the top of the MovieWeb page that says "My Account." From there click "Edit Profile." That's where you'll put the code into.

Simple as that.
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