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Billo wrote a comment about the news item Guillermo Del Toro Is No Longer Directing The Hobbit!
But him being involved was awesome! I wanted to see creative costumes and puppets...

I guess heart break to us all.
Billo wrote a comment about the news item EXCLUSIVE: John Hawkes Takes Us Inside Winter's Bone
I'd like to see this when it comes out.
Well, I guess I could see it.
Billo added new photos to his photo gallery: The Face of which that is My Own
Doesn't look like my cup of tea, but still looks like it could be good.
Guys, that's probably the twist at the end. We just cracked the twist, and the movie is still in like, mid production.

In regards to the first paragraph, Iron Man 2 > Iron Man. Just my opinion.

Also, "Prince of Persia" is Disney trying to capitalize on their "We make serious movies now" campaign. They discovered that with "Pirates of the Caribbean". Accidentally I might add. They didn't even want to claim the first one. But then people loved it. So now they've made two sequels and one more on the way.

With Disney, it's all about the cash, and you can tell. This is true even in "Prince of Persia".
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"Breaking into cliques is hard, breaking into bird cages is harder!"

As the writers of Marmaduke grasp desperately at anything... ANYTHING... that can be put on a Tshirt.
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Billo wrote a comment about the news item The Red Band Repo Men Trailer Is Here
Oh lemme tell you...

Blind Mag is gonna have THINGS to say about this.
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Billo wrote a comment about the news item 6 New Avatar Clips Take You Out of This World
These clips are dazzling
Unless you some how procured a copy of Avatar before the rest of us how have you seen the effects Avatar has to offer? We've only seen the glimpses they've allowed us to see. Granted District 9 had good effects, but you can't really compare the two until you've seen Avatar.
You just said one, they're handling 3D in an entirely different way. Not to mention the breath taking CGI. And I completely doubt this movie will fail, if anything because it has an amazing director. I foresee this being yet another Cameron Classic.
Avatar will be remembered as an amazing movie. Here is why.

If the plot sucks, the movie still stepped forward into technological advances in the field of computer generation and special effects that no movie before it has dreamed of doing. On that note, from what we know of the plot the plot is original and will probably be very interesting and will keep the watcher's attention throughout the entire duration.
Whoops, that he did.


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