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@summit10 couldn't have said it better myself. I enjoy these films like anyone else but I do believe they are an exageration of the real world occult. All this sounds crazy cause the illuminati are crazy. Their entire doctrine only captures the minds of the insane. as intelligent and successful as many people are they kinds of people seem to be driven insane by the idea of world power and control.
Go for Corey Feldman! He is Donatello!
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Are they purposly trying to piss of the fans and make a bad movie??? It seems if there is any bad idea to come up with these guys are the ones to do the job.. not likeing this at all.
Michael Bay is not directing this guys and the director is working with the creator so there is hope! have faith guys and lets wait and see. maybe this won't turn out as bad as we all thought.
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ooie! a claw! hope he doesn't scratch me!!!!
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@shuabert Exactly man. Bay simply does not care about his fans. He's going to keep making the movies he wants to make reguardless of what even one thinks. Let's pray that he does not end up doing this. I really love the TMNT.
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@insertusernamehere It's funny, I thought there was something not quite right about his photo. Can't tell who the hell he is or what he's doing with the other superheros, haha!
@hijo325 Exactly!
The beginning of the end is all I have to say. Batman never needed a partner. Night wing is cool. The red hood is cool. Batman beyond is pretty damn cool. But Batman and Robin? Sorry, but no.
man, I meant to say fan, damn me and my typos. haha.
I am a big paul anderson man and enjoyed the series of movies very much but I really think this is a francise that needs to be rebooted. Go back to the first game and tell that story. Besides it's not really a reboot, because that story was never told in the films. Of course no one wants to see a film shot for shot from the game, but someone could craft an original script based on the story and characters of the first game.
If tim burton and keaton are out them I'm out. sorry..
Is he jewish? If they are going to do this for real, at least make it feel real. The story is great but It will be so easy to ruin something like this. Especially in the hands of modern day hollywood.
looked a little like Batman's rouge "The Killer Croc" in that photo..
I thought it was the last, what???
Can't have Rambo without Stallone. He is one of a kind.


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