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EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING photos! I'm a big Johnny Depp fan but they have him made up to look RIDICULOUS!! The Dark Shadows remake with Ben Cross was SO much better! He didn't look all made up which made him be able to pass as a "human". Barbara Steele made a much better Dr. Julia Stoddard and I'm sorry, Michelle Pfieffer as a "matriarch"?? PLEASE! This is really such a waste.
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Angeleyezs1026 gave this a Thumbs Up
I've been addicted to the Resident Evil stories since it first came out. No matter how many times I see it I always find something new each time I watch each movie! Milla Jovovich is AWESOME! I love her in anything she's in! I just watched The Fourth Kind and she was amazing! If I win the prizes I will wear them to the opening of the newest Resident Evil proudly! Though my daughter (who is just as big a fan) will probably want to wear them too! LOL!
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