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Benedict c*mberbatch as jason Blood! no if's, And's or Buts!
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Where's The Bullsh*t Button ? This Is Horsesh*t if they even think of doing it this way.....Fox Sucks!
"FOX" Worst Studio Ever! Another Studio Should Start A Old School Spiderman Movie Series With Original Characters with original stories and costumes.....iam sure there are a lot of people out there that would like to see that.
Sony Is a joke!
Gonna Suck!, Gonna Suck!
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Me Feel Like Dummy And Noob But Who The F*ck Is John Harrison ? C*mberbatch's character is h just a intersteller terrorist ?
or is there more to him ?
Should Have been the next austin powers title....
How can he say its not a remak when the mummy has been done already ? boris koloff is the original so that means its being re-made again...
I Think He needs to do R.A.Salvatores "The Crystal Shard" Series into a live action movie!
does she get nekked?
then it would be worth it!
"Its My Precious, Gives It To Meeeeeeee!"
isnt this movie like 3 or 4 years old how is this news ?
Too Bad Would liked to see their version of Thunderball or even Dr.No....
AHA, Next thing you know PETA will jump on the bandwagon too....
Whats the hobbit ? they gonna take a bunch of swords to the theatre ? Glad he was stopped!
so in the fist movie if oscorp developed the webbing does that me he stole it it only shows him developing the web shooters. ?
How abut Jeremy Irons as Mysterio ? and Bruce campbell as electro ? how about bringing Rhino inas a powerhouse villain ?
Thank god they are using the silver samurai armor in the movie TOO COOL!
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One Word..."Fuuuuuddddgggggeeeee!!!"

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