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Where's The Bullsh*t Button ? This Is Horsesh*t if they even think of doing it this way.....Fox Sucks!
"FOX" Worst Studio Ever! Another Studio Should Start A Old School Spiderman Movie Series With Original Characters with original stories and costumes.....iam sure there are a lot of people out there that would like to see that.
Sony Is a joke!
Gonna Suck!, Gonna Suck!
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Me Feel Like Dummy And Noob But Who The F*ck Is John Harrison ? C*mberbatch's character is h just a intersteller terrorist ?
or is there more to him ?
Should Have been the next austin powers title....
How can he say its not a remak when the mummy has been done already ? boris koloff is the original so that means its being re-made again...
I Think He needs to do R.A.Salvatores "The Crystal Shard" Series into a live action movie!
does she get nekked?
then it would be worth it!
"Its My Precious, Gives It To Meeeeeeee!"
isnt this movie like 3 or 4 years old how is this news ?
Too Bad Would liked to see their version of Thunderball or even Dr.No....
AHA, Next thing you know PETA will jump on the bandwagon too....
Whats the hobbit ? they gonna take a bunch of swords to the theatre ? Glad he was stopped!
so in the fist movie if oscorp developed the webbing does that me he stole it it only shows him developing the web shooters. ?
How abut Jeremy Irons as Mysterio ? and Bruce campbell as electro ? how about bringing Rhino inas a powerhouse villain ?
Thank god they are using the silver samurai armor in the movie TOO COOL!
Andrew Thompson wrote a comment about the news item A Christmas Story 2 Trailer!
One Word..."Fuuuuuddddgggggeeeee!!!"
Bah! Claws is Claws so freakin what as long as the story is well written and keeps with continuity and the silver samurai Looks Like The Silver Samurai Then Thats Good Enough for my 10 Bucks!

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